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iPhone 6 Plus: The Bend Uncut

iPhone 6 Plus: The Bend Uncut

What’s up guys, Lou here and I’m in Dundas Square in downtown Toronto that’s because I want to put all this conspiracy to rest with the “Bendgate” controversy. I have a brand new, sealed, iPhone 6 Plus that is in completely new order here, working order. And I’ve got some witnesses as well to verify that. So that nobody can say I’m doing anything crazy, doctoring anything, using any special machinery, in order to produce the effects that others are complaining about. And I am personally … a little bit concerned that it’s more than the nine people that have been reported. So without further ado, let me unwrap this and give you the new, out in the open, with witnesses, bend test video. So I’m gonna do it the same way that I did before holding it in the same location — wait! First, fully working — fully working device as you can see. Without a sim card for obvious reasons. So there you go. So, should we do this? Let’s get a nice lock on it. In 3, 2 1 Now, am I The Incredible Hulk? Am I a body builder, guys? Or am I a regular dude? So it’s fairly obvious — that was easy to do. People are saying crazy things like I had to exert an incredible amount of force I have another phone in my bag actually which I could grab right now the Moto X, and this is the one I want you guys to pay attention to This should be part of the story is how durable the new Moto X is by comparison. So for all you individuals saying all phones bend That’s not true If you try and bend some devices that’s not what happens. So here is the new Moto X once again, completely in working order I’ll grab it on the back just like I did for the iPhone I can press as hard as I want Can you guys see how hard I’m pressing? And this phone — Look! Look at that! It will flex a little bit, make no noise and nothing will change. Completely working. So it is possible to engineer a device that can withstand that amount of force. This is the evidence right here. It’s all the evidence you need. Is this a problem for your average user? Maybe not yet, but we’re expected to hold these phones for years in some cases. Not just an afternoon. We will see the real reports coming in shortly, but that phone is weaker than many of the competitors. Let me see it one more time. Let me see it one more time real quick. I think that pretty much tells the story. It’s completely opened up. This one is even worse than the other one. It even seemed like less force.

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  1. You have a very strange idea of empirical evidence… "Some folks here to confirm, I'm not doing anything strange.", "Can you see how hard I'm pressing?". I hope you don't actually think this kind of statements have any value whatsoever…

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  3. This old video. I just remembered to look up this issue. Believe it or not I have a Iphone 4s and it is tougher than shit. WHAT HAPPENED???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? what happened to you Iphone producers? So here we are it's 2019 and guess what? Google sells your information like you are not even a person. Android does the same thing. So besides this bs phone on here, I guess I still have to buy an Iphone, because they (supposedly) keep your privacy well, private. They are overpriced. They charge for the cloud, and the innovativeness is not so innovative anymore (more hype than fact). But still… heh.. privacy. On top of that Apple covered this up. I have no doubt there were multitudes of iphones out there doing the bendy scene. But what I'd like to know and what would make me feel more comfortable than the discomfort of knowing Apple made a boo boo with this one, is did Apple make it right for those people? Did they fix it where it counts? Did they have the integrity that we like to see in this companies that seem to be so great and act as if they are 'for the people.?'

  4. Nokia phones are still legendary.
    I can still remember my nokia 3310 when I fell asleep in a double deck and suddenly my phone slipt to my hands and it fall to the ground badly.
    After I pick it up and assebled again, the phone is still working.
    If that was a smart phone, I think I need to buy a new one.
    I miss those old phones even though they have limited specs.

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    You sucker
    Please dont do this shit with any of your phone even motorola
    This motherfucker bend iphone with full force but zero force on other phone

  6. Lew: Hey you hobos over there! Do you want to make 100$ real fast? Come put on there clothes i gave you and nod a lot in my video and youll get 1,000$ bucks each.

  7. And what? The phone is not for nailing but to call. This material is good for plastic deformation so it does not get a shock if its falls down to the ground. Thats it.

  8. My dads iPhone 6 Plus bent really hard to about 70 degrees, he just bent it back and then could use it for another 30 seconds and then it died. Then his office replaced it with another 6 plus…

  9. Yep bought a new iPhone 6s and 27 days later in a otter box I had it in my back pocket and slipped and fell on the ice and it stopped working it’s just barely got bent can almost not even see it and now it is junk I’ve had a iPhone 5s for years in a otter box and it’s been through hell and it is still working guess my up grade wasn’t a up grade signed an ex iPhone customer

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