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iPhone 6 Screen Repair [ Repair ] | Get Fixed

iPhone 6 Screen Repair [ Repair ] | Get Fixed

What’s going on guys? Bendji D. here from Get Fixed and today we will be repairing the Iphone 6. Here are the tools you will need in order to make this repair a success. First up is the pentalobe screwdriver, followed by by a suction cup, and a Phillips screwdriver. Located in the base of the IPhone 6 are two Pentalobe screws that will need to be removed in order to access any internal components. Proceed by removing the screws and placing them somewhere safe so they don’t get lost. Now grab your trusty suction cup push it onto the screen, and pull it just enough in order to get a prying tool or simply the tip of your fingernails into the crevasse of the screen to pry it open. Once opened, locate the silver plating at the top right corner of your phone there you will find five screws So I says to um I says, remove um. Once these screws are removed using the Phillips screwdriver place the metal shield aside, and carefully disconnect the flex cables for the camera, LCD, and Digitizer. Chances are the screen you bought does not come with the stock parts such as the metal shield on the back of the LCD the touch ID fingerprint scanner and the speaker used to hear the person on the other end of a phone conversation. You will need to transfer those parts onto the new screen. It shouldn’t be too hard to do but be careful when removing the finger scanner. If you had any trouble with that be sure to let me know in the comments below. Placing the new screen on the IPhone should be easy considering all you have to do is the reverse of what you did to get the screen off. Step 1. Connect the flex cable for the camera, LCD, and Digitizer. 2. Place the metal shield over the connections and screw everything back into place. Last but not least align the screen and the housing of the IPhone 6 together and clip it back into place. If this video helped you in any ways, be sure to like and comment below. If you hope to see anymore repairing, reviewing, and durability videos from me be sure to subscribe to this channel

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  1. Great vid!  Shoot me an email (Found on my about channel page) and Ill send you some free pry tools.

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