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iPhone 11 vs. iPhone SE/6s Camera Comparison

iPhone 11 vs. iPhone SE/6s Camera Comparison

Hey everyone! So I came up with an idea to see the camera
improvements across the several generations of iPhone and here it is – the camera comparison
between the brand new iPhone 11 and the old iPhone SE. Just to inform you SE has exactly the same
camera as the iPhone 6s. We will investigate how big of a difference
those 3 years made. Starting with the first picture we can see
the obvious difference in the HDR. The newer phones tend to have it very strong. Personally, I prefer the iPhone 11’s picture,
but some of you may prefer that less processing and it’s really nothing wrong with that. Also if we’ll go into the crop you will
notice that nothing is for free and that extra processing in the iPhone 11 comes with the
price of the elevated level of noise. In the second picture you can see how the
exposure control works on each device. In this case some of you may argue iPhone
SE looks better, but most of the time I would say the iPhone 11 is more consistent in proper
exposure of the pictures. …as you can see in this example, and also
look at the HDR once again and the color difference. There is clearly an improvement in overall
color accuracy in the new iPhone. But if we’ll use magnification – slightly
more noise in the newer iPhone and notice that the level of detail is not really any
different between the two. And another image showing the advantage of
11’s exposure control and HDR, SE still doesn’t look bad though. So as far as I can tell the biggest difference
probably lays in the overall color tones, white balance behavior, exposure control and
that HDR mode. Also I should mention the difference in the
focal length – 26mm on the iPhone 11, 29mm on the iPhone SE. Additionally iPhone 11 has second ultra wide
angle lens, which is pretty nice to have, but I won’t a make comparison with that
since it’s not present on the SE. Another 11’s advantage aside from the quality
itself lays in the autofocus. This is just one of the examples where I had
a lot of difficulties getting the old iPhone to focus. Take a look at those red flowers, many cameras
often have problems to reproduce this color correctly. This once again show the improvement in the
color accuracy on the new iPhone. …but going into the crop reveal that the
level of detail stayed the same. Dear Apple, looks like it’s time to switch
to the bigger sensor! …and again not much difference. This also shows that the iPhone SE is not
that outdated yet, at least in some pictures. In the end unfortunately not much changed
in regards to the amount of details, but software improvements, in my opinion, definitely led
to the better exposure control, white balance and HDR mode. In addition you get main camera with wider
angle, extra ultra-wide-angle lens and better autofocus. In terms of the video quality I can see the
same trend present in the stills – to my surprise pretty much the same level of detail. The only difference is that the iPhone 11
tends to apply more sharpening. That’s said the iPhone 11 is clearly better
in other aspects. Stabilization is vastly improved. It almost look like it was recorded with a
gimbal. The iPhone SE just cannot compare. Dynamic range, exposure control, automatic
white balance and autofocus; all of those also seem to be much improved in the new generation
of iPhone. Just look at the harsh exposure changes and
inconsistency in the automatic white balance behavior on the old iPhone. Now, let’s dive into the low-light photography. On the side note in some of those shots I
turned off the night-mode in the 11. I really didn’t had to do it since that
new automatic night mode works just so good that there is really no need to switch it
on or off; but I decided to give a better chance to the SE. First picture shows the iPhone 11’s noticeable
advantage. Picture is much brighter than one from the
SE, and it gets even better with that great night mode. Look at this! Just crazy! So you will get much brighter pictures with
better handling of noise. The difference is just so pronounce and visible
that it doesn’t need any further commentary. Same story goes for the low-light video. I have some concerns about the noise level
and reduced level of detail in the iPhone 11, but when comparing it side by side with
the SE it leaves me speechless. Once again, just look at the footage for yourself. The SE footage in the most parts looks pretty
much pitch black, not to mention the difference in the autofocus and etc. In conclusion the iPhone SE is not a bad camera,
but in comparison with the iPhone 11 we can see a lot of improvements in terms of low-light
performance, color accuracy, HDR and other aspects related to the image processing. Where I am dissapointed with the iPhone 11
is lack of any improvement in terms of level of detail, both in pictures and video. I think Apple any other manufactures need
to put more effort into that. Once again, maybe it’s time to think about
bigger sensor, Apple! Thank you for watching! Consider watching my other videos and subscribing. Peace!

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