iPhone 5 screen replacement

The first you’ll need is Pentalobe Screwdriver
for iPhone 5 Using it remove bottom screws Fix suction tool on screen near home button Pull the suction tool till gap appear between
iphone 5 case and display assembly By easy and soft moves separate iphone 5 case
and display assembly Now you need Philips 3 zero screwdriver, that
is need to remove screws that secures battery cable Remove this screws and disconnect battery
connector. Do not use any metal pry tools, just plastic
ones! Remove screws that secures LCD and touchscreen
cables. Disconnect display, touchscreen and camera
cables using plastic pry up tool Next remove screws that secures home button And remove this button Remove all screws, that secure LCD backplate Remove ear speacker Remove camera module Now display module can be replaced In description of this video I left links
to neccessary tools and replace parts

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