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iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement in 5 minutes, microphone fix, headphone jack repair

iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement in 5 minutes, microphone fix, headphone jack repair

Alright, today I’m going to show you how
to replace the charging port on the iPhone 6. If you want to watch the other repair videos
go ahead and click the links in the front of this one. Here’s the iPhone 6. We’re
going to go ahead and turn it off. There are two pentalobe screws down at the bottom. If
you need a pentalobe screwdriver go ahead and check the video description right below
this video and I will link the parts and repair tools that you’ll need there. Get your suction
cup and lift up a little bit on the screen and then you can get your pry tool and lift
up on the edge of the frame on the screen. You want to lift up on the frame itself so
you don’t bend the screen and crack it. If you crack the screen, obviously you’d
have a bigger problem than just your charging port. Lift up the screen. There are 5 screws
on this metal bracket; pull that guy off. You don’t need to take off the screen for
this repair but it does make it a lot easier because the screen can’t be folded past
90 degrees while it’s still connected. Lift off these 4 ribbon cables and then that releases
the screen itself. Once again, replacement parts are in the video description if you
need any of those. Now to get at the charging port you need to take off this little bracket
which is holding down the battery connection; so get rid of those two screws. Keep them
organized; place them right next to this little bracket so you don’t lose them. Lift off
the battery connector. And you don’t need to take out the battery for this video, but
I am going to just for the video’s sake. It is a pain so don’t do it unless you absolutely
need to. There are 4 screws on the loud speaker. Disconnect that ribbon cable and you have
that wire cable here that I’m lifting up. Then you can just kind of pull it out of the
little bracket that’s holding it down. And then the loud speaker comes up and away from
the phone itself. Once again if you need any replacement parts I’ll have this linked
down below as well. So if your speaker is crackly or muffled, or it’s been water damaged
or something like that, usually they’re pretty cheap. So check those out. Here are
the two little connectors for the loud speaker; also on the charging port cable. Now we’re
going to take out the vibration motor. So there are two little screws on either side
of that. Remove those; put them somewhere safe. And pull the motor out away from the
phone. You can see the two little connectors right here and those are what connect the
two little contact points on the charging port. Four screws on the charging port itself.
Another little bracket. Keep the screws close by the brackets; that’s the best way to
stay organized I’ve found. Then there’s another screw and a little rubber piece down
here by the microphone. Take out that screw, keep it next to the rubber piece and set that
where you’re setting the rest of your screws in a very organized fashion. Two more screws
down by the charging port and two more by the top of the headphone jack. Remove those,
keep them somewhere safe. And then you can start peeling the ribbon cable away from the
phone. Be careful once you get down around this spot because the microphone and headphone
jack are kind of inside the phone’s frame. So lift those up and out and then you can
see the entire component right here. So these parts are normally pretty cheap. I will link
those down in the video description as soon as they become available so check those out.
Putting it back in, you want to start with the headphone jack and microphone; putting
those inside the frame and then kind of bend and fold the ribbon cable to match the contour
of the phone. That way it lines up where it needs to be. Get the metal bracket and those
four screws in. Then these 4 screws and the one screw and metal piece that hold the microphone
in as well. If you kept all your screws organized, this part will be easy. Get the vibration
motor placed down on those two little contact points and screw it in. And you have the loud
speaker here. Sometimes you need to push the top in first, it’s got little guide in brackets,
and then the bottom will click in after that. Get those four screws in. Get the wire cable
tucked down in that little metal groove there. And then pinch it down on its little connector
right here. This one took me a couple tries just because it’s so small. You’ll hear
it kind of click in. And then you have the charging port connector right here and then
you just want to fold the battery back down and clip it in as well. Once again you didn’t
have to take the battery out cuz it’s a pain, but if you want to you can. Get the
little metal bracket screwed down as well. And then the screen. So many connections.
Clip them all down, all four of them. They’re kind of like little Legos. So position them
right above the connector and then you’ll hear it clip down in. Don’t use too much
force or you will bend them and then your repair becomes much more expensive. Get the
little metal bracket down and get those 5 screws also put into place. And then when
you fold the screen down the easiest way to do it is to guide the top into place first.
It’s got these little grooves that match up with the top of the frame. And then you
can click down along the sides of it and it’ll snap in all the way down to the bottom next
to the charging port. And then you can get those two pentalobe screws back in and you
are set. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments. Don’t forget
to “like” if this video helped you. And don’t forget to subscribe. I put up videos
fairly often and I hope to see you around. Thanks for watching.

36 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement in 5 minutes, microphone fix, headphone jack repair”

  1. Hi my niece dropped her phone in the sink while she was washing her hands and now it won't turn on. I was going to put in a new charging port and replace the battery but I'm afraid the motherboard might have gotten wet and all that IC chips are corroded and will require cleaning And resoldering. what are the chances the phone will work after I replace the charging port and battery?

  2. I fixed my phone thanks to your video! Thank you so much! Another thing that helped me was doing something I saw in reviews for the replacement part I bought: draw a picture of all the components inside the phone and use double-sided tape to stick all the screws on the picture where they need to be screwed back in. Worked like a charm, no guesswork for which screws goes where. Very helpful video!

  3. Thanks for this video, I replaced my battery and the dock in a half hour. Everything still works! Keeping the screws organized and not dropping any was really important. Thanks again!

  4. Did it but apparently i found out late, that the ear jack was supposed to be attached to the charging port unit, came in the mail broken, thanx….

  5. Guess I should stick to fixing motorcycles because I tried everything except plastic explosives to get the speaker out with NO luck, all the screws are out, I even took out every screw within an inch of it but it’s like there’s a hidden screw under the speaker or a clip or adhesive but it will not come out!! I mean I could put the vise grips to it but guessing not a good idea, I guess it’s off to the Verizon store 👎

  6. Changed the charging port and now it works great but I lost vibrate does anyone know why ? Or what should I do

  7. The paper clip cleaned the charging port. Could not believe the amount of fluff/dirt that came out, an absolute shedful. Phone now charging as normal.

  8. Very informative. Straight forward. I followed your instructions and I fixed my phone. Thanks from Berlin!

  9. replaced loudspeaker as it wasnt working (as well as charging port). it works but is really crackly and doesnt sound great. could that be i've done it wrong or the speaker is just bad?

  10. Awesome video – thank you! Used it to replace the battery and Lightning port in my son's iPhone 6. We ran into one issue though. There are two right-angle brackets on the back of the screen, and these are what the Pentalobe screws from the outside screw into. Well, these both bent when I was trying to screw the phone back together (probably too aggressively), and they both metal-fatigued and fell off from the screen. Do I need to replace the entire screen? Or is there a way to replace just those two right-angle brackets?

  11. Did this but i lost a screw in the vibration part and the screw's that go on the silver piece on the battery…

  12. Took a while longer than 5 minutes just being careful to organize the screws and covers separately and noting which screw went in which hole since they are differing lengths. But overall this was a good series and I just did my battery and charging port on my old I6. Plugging in the screen micro ribbon connectors I had the first one not seat correctly I think and phone would not power up. I tried it before I snapped screen on and had to go back and redo those connections. My bad. Thanks for the info. Thumbs up.

  13. Followed these steps, works like a charm now. Thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful, saved a ton of cash.

  14. Fantastic guide, thank you very much. Getting the tiny loudspeaker cable back on was a real PITA, but that's just the design. I'm glad I'm nearsighted, I actually took off my glasses and had my eye about an inch from the phone for a while. 🙂

    3rd repair on my iPhone 6 and it's really weird every time I take it out of the case; modern phones are so slim and slippery, how does anybody not have a monster case just to hold onto them, hah.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  15. Great Video! What are the chances the new charging port is defective? I followed this video step by step and everything went well… When I went to turn on my phone, the phone would not charge, and I also had no service. Any Ideas? Thank you.

  16. Whelp. I followed along, seemed to go OK. Now phone is bricked. Weird. Guess I'm not cut out to be a phone repair person.

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