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iPhone 5c Cracked Screen Repair in 3 minutes

iPhone 5c Cracked Screen Repair in 3 minutes

All right, today I’m going to show you how
to replace the iPhone 5c screen in three minutes. First of all, just take out the bottom screws.
These are the same size screws as all the other iPhones, so any of those Pentalobe screwdrivers
will work. There’s two screws right next to the charging ports. Take those out. The
second step is a little bit harder. You need a suction cup and a plastic pry tool, so lift
up with a suction cup and just kind of twist your pry tool in there to lift up the screen
out of the bottom latches. Once it’s lifted up gently pry the screen away from the body
and the other latches along the side of the screen will pull up as well. Be very careful
with the screen, especially if it’s broken or cracked. Next there’s four screws along
this plate. There are three different sizes so make sure when you take the screws out
you’re going to remember where they go when you have to reassemble the phone later. Once
this metal plate is off, there are four metal latches that you have to lift up. They’re
kind of like Legos. So just kind of pry up and unsnap them one by one. Technically you
don’t have to do the one on the bottom left, that’s the one that’s attached to the
battery. I got a little carried away and decided to do it anyway. Anyway, once the three important
ones are unlatched your screen is off. Now, depending on where you get your screen you
might have a few more steps. You might have to take the home button and replace it, and
replace this back panel as well. But all you have to have to do is loosen up those screws
and transfer it right over to the new screen. Once you’ve done that, you can take the
latches, the little ribbing cables, and snap them into place just like Legos. Be very very
gentle with these because if you rip them, you will have problems. One of them does go
over to the earpiece so you might need to swap that over as well just depending on where
you get your screen. Amazon usually has the cheapest screens so I will list them in the
video description below as soon as they become available. Take your four screws that you
kept organized earlier, and pop them into place. Screwing them in. This is just your
regular Phillips screwdriver. And then make sure the top is aligned and snap the screen
gently into place. There will be a series of satisfying clicks as you press the phone
back together again. And as you see the phone is completely back together, and it looks
exactly like new. There is no raise in the screen, it is all flush just like it was before.
Don’t forget to put your bottom two screws back in and you are set. If you have any questions,
make sure to leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to like if this video helped
you and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 5c Cracked Screen Repair in 3 minutes”

  1. When I watched this video it all seemed pretty simple. There is a huge piece missing from it though. He mentioned you "Might have a few more steps". Those steps involve replacing the camera, earpiece, and other little bits. Watch the other "Nothing left out" video and you will see what I mean. Those steps convinced me on not attempting this myself and just paying the $125 for a pro to do it. Unless you get a screen replacement with those parts, this video will help. Otherwise I suggest watching the other video to see the entire procedure. I guess you can repair anything in 3 minutes if you leave out steps.

  2. ty so much, it took me about 10 minutes but it works perfectly now. I even wanted to be different so i bought a white screen lol. Now I have the only 5c with a white screen

  3. Do we need a new Digitizer as the kit I got only had the screen and not the metal panel… Is there a way to just remove the shattered glass and put the new screen on?

  4. my phone dropped face down the frst time it ever cracked and it was actually really bad. its all over the screen :/ but if we used the suction cup wouldnt it like take apart the glass instead of ctually pulling the top of the phone out?

  5. Ok, I ordered the parts and tool kit from Amazon and they said 1 to 5 days shipping. Can't wait ti change my batter and fix my wifes screen display. I'll report back how it went. Since my hands shake due to battlefield injury, I'm considering building a table mount to hold the phone securely, and the screen at a 90 degree angle. If it works outs, I'll post pictures so anyone else can make their own.

  6. BTW WHEN YOU DO THIS AT HOME! TAKE THE BATTERY PLUG OUT! IF YOU DONT! YOUR PHONE WILL SHORT OUT! I just went to a profesinal place and I got a Do it yourself kit and the guy there said to take out your battery or else it will short out. Well the plug to the battery

  7. Do I need to buy the screen with the camera speaker and home button? When I take off the screen what all will come off

  8. my phone has a display problem. When i turn it on its just lines of colour and sometimes nothing. what should i do?

  9. Thank you so much for so much for showing me how to do this !!!!!!!! It took me more like 30 minutes but I did it and I am so proud … Thank YOU so much !!!

  10. For the part at 1:20, all replacement screen parts will require that you remove the home button just so that you can transfer it over to the new part. The LCD Digitizer (back panel) will only need replacement if you damage the black backing on it as that will cause the screen to "touch itself" pressing on things that you did not.

  11. I just dropped my phone and landed on the upper right side of the screen. This video makes me feel better knowing I can get it fixed tomorrow. Thanks!

  12. hi there! If the screen is terribly cracked, but everything is working…do I need the ear piece too?

  13. where do i order a screen so i don't need to switch everything over. I didn't see it in your description.

  14. My screen stopped working. It started by getting a white line down it. Which then faded into a full white screen. But I tried to force reboot my phone and now the screen does not work. But I plug it in to charge it and it vibrates every 5-10 seconds. What should I do. And how do I know what's broken. Is it the battery or the LCD or charging port. Please help.

  15. Used a 4S for a couple of years no issue. The 5S glass is like candy… pc of crap. Great job, Apple. Didn't drop the phone either, and have a case. Simply sat on it like I did w/ the 4S. JUNK glass.

  16. Not really feasible time… 30 minutes+ if not experienced or got wrong replacement and need to transfer parts. Too fast, not enough detail. And with small screws of different sizes, please show which size goes back where (things get dropped, moved, etc.)

  17. my phone is cracked and when you tap somewhere, sometimes it thinks that ur tapping somewhere else would a new screen fix this problem? or would I have to get a new phone

  18. I found this for 19$ from a generic brand, would this be good? here is the link:

  19. If you're having trouble following some of the steps on this video there's a very in depth iPhone 5c screen replacement video on my channel.

  20. Hi the amazon  link  has stoped working for meHome button Ribbon Cable on Amazon:

  21. Wow worked great.. except the part that I totally screwed up and broke the LCD, guess I'm just going to get a new phone and go to the Apple repair people next time!

  22. My phone displays absolutely nothing but the screen itself is not cracked. It is completely unresponsive but I know it works because I plugged it into a monitor and therefore I assume that I see it works. Would replacing the screen solve my problem or is there another problem.

  23. One of the pentalobe screws in the bottom of my 5c is stuck, no matter how much I turn it, it won't come out. Any suggestions?

  24. Misinformation. Left out a vital step. ALWAYS turn the phone off and unplug the battery cables first to avoid shorting the motherboard.

  25. Worked great. The benefit of having an older iphone is that an Iphone 5C screen replacement with full kit costs 20 bucks.

  26. Super easy! People shouldn't be afraid to fix phones themselves instead of investing in new ones. Thanks for the great video.

  27. I'm going to attempt this tomorrow with a stop watch next to me. Last time I did one of those 3 years ago it took me 30 min, it' was for my 3rd client

  28. Bought one off eBay for £24 to fix up and either use as a back up or sell although I can’t imagine many people want a 5c in 2018

  29. Hells yus. Thank you for this video!! I’m waiting on a new phone to be shipped this week, and already sold my last. I picked up my mom in laws very busted iPhone 5c, purchased a 25 dollar kit from amazon and replaced the screen thanks to your video. You rock! Thanks so much

  30. when i got my phone it does random things on it's own bit the little wire (lego bits idk) don't have a cover for it and i can't buy one , so everytime if i drop my phone and those bits detach i have to reattach em and sometimes the touchscreen won't work and when i get ot to work certain parts of the screen don't want to respond and i find this very frustrating, my brother gave me tus phone for $40 and he made it get a long crack in the corner and now the screen has a hoe where the front camera is. Today the front camera won't work even when it had the piece of screen not on it, it won't load, so i don't know what to do and i'm considering getting my money back and getting a new phone

  31. Hi,
    I haven't used your link cause it seems a US shop and probably I'll end up spending more than buying it in Europe,
    I found cheap screens on Amazon without the button and the camera…
    can I easily use the old button and the old camera?
    However, I'm not sure how to do it and most important I'm not sure whether the camera is damaged or not (and should/shouldn't be replaced).
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  32. Hey Jerry,

    The link for the replacement screens broke. Do you still have a link or know where to get the screen?
    Thanks in advance! love the videos!

  33. I got a iPhone 5c for 5 bucks and another 5c for free, so I put the other screen on the other 5c and it worked, so I got a 5c for 5 bucks 🙂

  34. PLEASE HELP! I recently purchased a screen replacement for my 5c(only LCD included), I followed all the steps YouTube had to offer but white lines appear and gets more promenant when I plug the charger in, also the screen display is on the right side of the screen and the touch screen response hardly works, if you know what is going please comment away, maybe the seller scammed me or I did a crappy job replacing it.

  35. I don't know why so many people in the world destroy these. So much hard work and time to design and build it: wasted!

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