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iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro – Real Differences after 1 month!

iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro – Real Differences after 1 month!

Quite a few of you guys have been asking us
to make a video on the real differences between the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro, so here it is! As well as the question of which one of these
premium iPhones you should buy. The answer actually boils down to something
very simple. I’ll explain in just a bit. If you’re a fan of colors, you get a lot
more options on the iPhone 11, while the 11 Pro is a bit more limited, but the new midnight
green color is much nicer than I expected. On the back, they get a new unique square
bump that’s machined out of a single sheet of glass, with the 11 getting two circular
camera bumps, while the 11 Pro gets a nicely arranged 3 bumps that in my opinion, screams
premium. More on those cameras in just a minute. The Matte glass back looks really nice on
the 11 Pro, while the 11 gets a glossy back with matte on the square bump. I personally love the smooth finish of the
11 Pro’s matte glass, which is also very fingerprint and microscratch resistant, but
others may not like how slippery it is and they may prefer the iPhone 11 for the extra
grip in the hand. The 11 Pro also has a glossy stainless steel
frame which feels very grippy and premium, but it’s more susceptible to microscratches,
while the regular 11 has an aluminum frame that Apple’s been using since the iPhone
6, but if you like to use a case with your iPhone, the difference in feel won’t matter. With last year’s iPhones, the XR was noticeably
thicker than the XS, but this year, the 11 Pro got a bit thicker, so you won’t really
notice a big difference in your hand like you did last year. The 11 Pro comes in two sizes, 5.8 inches,
which I personally feel is too small, and 6.5 inches, which is nice for the large display,
but a bit uncomfortable to hold in one hand. So in my opinion, the 6.1” size of the Phone
11 is actually the perfect middle-ground, offering a large display while feeling perfect
in the hand. The iPhone 11 features the exact same LCD
display from last year’s XR, with less than 1080p resolution, which is a bummer, but you
can’t really tell with regular use unless you pixel peep or watch a very high quality
video. It’s got the same True Tone technology and
excellent color accuracy with P3 wide-color gamut. The iPhone 11 Pro’s display has a much higher
resolution, a much better contrast ratio thanks to it being an OLED display, and it got even
brighter this year. The main difference is that you can’t watch
high-quality HDR content on the regular 11, and you’ll have more trouble seeing the
display when you’re outside in broad daylight. The benefit of the iPhone 11 Pro’s OLED
display is that using dark mode or a darker wallpaper will actually save battery life
because the individual pixels emit their own light and can actually turn off completely
when displaying black. One of the biggest downsides with last year’s
iPhone XR was that it didn’t get 3D Touch like on the XS, but this year, even the 11
Pro doesn’t get it anymore. Now the one display difference that matters
the most to me is that the display bezels on the 11 are noticeably larger than the ones
on the 11 Pro, which already seem large compared to other phones like the Note 10 Plus. So with all of the visible differences out
of the way, let’s get into feature differences. Something new this year is that the iPhone
11 Pro actually comes with an 18W fast-charger in the box instead of the super old and slow
5w charger with the 11. Now if the slow 5w charger is keeping you
from buying the iPhone 11, it shouldn’t. The 11 actually supports the same exact fast-charging
speed as the 11 Pro, you just have to buy the fast-charger separately, which unfortunately,
is about $30 from Apple. Thankfully, you can buy a charger with the
same exact 18 watts of fast-charging speed for only $16 right now on Amazon. We’ll drop a link down below. Now if I could explain the iPhone 11 Pro and
Pro Max in just two words, they would be battery life. My 11 Pro Max is the first phone I’ve ever
had where I can do anything on my phone and no longer have to even think about battery
life. It’s so great that I’ve actually stopped
checking it throughout the day. Now the battery life on the 11 isn’t as
good, but it’s still rated for an extra hour over the XR, which already had better
battery life than last year’s iPhone XS Max, so it’s still pretty great. The iPhone 11 Pro also gets better water resistance,
lasting 30 minutes in up to 13 feet of water, which is more than the deepest point of a
regular swimming pool, while the 11 lasts the same 30 minutes in up to 6 and a half
feet of water. Other than all of that, and a couple of small
differences in the cameras, which I’ll mention in a moment, everything else is basically
the same. You get the same A13 Bionic chip, which is
the fastest processor on any smartphone, and you even get the same 4GB of RAM, whereas
last year’s XR only got 3GB. You get the same Face ID system, the same
U1 chip, the same spatial audio speakers with Dolby Atmos support, the same WiFi 6 and Gigabit
LTE speed, the same Dual-Sim support, and the same wireless charging speed. And now for the cameras, you get the same
exact wide and ultrawide lenses. The photos and videos coming out of these
two are literally identical, with the same video recording features, the same crazy good
stabilization, night mode, 2nd gen smart HDR, and basically every other feature available
on the 11 Pro. However, the one thing the Pro has is the
telephoto lens. And it’s good for a couple of things. First is being able to zoom in more for photos
and videos, and second, you can take more realistic close-up portrait photos. If you try a close-up portrait on the iPhone
11’s wide lens, it greatly distorts the shape of the face, so you have to take a step
back, snap the photo and then crop into it in post to get a close-up, which can reduce
quality. And that’s basically the only difference
in the cameras. So if you’re still trying to figure out
if you should buy the iPhone 11 or the 11 Pro, I’ll make it really simple for you. If you’re coming from a premium smartphone
that packs a high-quality OLED display, like the iPhone X, you should go for the 11 Pro
or 11 Pro Max, because you’ll probably notice the lack of contrast on the 11’s display,
as well as the thicker bezels. But if you’re coming from an older LCD-packing
phone with large top and bottom bezels like the iPhone 6, 7, or 8, then you should go
with the iPhone 11 and spend the extra $300-400 difference on something else, like a $16 fast-charger
by using the link in the description. If you enjoyed this comparison, make sure
to Tap Like & click the circle above to subscribe. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in
the next video!

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  2. Excellent video! Clear and distinct in dealing with the differences between the two phones. I opted for the iPhone 11 Pro, having. Had a previous premium model. I believe it is almost the perfect balance between portability and functionality. Thanks.

  3. Good video. It did throw me off a few times when you kept on going back and forth from iPhone XR and 11 pro max.

    Didn't stick to the 11 vs 11 pro topic. Just a constructive comment. Hopefully it helps lol. Thx

  4. my lease on my iphone x is running out soon and i have to upgrade, but both seem like a downgrade imo. lots of these changes don’t make sense to me, like why get rid of 3D touch?

  5. Sorry but my iPhone 11 last past the 24 hour mark and I use my shit a lot Snapchat my fav app. Learn how to make your battery last before you say the 11’s battery isn’t as good.

  6. eh. what difference is all this going to make after the coronavirus wipes out over half the planet? I hope you have food storage and water. the end is here. pray.

  7. I really wanted the iPhone 11 Pro but now I see that there not much different so imma just get the iPhone 11 and I’m coming from an iPhone 5 so I think the iPhone 11 is enough for me

  8. If I am buying the new Iphone, greatest factor to consider will be the Storage! I'd rather have Iphone 11 256gb than to have a Iphone 11 pro and have a 64gb. Prices vary as well…

  9. im currently using the iphone x and according to display specs from the iphone 11's screen is not as good as the iphone x's. i want to get the 11 pro but i want the normal 11 color options. do you think I would notice the screen difference if i get the 11?

  10. I bought the iPhone 11 purple 128 gigs. It’s available for Rs69990 in India equivalent to $979. Where in if you go for the same deal in US then it’s $749. Anyway the phone is awesome. I upgraded from 5s 16 gigs to 11. Am loving it. Camera is insane. Thick bezel and lack of oled display won’t bother you at all. Go for 11 and save some buck. If display bothers you go for 11 or 11 pro. iPhone 11 is at sweet spot. ✌🏻

  11. I’m an Apple fan and I usually try to get their latest tech. But honestly? The iPhone 11 Pro won’t make a difference for me at all. Why should I spend more? I got the purple 11 and I love it!! 🙂

  12. I have an iPhone 11 black 128gb and im thinking about selling my 11 and using some of my savings to get the 11 pro instead. Any thoughts?

  13. My iPhone 6 Plus finally crapped out
    Thought it was great trying to make it last for another few months
    But it was just screwing up to much
    To h screen would just stop working unless you hit it on your knee or a table to get it working again
    Literally had to do it to show wr code to pick up my new 11pro max at the Apple store
    It’s fantastic
    It’s light years faster
    If I’m going to spend 1800 bucks with warranty against theft and accidents
    So be it
    I just hope it lasts another six years like my last phone
    The battery lasts forever
    I can watch twelve hours of video at work and still have enough battery to lady the rest of my day
    Night mode pictures are fantastic
    However you should have something to rest against to make the picture the best

    But the phone is unbelievable

    Worth every penny if I can get the same life I did out of my old 6 plus

  14. With the new camera capability and technology I wish they would come out with at least a terabyte phone
    If I can’t slide in a micro sd card at least give me enough room to store things
    512 is almost enough
    But with the new cameras and there capabilities it would be nice to have micro sd capability or a terabyte
    One or the other
    At this price point
    Is it to much to ask ?

  15. am asian and apple like discrimination now! iphone to large size for my hand 😑 i only comportable with iphone 4,5 and 6-8 size

  16. There's no difference 11 pro that I have is amazingly good the only difference is that it's more convenient that's all

  17. I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max and in my opinion, it is way better than the iPhone 11. First, the battery life is way better, how do i know that? my friend has an 11. Second, the grip in the back doesn’t really matter because everyone who buys these kind of phones will surely buy a phone case for safety. Third, its camera, there’s a third camera in the pro and the pro’s Camera app has 0.5x, 1x, 2x choice but the 11 does not have this, it needs to be manually zoomed to transfer to the other camera. And last, it is already tested that the Pro’s are way more durable compared to 11 due to the different glass used in the back and different metal used as the frame.

  18. I have the 6s right now, and it has hold me for quite sometime, and I am strongly thinking about getting the Iphone 11, I feel like it's unnecassary to Pay extra money for one added camera, they basically the same, GETTING THE IPHONE 11

  19. Amazing video! Thanks for the review and the information!
    Check out here the case cover for iPhone and AirPods !
    We here to bring AirPods to life !

  20. I bought Iphone 11, from Iphone 6s. The one thing I like about the 11 is the camera night mode and the battery life. I left the house with 100% battery at 7am then, use it frequently. I charged it at night at 9pm with 40-50% battery.

  21. My 5s is working perfectly fine, except some occasional glitches. This is what you say when you can't afford new iphone.

  22. Dude you could have made this video right after buying the phone. Why wait a month? There is no useful info in this one, you're just repeating the specs.

  23. I got the lavender 11, coming from the 2015 non-water proof galaxy s6. I’m very satisfied and definitely not willing to spend tuition on a phone

  24. Who its watching this video cuz they getting the iphone 11 soon?

    Also im getting. Mine in purple and 128gb its enough to me, and i pick up in three day im so excited its my first iphone ever and i come from android (samsung j5 2016 which was very bad and died this summer) and now i have another phone but its not new)

  25. And I’m still debating lol IPhone 11 pro has the best size (i got small hands) the 11 is much cheaper, 11 pro max is too big, too expensive but the battery and seeing bigger on the screen is so good. I still don’t know… I’m on my iPhone 7 but i like it 😅🥰

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