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iPhone 6 Case “SPIGEN NEO HYBRID EX” unboxing

iPhone 6 Case “SPIGEN NEO HYBRID EX” unboxing

This is the new SPIGEN NEO HYBRID EX made for iPhone 6 4.7inch, which will hopefully be announced by Apple soon. Let’s start unboxing. There’s nothing more than a serial number tag in the package. This is the NEO HYBRID EX. It’s made of 2 layers. Let’s try it on the plastic mock iPhone 6. Put on the soft inner frame first. Next, cover it with the hard plastic frame. Done. The NEO HYBRID logo. Like the iPhone 6, it has nicely rounded edges. The SPIGEN brand logo.

9 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Case “SPIGEN NEO HYBRID EX” unboxing”

  1. I've ordered one in gunmetal. Always have these, but noticed on this unboxing no rear protector. Normally have one, hope that's put right.

  2. I like how it looks, just feel like if your going to put this on you may as well get one that will protect the whole back from scratches.

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