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iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Fix in 4 Minutes – JerryRigEverything

iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Fix in 4 Minutes – JerryRigEverything

In this 4 minute video I will teach you how
to replace the WiFi antenna in your iPhone 5. Parts and tools can be found in the video
description below. Start with the two pentalobe screws down at the bottom. And then grab a
suction cup, one that is hopefully bigger than this one. If your suction cup doesn’t
have enough cajones to lift off the screen, go ahead and grab a metal pry tool or a razor
blade and slip it between the metal frame of the phone and the plastic edge of the glass
screen and pry it up very very gently along the edges. If you pry up on the glass you’re
going to break something so make sure to stay along the edge of the phone and pull it up
out of the little clasps that keep the screen down in. Then don’t bend it past 90 degrees
or you’ll also damage some cables. Grab the 3 screws that hold down this metal plate.
Lift up the metal plate and put it next to the 3 screws. And then lift up each of these
little ribbon cables kind of like Legos. Pull them up and away and that releases the screen
from the phone. Put that somewhere special. And try to stay organized. Release these 2
screws. Grab the metal plate. Put the metal plate next to the two screws that you just
barely took out. Then you can unclip the battery. The battery’s in there pretty tight. The
sticky tape that they use tends to get harder over time. So the longer you’ve had the
phone the harder it’s going to be to take out your battery. I’ve found that it was
easiest to take a plastic pry tool, slide it between the edge after, you know, playing
with it for a little bit. And just pry it up from the outside just like that. I’m
going to go ahead and unclip the volume and power cables from the main board because to
get to the WiFi antenna, it’s plugged into the bottom of the motherboard. So you have
to take out the motherboard and flip it around in order for us to unplug it. Also the vibrating
motor is in our way so we’re going to go ahead and unscrew the two brackets, or the
two screws holding down the bracket. And then put that somewhere special next to the two
screws that came out with it. Grab the one screw at the top and then the vibrating motor
comes free. And this is the little guy that spins around when you get a text message or
a phone call. Kind of cute. Go ahead and put that away. Now there is a metal bracket holding
down the charging port ribbon cable. So I’m going to go ahead and unplug that, just like
the Legos we were talking about before. And then the cellular antenna…I’m going to
unclip that as well. This is a wire cable. And then just kind of get those up and out
of the way so we can work on getting the motherboard out. There are two more little ribbon cables
that are in the way of one of our screws. So go ahead and pop that out. And then that
shows us where all of the screws are. There are 5 of them holding the motherboard down
and then another two up here by the camera. Once the two by the camera are unscrewed we
can go ahead and remove that bracket. Once again keep all the screws organized so you
can have an easier time putting it all back together again. And then before we can pull
out the main board we also have to get rid of the SIM card. You can do this, you know,
at the beginning of the whole process if you’d like as well. Probably a little bit easier
that way. And don’t forget these two screws; very very important. They are the grounding
screws for the motherboard and if you pry up on it, it will rip the cables and you’ll
be in a pile of bad luck. So grab the WiFi antenna, unclip it from the back of the main
board and then set that somewhere special. And then here’s the WiFi antenna itself.
It has a little metal bracket, so go ahead and pull that out. And the rest of it’s
glued down to the back of the phone. So just very gently, you know, with a pair of tweezers
or with your plastic pry tool, pull that up and away from the back of the phone. And then
you can just take your new one and put it in the exact same spot. Pretty simple. This
would fix, you know, if your WiFi is grayed out and the settings on your phone. This would
fix it. Or if your WiFi is just not working very well. You know, replacing the antenna
would help out a lot. Anyway, if I helped you at all feel free to subscribe. Don’t
forget to “like” this video if it helped you. And thanks for watching!

33 thoughts on “iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Fix in 4 Minutes – JerryRigEverything”

  1. good morning, I changed my wifi antenna like a video, but now just find one network and before like a 4! you know what i do wrong?

  2. I have an ipod 5 and recently got an lcd repair everything works but now I dont get wifi unless im like 2 feet away from the router. I think this is an wifi antenna issue, but how do i i know if i need a completely new wifi atenna or if its just loose and i need to tighten it up. PLEASE HELP *THANK YOU*

  3. Hi Jerry, i have a question. My iPhone 5 has problems with wifi and bluetooth, they dont work. When i go to seetings, to turn my wifi on, i could not even switch it on or of. How do you think, if i would change the antena, it will resolve the problem? Thx!

  4. Hey Jerry, so here is the deal. I dropped my phone and the reception is really bad now. I'm thinking its the cellular antenna but I wanted some advise from a professional.

  5. Hey Jerry
    Thanks for the videos, they're great, I replaced the camera on my iphone 5 last night, all seemed to go well until I turned it on, there is no service on the phone since, I've rechecked the cellular antenna to make sure it is properly connected & can't see any problems.  I tried to go into field test mode but it cannot connect to that either, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Dear Jerry,

    I ordered a replacement antenna, and replaced it yet my WIFI still is shown as "grey" there is none.
    You have any tips ?.

    Tried factory reset, even then no WIFI.
    Tried 3 diffrent antenna's.

    Even checkt the connector on the logicboard wich seems alright nothing wrong.
    Hope you have the answer

  7. Any tips for us to improve signal strength? I heard copper works but where should we place the copper to obtain the extra signal strength? Great video by the way

  8. I have the iPhone 5s which this is obtaining to about improving the cell tower signal… I can build something by using a coaxle cable and connect it to a camera

  9. My dads phone's antenna is broken but he doesn't know which one it is. Isn't there multiple antenna's in the phone?

  10. Doesn't this antenna only deal with wifi connectivity? Not the cellular data connectivity?

  11. what happens if the motherboard ground cable is ripped will it still work or i need new motherboard ?

  12. Greetings Hello , I have an iPhone 5 having the unstable signal , and the signal far as I ios restoration of lost, you help me ?

  13. So was the cellular antenna that you mentioned the only cellular antenna that it has and can it also be replaced/removed?

  14. If my iphone 5 is getting less wifi signals then i have to do the same means replacing my wifi antenna oe it is some type of other fault???

  15. On my iPhone 5s the Bluetooth connection has a spinning wheel? would this repair be relevant to fixing the bluetooth problem?

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