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iPhone 6 Plus, Scratch test, burn test, BEND TEST!

iPhone 6 Plus, Scratch test, burn test, BEND TEST!

Today we are going to do a durability test on the iPhone 6 plus. These are the same type of practical durability tests that youve seen in some of my other videos. Tests that can relate to every day life. First off we will see how the back of the phone holds up against sharp objects. Now… common sense dictates that if you scratch your phone with something sharp, it will leave a mark. And this is indeed the truth with the iphone 6 plus. The redeeming quality though, is that if the object is NOT sharp, and leaves a mark on your phone… … like keys, or coins… the marks can just be rubbed off. As you can see here. I can take my wet finger and rub off the soft scratch marks from the keys I was scratching the phone with. And they disappear entirely. As long as your phone stays away form sharp objects you’ll be just fine. A surprising number of people have watch my iPhone 6 camera lens replacement video… So lets find out why… The camera lens is actually made of Saphire glass. which is INCREDIBLY scratch resistant. You can see that my razor leaves absolutely no mark on the Lens. Due to the extreme hardness of the lens though, it leaves the little circle of glass SUPER brittle. And I imagine that this is why so many people are looking into camera lens replacements. It can handle sharp objects just fine… but the brittleness cant handle a hard drop. Replacing the glass lens is actually pretty easy though, you can check out that video if you are interested. Now the glass screen of the iphone 6 plus was rather disapointing. The razor blade left some pretty hefty marks on the glass. Whether the blade is actually carving into the ion strengthened glass, or just the olophobic coating… Its hard to know for sure… but either way, there are marks on the screen, and the dont rub off. This is a Sad day for apple fans. Now the burn test. Not entirely practical… But still fun to watch. Iphones have an IPS LCD display. Which does an awesome job of displaying colors. While the Super amoled Samsung screens might be more vibrant… I feel like iPhones IPS display are more true to life. Either way… they both stand up to heat about the same. The extreme heat from the lighter pretty much turns off the pixles until they cool down enough to turn back on. pretty much unaffected. You can see this same effect with Samsung Amoled Screens, As well as HTC and LG’s screens. I have videos where I burn all those phones. Hit that subscribe button if you like what you have seen so far! Now onto the BEND TEST: After the initial bend with my hands, you can tell that there is now a slight curve to the body of the phone. This is not surprising, and is old news with the whole #bendgate fiasco. What is surprising to me, is how much pressure it took to get it to bend this much. When I applied the SAME amount of pressure to the HTC m9, It folded in half. So in reality… the iPhone 6 plus is holding up much better than i expected. The minor initial bend could be straightened out pretty easy. i’m not here to play paddy-cake with the iphone though so lets keep going. After a LOT more pressure, I finally got the screen to break. The discoloration in the screen is most likely from the LCD ribbon cables ripping up along the top of the phone. It looks like the weakest points on the device are right were the buttons and sim card slots are along the edge. you can see a nice little crease from the edge of the volume button all the way over to the sim card itself. So if Apple wants to strengthen their phones in the future they should probably focus on these points. Well there you have it! The iPhone 6 plus durability video. feel free to check out some of my other durability videos that Ive done with all of the latest phones! Let me know what you think down in the comments! What phone would you buy? Thank you for subscribing! And I’ll see you around!

100 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Plus, Scratch test, burn test, BEND TEST!”

  1. Apparently I was the only person my sister knew who didn't break their iPhone in the two years i had it. And it still works, I just gave it to my mum when I got a new android phone

  2. Am planning to buy iPhone 6plus in 2019 and I heard that it's battery is not good
    Can someone tell is it good to buy six plus?

  3. My iphone 6 was so damaged on the outside that there were literal pot holes in the sides of the phone and after about 2-3 years of use the motherboard fried

  4. I love how absolutely no one here is pointing out that the bendgate was fake… it's like they know that apple was right for once in their life

  5. Just seeing this for the first time and I’m a bit confused: as we all probably know, most of these smartphones scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7. However, we know that the razor blade is a level 5 or so. Why was it leaving marks on the 6’s front glass?

  6. Just watched the IPhone 11 Pro Max then come back to this.

    A. New microphone helps make your voice sound softer

    B. You’ve put together a solid line of testing, where this was sporadic/ish

    C. You didn’t hate on it enough to get likes or views, even though it’s bend/break deserved it. You were more constructive criticism. Which is nice, but low ratings

    D. Sapphire glass, you just straight admired it was sapphire.

    E. Glass is glass, and more hardness was more scientifically explained in the 11 video

    F. You’re better as speaking, dissing, and explaining

  7. This is not a Jerry rig video…….


    ScRatCheS aT LevEl 6 WiTh DeEpeR GroVeS aT LeVel 7

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