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iPhone 6 Plus Loud Speaker Replacement in 4 Minutes

iPhone 6 Plus Loud Speaker Replacement in 4 Minutes

Today I’m going to show you how to fix the
loud speaker on your iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to see any of the other repair
videos go ahead and click the links in the front of this one. To get to the loud speaker on your iPhone
6 Plus, we’re going to go underneath the screen. Grab your pentalobe screwdriver and take out
the bottom two screws. If you need any tools or parts for this project
go ahead and look in the video description below. I will have everything linked for you there. Grab your suction cup and lift up on the screen
a little bit – just so you can slide your pry tool underneath. And then pry up on the edge of the screen
which is where the frame is and also the frame of the phone. You don’t want to put any pressure on the
screen or else you’re going to bend it or break it and that’s a more expensive repair
if you end up breaking that. Don’t bend the screen past 90 degrees or
else you’ll hurt the ribbon cables underneath this metal plate. Take off those 5 screws, remove the plate,
and then you’re going to unsnap each of these little ribbon cables. You don’t technically have to take off the
screen for this repair, but it does make it easier because any twist of the screen will
damage these cables. So you want to be gentle with it. Set the screen off to the side. And then you have the 3 screws on the little
metal part that’s next to the battery. Then you can remove the top metal plate. Unclip the battery from the rest of the phone
and lift up the little ribbon cable because there’s another screw hiding underneath
there. Once you remove that screw, it’s attached
to the vibrating motor, unclip the little wire cable and then the vibrating motor clips
out. You can pull the wire cable out from the vibrating
motor – it’s got a little slot right there. You can see the vibrating motor here, it’s
got the two little connection points that just clip down onto the wire cable that goes
down to the charging port. Keep on lifting that wire cable out from the
loud speaker. Two screws down there at the bottom of the
loud speaker. Then once those are out it frees the loud
speaker to come away from the phone. Pretty straightforward. So this is how you take out the loud speaker. You can clean it out if there are ever any
metal shavings or if it’s been water damaged. There are two contact points that go onto
the charging port cable. So if you replace the loud speaker and it
still doesn’t work, you might need to replace the charging port cable as well. Anyway, got that metal bracket back onto the
loud speaker. And then I’m putting the wire cable in-between
the metal bracket and the loud speaker itself so that it never gets damaged with the battery. Screwing in the screw at the corner of the
battery, and then also at the corner of the loud speaker down there in the other corner
of the phone. Pinching the wire cable into the vibrating
motor. Getting that one hidden screw put back in. Clipping down the ribbon cable. Clipping down the wire cable. Then making sure it’s completely clipped
into place or else you’ll get interference later on. And then clipping on the battery. Once the battery is clipped in you can put
on that top metal plate and the bottom screw for the vibrating motor. Then you have the screen. Make sure you’re super careful with these
connections as you pinch them back into place. If any of the connections on aren’t fully
seated onto the main board, you’re going to have lines running through your screen. If that happens, go ahead and turn off your
phone again, lift up the screen and then reseat the cables. That’s usually how you fix the lines. So I’m just kind of putting them over the
top of the connection and then pressing down, treating them like Legos, pushing them down
all the way making sure they’re secure. I folded down the screen and then turned on
the phone just to make sure there were no lines. Now I’m going to turn off the phone again
because you definitely don’t want to work on it while it’s not seated down into the
frame. Now that I know there are no lines I can go
ahead and get these 5 screws back in. And then there are some grooves along the
top of the screen. Go ahead and press that into the frame. Make sure it’s flush and secure and then
you can run your fingers down along the edge of the phone, pressing that down into the
back of the frame as well. Just be super careful because screens are
very fragile, especially with a phone this big. You do risk breaking it if you press too hard
or in the wrong place. Make sure you stick around the frame of the
phone. Get those bottom two pentalobe screws back
in and you are set. If you have any questions make sure to leave
them in the comments below. Make sure to “like” if this video helped
you and don’t forget to subscribe. It does mean a lot to me. And don’t forget to check out my Instagram,
I think it’s pretty fun. Thanks a ton for watching. Hope to see you around!

39 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Plus Loud Speaker Replacement in 4 Minutes”

  1. First off , thank you for the step by step interactions (very helpful) but I have a question. You have 2 different videos for the iPhone 6 loudspeaker replacement how do I determine which one I buy. I do not have the tool kit (yet) to open and check myself. I currently have the gold iPhone that I bought from AT&T but am not sure if it's the regular 4.7 or the 5.5 speaker replacement . Thank you again

  2. Thank you for the video!  I do not see the link for the iphone 6 plus loud speaker part?  Can you put the link up again please?

  3. hey jerry i do own a iphone 6s. just have a little doubt, they r 6 speakers at d bottom but only 3 speaker do give out loud sound another 3 aren't working. I guess that ports r for siri which recognises my voice plzz do help me with dis coz i had dropped my iphone 6s into milk

  4. thanks for the awesome video!! i was able to replace the speaker in my wife's iphone 6 plus. but it turns out the root cause of the distorted sound was clogged speaker holes, not the speaker itself

  5. hey very I'm a big fan and subscriber you got me into fixing phones as side jobs like now I'm doing a loudspeaker for a 6s plus and lucky for me you have a video on this repair. so I was going through videos and I found someone that used your video as their own. I'll be right back with their name. I hate theives, and really enjoy your videos and mellow, but real personality. thanks for the great vids

  6. the name of their channel is repairing desk. so if you're in a bad mood take it out on them for copying your video without your permission, or if they did get your permission my bad either way keep up the good work Zack

  7. My iPhone 6 speaker sounds muddy, like if the speaker was broken when I put it to full volume. Is it just dirty or should I replace it?

  8. I replaced my loud speaker and it's still sounding low. What is that part you said it might be if it's still not sounding? Thank you

  9. Love your videos man. quick and to the point! I used the screen replacement video (which now I need a new battery because it's slightly bulging and screen not flush) and this speaker video. QUESTION: I replaced the speaker because the other one was really quiet, like, not amplified. This new one is the same way. Any ideas?

  10. hiya, I have iphone 6 plus when I record video with the back camera it but when I play the video the microphone dose not play any sound do you know what wrong with it? but when I recorded it with the front camera and play it the sound works.

  11. Wow so I grabbed a neddle started poking the holes in the speaker and woooooowwwwwwwwww louder then they have ever been! And here I was going to slam my phone on the floor because the speaker sucked!

  12. I replaced my loud speaker and it’s still low.. not as loud as it’s suppose to be. It’s not my settings. Do you think it’s the charging port ..?

  13. noooooooooo you fool unclip the battery first i thought someone with your skill would know this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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