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iPhone 13xS

iPhone 13xS

Yes, here you go. Your new iPhone 13xS. Yes, here you go. Your new iPhone 13xS. Yes. Oh wow shit It´s really gonna be fun to try out the new camera and that animojis 2.0 Yes I really understand, the camera is really good. It’s a gimmick. Have a good day byee. Excuse me what was the last thing you said?
How can I help you? Yes I just wondered how much this is? Yes let me see, it’s 3800kr are you paying for that…… now. There, you’re welcome. Good luck, byee Okay eeeh Yes but I I wanted to buy this.
Yes you wanted that one. What is it? Good byee Hi you’re back, what can I do for you? Do you want all of our 27 adapters? for the unreasonable……. I mean reasonable prices. Uh, no.. no… it just seems like my phone has crashed Let me take a look… Ah, the battery is dead. But… I just bought it? Feels like there must be something wrong with the battery. Yeah, well that’s how it is with our modern phones. The batteries get older the more you use them – and then it dies. Yeah that’s how it is. But… I bought it 15 minutes ago. Yeah well as you’re saying, the battery is very old – But we can replace it for 2500kr. But… 2500kr? Are you serious? Well, they cost a lot to produce and they are very environmentally friendly. Why are you shaking your head? I didn’t shake my head… not at all. Wha…what. That guy can replace it for 300kr? Yeah, you can go to him instead, of course. Y-Yeah, I will!
Mhm, of course It’s just that… if you go to him then your warranty is void – and when your iPhone breaks – then I won’t be able to replace it. Which it inevitably will BREAK.. of course! Fine! Okay. Replace it then. Mhm.. absolutely. Well.. replace it then? I’m not authorized to replace it. Only an Apple genius can do it. Could you just give them the phone, so they can do it? Absolutely. But you’ll have to book an appointment. OK! I’ll book an appointment now. Ah, we only have an Apple genius available in… 4 weeks! GOD!!! …5 weeks now, if you’re going to have that attitude. Fine! I’ll charge it myself. Absolutely, absolutely. Um.. excuse me?
Mhm! What can I help you with? Where is the charging port? We have removed the charging port.
You have removed it… We have removed every port. We are trying to create a wireless world here! A wireless world has a wireless soul. As we say! *laughter* But then how can I charge the phone? Well you can’t do that, unless you have our charging pad of course! – for 2800kr I can give it to you! Mhm. Absolutely. That’s the end of this sketch. Right.. wow! If you liked the sketch, don’t forget to like and subscribe.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 13xS”

  1. Varför ska man ha mobil telefon kan det inte bara vevtelefon mycket bättre än det nya skiten gammalt är så mycket bättre

  2. LG v10 har krossat många iphones
    Men nackdelarna är att om batteriet går under 5% tar det 7 sekunder och så dog telefonen. Man måste ladda rätt ofta. Men om du har ljus nivå 0% klarar den sig ett helt dygn om du inte använder den.

    Fördelarna är väldigt många, så många att jag inte orkar rabbla dem.

  3. Kolla jag ha fått ett paket👉🎁 tryck på läs mer eller visa svar för att kolla

    Haha du gick på de🖕

  4. Skulle vilja se en film där Joel spelar seriemördare. Tror han hade varit det läskigaste valet sedan Perkins spelade Bates i Psycho.

  5. Bara jag som typ får panik på Joel? Jag blir så irriterad på honom även fast det bara är skådespeleri!😂😂

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