iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Shown in 5 Minutes

Today I’m going to show you how to replace
the screen on the iPhone 6+. If you want to see any of the other repairs go ahead and
click the links on the front menu. Here’s the iPhone 6+. With the giant screen it is
prone to breakage. So what we’re going to go ahead and do is take out the bottom two
screws. They are the Pentalobe screws, the same screws that are in all the other iPhones.
If you need any tools or parts, check the video description. I’ll have everything
linked down there. Take your suction cup and lift up on the screen and that will allow
you to slip your pry tool in between the screen and the frame of the phone. Pry up very gently
because you don’t want to damage the screen any more than it is. And then you’ll be
able to lift the screen up. Don’t lift it past 90 degrees or you’ll put stress on
the ribbing cables that are underneath this metal plate. Take off the five screws. Then
you can remove the metal plate. And then each of these little ribbing cables is kind of
like a LEGO. You just unsnap them from its little connector and then lift it up. There’s
four little connectors underneath here. Now if the four connectors are done, the screen
comes up, and your replacement screen probably won’t come with the hardware, so I’m going
to show you how to transfer all that to the new screen. Start with the earpiece. There’s
three screws on the metal bracket. Lift that up. Then you can grab your earpiece out. Once
again, replacement parts are in the video description. And then you’ll probably need
to move over the replacement parts as well. They’re glued down so just unsnap those
from the old screen. And then you can lift off the ribbing cable contraption. This will
also be linked down in the video description below so if your proximity sensor or your
camera is messed up, go ahead and check that out. There’s two screws holding down the
home button. Remove that bracket. And then there’s one more of those little ribbing
cable connectors right here so just unsnap that. And then you can press the home button
out from the front of the phone. Lift up the little circuit board as well. Make sure not
to put any stress on the ribbing cable at all or else your fingerprint scanner won’t
work when you install it again. There’s the home button and fingerprint scanner. There’s
a bunch of screws around the outside edge of the metal plate so go ahead and undo those.
And the bottom ribbing cable is still glued to the frame so make sure you pry that up
very gently and then the metal backing will come away from the screen. There it is, along
with the fingerprint scanner. And then you can transfer all those parts over to your
new screen and once again these are linked down in the video description below so if
you need to buy a new one check there. Place that metal bracket back down on the phone
again over the little ribbon flap that’s underneath the earpiece. Make sure it’s
on top. Get all the screws back in along the sides. Now let’s get the home button in
place. Just press it down. The glue that was on it before should still be sticky so it
should just stick right down in there how it was. Clip that ribbing cable. You’ll
kind of feel a little snap in place just like a LEGO. Put the two screws on the bracket
back in. Pretty straightforward. Now with the earpiece section, you want to get that
little bracket in place. Once you get the ribbing cable on top of it it’ll hold the
plastic better than it is right now. Fold each part individually. Place it exactly where
it needs to go. It’s kind of like a puzzle so if each part isn’t exactly where it needs
to be it’s not going to fit very smoothly. Slide the earpiece in between the cables because
the top part of the cables have the connections that make the earpiece work. Get the camera
down in the little plastic hole and then the metal bracket goes right over the top. It
should fit very easily, lining up very easily with the holes. If it’s not fitting easily,
you should probably lift it up and make sure everything’s positioned correctly. Now that
all our parts are on the new screen, we ca go ahead and clip it back in. Once again,
you’ve got to be really careful with these cables. You don’t want to bend any of the
connections. So make sure you position it directly over the connection and then press
down and you’ll feel it snap in with your fingers. I keep on referencing LEGOs because
that’s exactly how it is. Now if your screen has lines through it when you turn it back
on there’s a chance that one of these ribbon cables didn’t get snapped on correctly.
So turn your phone off and then lift up the screen again and make sure each of the connections
are good. I mean there’s a chance that your screen is bad but check the connections first.
The connections are good on this one so now I can go ahead and put that metal bracket
on. I’m turning the phone off first because you don’t want to work on it at all while
the phone is on. Now the metal bracket with the five screws, get that back into place.
And the top of the phone has these little grooves that you want to slide into the frame.
Get that first, and then you can press down along the edges, snapping each of those little
things back into place as well. Remember, don’t use a lot of force or you’re going
to break your new screen and that is not the direction you want to go. Once your screen
is snapped in, you can turn it on, make sure the bottom two Pentalobe screws are in, and
you are set. Thanks a ton for watching. The best thing you can do for me is just subscribe
to my YouTube channel. I do put up videos fairly often and it does mean a lot to me.
Thanks a ton for watching. If you have any questions go ahead and leave them in the comments
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it’s pretty fun.

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