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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1

– Today we are doing an
incredibly unfair photo comparison between the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and the original iPhone. (light electronic music) Shops over here, we need to leave, I’m gonna start shopping. I’m gonna sit like this. – [Jenna] No. – No? Okay. Your finger is in front of the camera. – [Jenna] I was like, that’s weird. I can’t get the whole shot. – You gotta back up. I love this so much. – No sir. Why’s it so small? – It’s so small. So we looked it up just to confirm. This original iPhone is
a two megapixel camera and the new iPhone 11 Pro is 12. – It’s 12.
– 12? – I might wanna retake this. – Yeah, I look like I fell asleep. Can you go back a little further? – Yeah. One, two, three. (light rock music) Not the best thing I’ve
ever done in my life. – This looks like trash. This used to be the norm. Like this was incredible at its time. And it really is kinda crazy
to see where we started from and where we are currently. I cannot wait to do a
comparison of a night shot versus the original iPhone. It’s gonna look like I took
it inside of a plastic bag. Oh my gosh, how are you? Nice to meet you.
– I’m good, nice to meet you. That’s Jenna? – [Justine] Yes. – I’m Jenna too. – Jenna, this is Jenna! Oh Jenn, you look really pixelated. You look like a two megapixel potato. Put your arm up. This is seriously. I cannot believe how
terrible this photo looks. This could be anybody with brown hair. – It looks like you took this in 1999. – This is where Apple got the inspiration for the iPhone 11 Midnight Green color. So I think that the only fair thing to do is to do a comparison between the front facing camera. There was a technique that I use to use to take a photo of yourself. So I would go like this,
I would line my finger up with the button, and
then I would hold it out, and then I would know that the button is just about right there. Wow. I look like I’m from 2007. Oh Jenna, this is a cute pic. I’m actually zooming in
with the 2x telephoto camera to get the same distance
as the original phone. Okay, I’m gonna get closer to Jenna so I can actually see
her face in this photo. You look young. – Yeah. – Let’s go to the beach! This is gonna be great. Okay, are we in it? Oh you’re good. – [Man] Go right ahead. – Actually, could you
take a picture for us? Really quick. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Do you guys want more beach or house? – [Sisters] Whatever. – [Man] Ready. Three, two, one. There you go. – Thank you. Appreciate it. – There you go.
– Thank you. We are so pixelated. – People are so kind,
they’re not gonna be like your phone’s really old. – So let’s take a few more pictures and then wait for it to be nighttime so we can get a night test. (electronic rock music) This is gonna be a shot
with the original iPhone. Oh my god, I almost dropped it. (Justine gasping) Compared to the iPhone 11. So I’m gonna go get in that hole. – Oh. – It looks so bad. – Okay, go get in the hole. – [Justine] Okay. Do
I look stupid or what? – [Jenna] No. – [Justine] Could I look better?
Should I stand like this? – One, two, potato. – Well that concludes the
test of the original iPhone verse the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This was so fun and it really
does take me down memory lane, and right now I’m actually filming a Pixel verse iPhone 11. So I may have already posted
it, or I may not have, so look for that shortly, or if I’ve already posted
it, here it is right here. A card or a link in the description. I will see you guys soon. I hope you guys are enjoying
all of the iPhone content, I’ve been having so much fun making it. A huge thank you to Tyler who’s filming and helping me edit some of these videos, and Jenna over here. She’s been moral support
and phone photographer. – This is bad, I don’t
want credit for this one. – It’s pretty bad. This is what we had. Alright, that’s it. See you guys later. (electronic rock music)

100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1”

  1. When Steve Jobs is still alive the iPhone was so better, look that camera, insanity quality, just 2MP, seriously? I can't believe.

  2. My Samsung S10 is wayyyyyyyyyy better than the iPhone 11 p. Just saying coz the iPhone 11 seems like trash compared to my phone…

  3. And here we see how much post-processing is happening right now on recent iPhones. Almost all photos from the original iPhone look way more natural, the new ones just look oversaturated.

  4. Especially at 2:49 the iPhone originals photos are much better, the lighting and quality is much better. Like, for 2007, that is AMAZING quality

  5. youre comparing the best smartphone in its generation vs the latest version one, and youre saying the first one a trash? really?

  6. To be honest for iPhone 1 i expected much worse ! I still remember my Sony K800i being freaking amazing back in the day.

  7. The iPhone 1 camera is so good tho 😭 i would actually use the 1 for pictures they had good pictures back then

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