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iPhone 5 Screen Repair done In 3 Minutes

iPhone 5 Screen Repair done In 3 Minutes

Today we are going to take apart an iPhone I am going to show you how to take off and replace the screen in 3 minutes to start off, you grab your little star screwdriver, and there are two screws right next to the charging port. So unscrew each of those. It is the same size of screw driver that you would use with your iPhone 4 or 4s. Once those are out, Grab a little suction cup. The bigger the suction cup the better. And then just pry up on the bottom of the screen. In hindsight I probably should have used a plastic tool… So keep that in mind. There are ribbon cables up along the top. So be very careful when you are pulling it away. Because if you damage those ribbon cables (Especially on your new screen) You are going to have some problems. There are three little screws that you have to take out right here to unplug the ribbon cables from the phone and I’ll show you those. This little metal plate comes right off as soon as you get the three little screws undone. Doing the iPhone 5 screen is MUCH easier than doing the iPhone 4 or 4s screen. to replace those screens you have to undo about 30 screws The little bracket just slid right off… As far as the flex cables go, you can just pop them off with your pry tool They are just like little snaps. Similar to Legos. So there are 2 on top, and 1 underneath. And that releases the screen! Now get rid of your old screen, and put your new screen on. Grab each little flex cable, just like you would a Lego, and press them down and snap them in place. Once I got them all placed down, I used my finger to give them one little more push to make sure they
are all connected. Keep in mind that the screws are also
different sizes the two bottom screw the same size but
the top screw is a little bit longer. (I am going to speed this up just a bit because the screws were hard to get into place.) There you go! When you put the screen back down, make sure to slide the top in first. Then you can slide your hands down the slide and clip the rest of the screen into place. After you are done and the screen is in place, you can put the bottom two star screws in; Pentalobe screws. (Check the video description for parts and tools.) And there you go! If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments. Dont forget to ‘like’ if this helped you and dont forget to subscribe!! Thank you for watching!!

100 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Screen Repair done In 3 Minutes”

  1. Good video but not really a full replacement. Parts from old lcd need to be transferred to new one. Technically takes longer lol 🙂

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  3. hi , my top part of the screen seems to be bulging outside. i havent opened it or did anything to the screen, its both side at the top protruding out, how can i fix it

  4. Thanks for this tutorial…but… your embedded link to swap over camera, earpiece & home button onto new screen, relates to the 5s (not the 5). Would this be different? If yes, what difference exactly? Thanks….

  5. What in the hell good does a suction cup do for changing screens? Last I checked, suction cups will NOT stick to broken shards of glass! Source? I do this every day for a living.

  6. Guy's a very important part of this video has not been showing and I nearly gave up as MY PHONE WAS NOT TURNING ON,, after installations HOLD THE HOME BUTTON (which is the round button on the bottom) AND THE RESET BUTTON (which is the top right hand corner on the top of the phone) AT THE SAME TIME FOR 30 SEC.

  7. i found a ip5 and it didnt turn on , i left it on the charger over night nothing , replaced the battery and it powered on but the screen is dark dark , even if i turn the brightness all the way up, it was water damage as i saw the lil water indicator inside was pinkish. if i replace the lcd display will it work again.

  8. Why is it every you tube video shows when you take off the front of the iPhone 5, you automatically open up to the battery compartment? I have a big black panel in the way and can't figure out how to remove the panel.

  9. Hi. I've used your video several times to great success, however the last time the screen doesn't activate to the touch. There's a picture, texts pop up, the home button works, but the screen doesn't respond. What do you suggest.

  10. Right…. I replaced my screen, new screen didnt work. Put on old screen didnt work. Connected to charging port and phone keeps vibrating, but no screen working.

  11. So I install a new battery in n i followed the direction to put the screen back on n now my screen is not working so I need help

  12. Incredible Jerry! Many thanks, just completed the task as per your instruction.
    Oh, and you have a very relaxing voice which helps guide one, stress free through the process. Cheers

  13. actually fixed it in 2 minutes after watching this , great video thanks ,only cost me £25 🙂

  14. Buy your screen replacement kit on Amazon!

  15. One tip I'd recommend, is putting a piece of sellotape over the 3 screws holding down the plate covering the connectors. The screwdriver tends to be magnetized and the screws are extremely small, so getting the screwdriver into the cross-head to pick them up is pretty impossible for a novice, (which I am – 74 years of age repairing my Grandson's screen!) You can break through the sellotape with the screwdriver tip, but the sellotape then holds them in place, so you don't have to remove them from the plate and they're still in position when you replace it!

  16. Fantastic stuff man. Really. I'm hoping this will repair the entire unit as long as there is no damage under the shattered glass. I notice the screen is thick and includes probably the pressure-tech touch system. What's your advice if it's simply a cracked glass issue? Any idea on price? I have no qualms ordering from any third party dealer.

  17. I found this video in 2017. And it does save me from spending load on money on the store. Definitely thumps up for you

  18. does your phone have to be off…example the digitizer is broke so you can't slide power off…can you still change it

  19. How do you get rid of pressure spots? I replaced my battery and now I have 2 blue spots on my screen an inch above my home button

  20. I know this is an old video, but I hope you can help me. I have an iphone 5 that the screen was “professionally “ replaced about a week ago. My sister shipped it to me and I was trying to set it up for my son. However when I tried to enter all the information (passwords, Apple ID, etc…) there were some keyboard buttons that were not working. So I couldn’t enter all the setup info. When I googled the problem it said the digitizer cable may need to be reseated. So, I took the screen off following your video and reseated the cables. I closed the phone, powered it on and still had the same problem. Any ideas? I would appreciate your response. Thanks!

  21. That was quick. We transfer the home button, camera, and screen shields over to the new screen. We also take off the battery flex first

  22. Clean the screen nicely..install new tempered glass..that fix my iphone 5 ghost need change the touch ic..can try✌🏻

  23. hey there sir! good day! ^_^ my girlfriend's iPhone has a vertical violet lines at the bottom of the screen. ofcourse it still work when touched but when we record a video, the video was a little bit of slow-motion and the voice recorded in video was like a *rain falling in the roof*. when i record a voice in voice memo, it works. when on call, there's a background sound like *high pitch tone*. do you think sir its because of the screen affects the mic and frontcamera from recording a video? help sir. thank you!

  24. I was asked to fix a old iphone 5, gave this a look to see how, i love that you'r videos have not chanced in five years

  25. great video, seems easy, but why the rush? why not show us amateurs how to swap the screens. How would i know it's easy?

  26. Thank you. This was just what was needed to get the screen off to glue the seal back on., it had popped out.

  27. watching this in 2018, it amazing how far your production values and content has come since these earlier days. Good work though, very informative

  28. Excellent video…Very good camera work and the crystal clear narrative makes it easy to understand…Great voice for this type instruction….My thanks to the gent that made it.

  29. Superb. Saved me a fortune. Quote for battery and screen replacement was over £100. New parts from ebay with next day delivery £17. Amazing. Thank you, Brother.

  30. Nice video if you didn’t put the stupid adds all over the video. Just use a flat tool and lift up here where I put an ad to click for the Fu$king Apple Watch your a retardant.

  31. "iPhone 5 Screen Repair done In 10 Seconds"
    *speeds up 5 minute replacement video to fit within 10 seconds
    (reference to 2:15)

  32. Hi. My screen is new and some parts of my screen doesn't work? I try three times your video. And still doesn't work. All I need is unlocked to get the apple ID and password, to be able to transfer the data to a new phone🤔😢

  33. Great video…I did all this just fine but when I put the screen back down into the phone (top first like you say) the left side keeps popping out. Actually, it's almost impossible to get it to even go in then once I get it in and move to the other side it pops back out. Any suggestions?

  34. I can’t believe you didn’t even show how to transfer all of the components not to mention the quality of your voice-over

  35. It is much harder for certain phones, when you have to use a heat gun. I know this from experience, really does depend on the extent of damage.

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