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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

The first you need is Pentalobe Screwdriver
for iPhone 5 Remove buttom screws Fix suction tool on iphone 5 screen near home
button Pull the suction tool till gap appear between
iphone 5 case and display assembly By easy and soft moves separate iphone 5 case
and display assembly Now you need Philips 3 zero screwdriver, that
need to remove screws that secures iphone 5 battery cable Remove this screws and disconnect iphone 5
battery connector. Do not use any metal tools, just plastic ones! Pry up iphone battery with plastic pry up
tool and remove it In description of this video I left links
to neccessary tools and replace parts To
install new battery repeat same steps in reverse order

8 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Battery Replacement”

  1. I changed the battery earlier on my phone, but unfortunately it only lasted one year and not so long as the original battery

  2. **ENG: Links to screwdrivers and parts in the description under the video
    Amazon – Screwdrivers set:
    Opening tool:

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