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iPhone 3Gs Unboxing!

iPhone 3Gs Unboxing!

i am mahira khan Hey guys, hows it going? It’s Justine and continuing on the theme of old school unboxings I just recently unboxed This little guy, the original iPod and today we are going to be unboxing the iPhone 3G S This is the third gen iphone in the series of iphones and here it is! In all of its sealed original packaged glory My one main concern though is… *unusual rattling sound* what’s that??? I’ve been kind of into unboxing the phones that I never actually unboxed on youtube on June 19, 2009 was when this phone was launched and i have this little video of me in the apple store the day that it launched in San fransisco So, we’re here in the Apple store and it’s launch day And, uh I ordered my phone online I’m a little nervous though, because I really dont know what to expect is it gonna be cracked, is it gonna be shattered, is this actually going to have been opened up I mean this was a long time ago the ebay listing said that it was factory sealed but do we believe it, I don’t know like this looks to be a little wear and tear right there so the is the original IOS on this little guy was 3.0 and it last stopped supporting on February 21, 2014 and that was IOS version 6.1.6 it’s model came in 8 ,16 and 32 (gigs). even until fairly recently 32 gigs is the least amount that you were able to get in a current iPhone and that was the most back then Crazy! okay, it really hurts to cut this package knowing how long it has stayed sealed and what a sweet, sweet moment this is gonna be 2009 lets do this oh my… (cutting noise) (groaning) it hurts so bad… (plastic scrunching) wow… this is so old… its so old and no one has opened it, I don’t know why… so a few of the main selling points for the upgrade was a video camera, voice control and a digital compass to be honest with you, I had to look it up because I didn’t remember Is it gonna be broken?? I’ve opened a lot of apple products before… and this is not handy work, of an original box unboxed iphone I just wanna tell you, they would never! ever! Ever! do this this is all scuffed up! these people are liars Apple would of never done this ever, this is- this is a sham this is a sham like I just can’t believe that apple would put something on like this it doesn’t, like it hardly even matches up, look and this… it’s like, look at this yeah that’s something apple would never do so I think I got shiestered like what was that, that was rattling around this seems to be all there though , it was sealed very well and I clearly don’t remember unboxing my 3Gs I just know that’s something that I don’t think apple would have done they usually have perfectly applied plastics, everything is like, to the T I feel cheated and lied to We’ve got our original stickers though, which is nice This still says 3Gs so thats somthing it’s now gold but this looks like it has
fingerprints on it and they’re not mine I don’t know what to think
anyway let’s take a listen brochure if there’s something that you would like to
read just hit pause and then play again look it
so cool okay well I’m going to put this stuff
all back in here because well maybe I’ll sell it to somebody else
hey this definitely hasn’t been opened because this is something is very hard
to reproduce is this exact plastic it has the Apple feel to it
this one right here what happened he was different this is what I thought I heard
flying around you had to remember where this was it’s time to listen crowd
remover I’m pretty sure used to be in here just say that’s something what’s
been responsibly Drive Safely reed safety information check local logs
before youth interesting memories are flooding back plugging it in take good
look at it so those smudges are mine but basically this entire thing was pretty
flawless is it even goes if it doesn’t start off s to be such a disappointment
I definitely see something happening what we want to sort know it’s got to
got my signing up so maybe they let it charge a little bit and then I’ll come
back and give you an update an ageist thing has been charging for a while the
back doesn’t feel hot to the touch but like you feel a little bit warmer than
it did previously like not warm there was a lot of issues with the 3GS of the
back becoming a little bit too warm where the battery is I don’t think I
ever had that problem but I do remember there were a bunch of issues like that
thankfully I didn’t have it no service yeah no kidding
there it is oh gosh look at that on lock it’s fine it’s not even picking up my 5g
wireless signal equal to join Network restore from
iCloud set up as a new phone clearly I’m setting it up as a new phone
may take a few minutes to create your new Apple ID okay so Kelly it’s letting
me green Apple ID so I guess it worked I’m going to not use iCloud I’m pretty
tired of that in a way that I’m going to be able to make a phone call because
FaceTime based on audio calls wasn’t a thing look at this home button ah brings
up your search – oh my goodness my most recent apps let’s keep this old-school
YouTube button this was back in the day when you should want is that oh my gosh
it’s not only not even working like these are the featured videos nothing is
there it doesn’t even work search receive search work doesn’t work
at all nothing works here’s the cam there’s no front facing camera photo
stream can I take a picture of like this is how we used to take selfies one day I
just hope that it was in focus wow it’s as well so definitely a little
bit alive you guys can see it’s not as smooth as it is currently because hey
technology change this is only a 3 megapixel camera which is pretty crazy
this still looks pretty decent photos see oh my gosh is it so slow I’m tapping
and nothing’s happening there’s the Apple Campus it took us right there so
the old school maps look like maybe I’m actually remember this phone do some of
you still have this phone I’m curious to see what point in life you I started
getting iPhone routing the Apple sure I mean is anything even going to happen
Austin you know worthy why didn’t be able to download these I
did not know the Katy Perry even had a music video out wow it is great well if people can gel
with an app would you like to get your free copy of iBooks now I’m okay thank
you see if you can install Spotify holy are you downloading wait the Apple ID
has not been used in the iTunes Store iTunes let’s see you’re like I’m doing
some sort of like surgical procedure right now and I’m just setting up an old
iPhone don’t ever use iTunes anymore okay that’s it if you want it should
work I think it’s gonna work this application requires iowa 8.0 or later
you must update to iOS 8 to tell mode and use this application I just wanted to use Spotify on my old
baby boy phone then how might you do anything I’m not going I’m not going to
be to do anything who thought this is a good idea me anyway we’ll look at our
calendar you look like old school calendar it’s a useless device I mean
here’s the weather I can’t use it to see the weather I guess some people have you
know crazy collections of things this is something that I choose to collect I
guess that’s really it I’m going to find it very very nice home for this on my
Apple shelf over there of old iPhones and old gadgets I’m still trying to find
an old-school original iPhone I mean I have one which is in pretty good
condition but I haven’t been able to start it up I don’t know what’s wrong
with it I really really really want to find one that is in mint condition and
it hasn’t been opened but they’re very very hard to find because most of the
ones that I’ve found are not the original first-generation one so the
second gen and some of the ones that are Christians are like $20,000 and at that
rate I might as well buy myself a new car because that’s just absurd
or maybe bicycle and then put some freaking wheels on and say here’s the
Apple car now let’s do a little comparison and show you guys what this
phone looks like compared to the original iPhone to the new iPhone and to
one of the original iPod there are three gs in comparison to the original
original iPhone are pretty much the same exact size not
pretty much they are button locations very very similar
3.5 millimeter jack power button that SIM card slots all the same the irony is
that this is a jet-black iPhone essentially here we have the 7 plus so
we just kind of put these together and they’re going to be smudgy I’m sorry
here’s the iPhone that’s seven plus this is the newest iPhone and this is the 3GS
and basically kept black so when they announce that that’s something new which
have like I thought it really wasn’t you but they’ve already done it now make
them out with a jet white ceramic iPhone let me tell you what I will definitely
be first in line for that one here’s the front those buttons are very very
similar they’re still a circle yes that’s about it
hopefully on the next version of the iPhone or not the next or the next next
version if there’s on my iPhone 7s or if there is a 7s or if it ends up being the
8 or 7 S which is a small upgrade and then the age is actually a big upgrade
and those are all out at the same time who knows rumor has it there won’t be a
button which I would be totally fine with something that’s really cool on the
pixel phones which I’ve become quite a huge fan of if they have the fingerprint
sensor on the back so if you’re just holding your phone and you go like that
you could unlock your phone iOS 6 1 is now available for your iPhone that’s the
latest version envisages that I kept in that screenshot add contact create new
contacts all of the contacts Justine so ok I sent myself a message if that
was delivered there it is sent today what about the emojis little emojis look
like they’re what emojis back then all the little squares the ones that the
work always sweet baby so to use emojis back in the day used to have to do and
the weird things download all these separate apps
Japanese keyboards and then hit activate it’s quite the process you guys don’t
know how well you have it unless you do know how well you have it and you’re
well aware so here they are this is the family just quite strange little tip
dollar I had a much more nostalgic feel for this one because I feel like as I
was unboxing both of these things I was kind of feeling the same feeling that I
felt when I originally had them so when I first got this one I was still
in high school I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with my life I mean
does anybody ever actually really know what they’re doing with their life but
in high school you never really know and things are always extremely confusing so
this thing for me represented a time of extreme confusion
so IDs on the other hand I kind of already knew what I was doing I was
still making youtube videos in 2009 and I was still pretty well established
don’t get me wrong not that well established because I’m pretty sure I
was basically homeless in Los Angeles I was bouncing back and forth between San
Francisco and LA not really sure where my place was I knew that I was on the
right track and it was something that I wanted to keep pursuing and I did
because I’m still here today still doing it guess what yeah 2017 iJustine yes
she’s still alive but I will say that as you do go through life not knowing what
you’re doing it can sometimes be a gift because I feel like if I had a plan
especially in high school or even in college I might not be doing what I’m
doing today because a lot of people told me that what I was doing was crazy or
stupid or silly and I should probably get a real job
I’ll tell you what I work way harder at my not-real job than I ever did working
for somebody else at a real job I’ve said it before but making YouTube videos
especially for me because I still shoot and it a lot of stuff myself it’s a lot
of work it’s a lot of time and right now I’m probably the sample night and that
is this video so I can post it tomorrow morning for you guys it is something
that I truly love and I’m seriously honestly so passionate about technology
and everything that surrounds it I’m pretty sure that that’s something that
I’ve always known judging by my senior picture that I took with my Apple
Computer that’s one thing that I will say that I’ve always stuck with is the
things that I’m passionate about I somehow managed to work that into a
career and make that a part of my daily life video games technology traveling
creating fun content making people laugh aliy making some people laugh it’s not
something that I get to do a lot and very often and I could not choose a
better job so might be a little cheesy and a little sentimental but I do have
Apple to thank for a lot of that feed jobs aid me that inspiration at a super
young age I think I was in sixth grade when I read my first book about Steve
Jobs and Steve Jobs as a per and how he treated people sometimes
might not be the best but the thing that I looked up most to perceive and the
words that stuck with me from a very young age was think different because I
already was thinking differently and I felt bad about it and I felt like I
should be doing what everybody else was doing but from that sixth grade age
doing a book report on Steve Jobs that nobody else having any idea who he was
at that point and just thought it was some crazy computer girls and at that
young age Steve I will never forget the way that you change in my life the way
that you have changed many many others and happy belated birthday to the one
the only Steve Jobs we wish that you were still here with us today because I
would love to see the way that you would be pushing apples and what direction and
what would be happening right now because I feel like the whole landscape
of everything could potentially be different lift even still here all right
that was a lot of rambling but I’ll see you guys later thanks for listening and
don’t be afraid to go after something that you’re passionate about because
it’s your life you can’t essentially do what you want and even after this crazy
story that I just told you I don’t want you to think that any of this was easy
because my goodness it was it’s been a long freaking road of up and downs and
successes and many many failures but you just don’t quit that’s the real secret
if you don’t quit I mean that’s like eventually it’s going to work out that

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  1. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR DETECTIVE WORK! 🙂 I'll have a follow up video to show you guys how I got scammed. It's definitely confirmed this was repackaged. I'm so so sad

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