98 thoughts on “iPhone 6 LED Light up Apple Logo – DIY – lots of colors!”

  1. So I bent my Apple logo on the sides and now it doesn't sit flush, do you know where I can get a replacement one or if I can bend it back to sit flush?

  2. so i was really struggling to get the logo off of my 6 plus and the flat-head screwdriver slid across it and damaged the 'vital wire' ….still can't get the thing off and not even sure if my phone is going to work anymore. pls help.

  3. Installed this and I have a small white blotch from the pressure of the battery against the screen….. From the thickness of the led, any ideas?

  4. Wow my beautiful matte black- blue iPhone 6s from Colorware now looks even more amazing! Btw yes for those who don't know it's the same process for 6s than for the 6

  5. Will the extra usage of powering a led light cause overheating issues since that was not associated with the plan in the first place? And of course it will drain the battery s bit since it is using more energy!

  6. what do you guys think of getting a white led and changing the color by adding some sort of colored wrapper as filter?

  7. Can we get a tutorial video for the iPhone 6 plus please I did it on a iPhone 6 no problems at all but for the iPhone 6 plus I can't seem to get it to work it's trickier.


  9. I switch these out all the time I've made a ton of money charging 20 bucks a phone it's easy once you've done it enough but it does void out the warranty

  10. Zack, when removing the battery, those adhesive strips come out a lot easier if you removing the vibrating motor. You can pull out more straight, the angle of pulling up usually what rips them. Obviously there is no motor down there on the 5/5C/5S, but on the 6 series you can remove them and pull them a lot easier. It's just a quick 2 screws and the motor comes right out.

  11. •••***••• I SUCCESSFULLY ATTEMPTED THIS LOGO GLOW! 🙂 few days later while I was asleep at night my iPhone caught on fire & exploded like tnt THANKS !!!

  12. Ok time for a long story. I just attempted this modification to my iphone 6. I am a phone repair technician, and thought things would go quite easy, after all, I've replaced countless screens before. Everything was going normal until I started up the phone after reconnecting everything. There was lines running up and down the screen. I reconnected the cables and tried again. Same thing. I unconnected the cable from the apple logo, and reconnected it with more electrical tape, making sure there was no exposed metal. I then reconnected the cables and turned the on the phone. Still the same lines. I knew the problem was in the very back ribbon cable, because that controls the screen. I had to reconnect it about 75-100 times before the screen started working normally again. Not completely normal i might add, as there are two very faint white dots near the top left of the display. Barely noticeable, but annoying nonetheless. The apple logo(a green one) failed to light up, and as of right now I don't have any plans to take it apart and get it working, as my connectors are clearly not 100 percent normal, and I don't want to risk damaging them beyond repair. Once i get a new phone i might take it apart and see if it'll work. Long story short, this can be a challenging task, even for someone who's job is to fix phones.

  13. I did it on my iPhone 6 with the same green logo the only problem is that I get a small whit dot at the status bar could it be a dead pixel?

  14. I tried this but i fucked up my battery just now im so mad about it but still was my choice but can anyone tell me where i can find a battery replacement

  15. Качество логотипа не очень, подсветка не равномерная.

  16. Am I the only one who got super confused witchy his video? I literally went brain dead 😭 That's sad cuz I really wanted to try this😪😪😪

  17. I've done this once and it worked. But then I did it for my brother and the front camera doesn't work anymore. Does anyone know why?

  18. Man I did this to my phone the other night right? I had it working but long story short I took it out and lost the foam pads. I have plenty of electrical tape to use. But I tried to re install it but all it does it cause my screen to go multiple colors an then red with spots on the screen before it is unresponsive. So I ended up replacing the original apple logo and put a new piece of electrical tape over the connectors of the screen and everything works fine. So my question is what do you think is wrong with it? Since I no longer have the foam pads can I still install the glow Apple logo without the pads?

  19. Lol when you said never use metal tools, I always use metal tool because I've never punctured a battery using metal tools but I have using plastic tools lol.

  20. hey jerry in series I'm not doing that cause my brother did it and he complete phone is smashed i feel bad but hes so lucky he can charge his phone without any charger man hes so lucky

  21. So I know this video is over three years old…but…I took apart a 6 plus specifically to remove the unnecessary adhesive strips under the battery, and would do it to every single device I own if I could.

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