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iPhone 6 Screen Replacement done in 5 minutes

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement done in 5 minutes

In this video I’m going to show you how to
replace the screen on an iPhone 6. If you want to see any of those other repairs go
ahead and click the links. Here we have the iPhone 6. I’m going to go ahead and turn it
off, grab my Pentalobe screwdriver, and take out the two little screws in the bottom. These
are the same size screws as all of the other iPhones. And you can grab any tools or replacement
parts in the video description below. I’m going to take a suction cup and lift up the
screen just a little bit, so I can slip a pry tool. You can use a plastic one or a metal
one if you want. Just make sure to lift up on the actual metal frame of the screen. Otherwise
you might crack it as you pry it up. So be super careful with that. As you lift up the
screen you’ll see these five screws on the metal plate. Take out those screws, remove
the plate, and then unsnap each of these little clasps. The clasps are very similar to LEGOs.
Just kind of take your little pry tool, pop them underneath, and they’ll unclasp from
the little latch that they’re on. Anyway this is the screen. There’s a very good chance
that when you buy the replacement screen you’re going to have to move over all the individual
parts from one screen to the other. We’re going to start with the earpiece. There’s
three screws up at the top. Take out those screws and then the little bracket comes off.
Put that somewhere safe. Make sure you keep all your screws really organized or you’re
going to have problems later. Here’s the earpiece. Once again, all the parts and tools for this
project can be found in the video description below so go ahead and check that out. I’m
pulling up the front camera and the proximity sensor from the little brackets that they’re
held in, and then I’m pulling off the last little bit that’s taped down by the earpiece.
These parts are really inexpensive. At least they have been in the past with the iPhone
5’s and 4’s. So go ahead and check out the video description if you want to check out
how much these parts are. There’s three screws on both sides of the metal plate and then
one screw down at the bottom. So take those out and there’s two screws that hold the home
button in place. Remove that bracket. And then the home button is just lightly taped
down. It’s just lightly stuck. So peel that up. And there’s one little connector right
there just like the little connectors that were holding the screen down, those little
LEGO pieces. So un-pop that and remember that this is the only home button, the one that
comes with your phone, that will work with the fingerprint scanner. Any other aftermarket
home buttons that you put on the phone will not work with the fingerprint scanner, they’ll
just work as a home button. So keep that in mind. Anyway, lift it off the metal plate.
You can see the ribbing cable that connects the home button up by the earpiece. And this
is the screen. Check the video description below for replacement screens, I’ll have them
linked down there for you. And there’s a good chance you might need to move over the plastic
brackets from one screen to the other, so they just pop right out. And when you put
them back in, you don’t need to worry about gluing them down or anything because the actual
ribbing cable will hold them in the correct place that they need to be. And you’ll see
that here in a second. Anyway, I’m going to grab the earpiece ribbing cable and put that
back in, lining it up with a little peg up at the top. It’s really easy not to mess this
up because there’s little guiding pegs that the ribbing cables sit on top of. And then
each little component has its own little slot up at the top so you can just kind of see
where each little piece goes. The earpiece is going to go down over the top of the camera
and the proximity sensor and those gold little connections points will fold right over the
top of the earpiece. And the camera will go in its slot. Once the camera is in there you
can take your back plate and slide it up over that ribbing cable for the LCD, and line it
up with the hole and then you can grab the bracket for the camera and put it over the
top as well. Remember those three screws that hold that down, and then we can start with
the home button. It should still be relatively sticky from before. Either way, just put it
down in place over the hole. And then fold over that little LEGO piece and snap that
in place just like a LEGO. And then you can grab your bracket, screw that in with the
two screws. And then there’s seven screws around the side of that metal plate so make
sure those are in as well. Now we’re going to take the screen and plug each of those
little connectors in, there’s four of them. So kind of work your way down. You’ll feel
it seat on top of the little plug, and then you can just press it down the rest of the
way. Very similar to LEGOs. Get all four of those in and then while the screen is still
up you can go ahead and turn your phone on just to make sure that it’s working. So make
sure that the touch sensitivity is working and the LCD is working and then turn the phone
off before you do anything else. Put the metal bracket back into place. You got those five
screws. And then you can fold your screen down and press it into place. So make sure
that you start with the top of the screen and slide it up and into the little groove
so that it’s super flush with the edge of the phone. And then you can press the edges
in as you go down, around, and towards the charging port. Make sure you put those bottom
two Pentalobe screws in, and there you go. If you have any questions make sure to leave
them in the comments. Don’t forget to like if this video helped you and don’t forget
to subscribe. Does mean a lot to me. And don’t forget to check out my Instagram. Thanks a
ton for watching.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Screen Replacement done in 5 minutes”

  1. Bruh my phone wont work becuase u didnt tell us to disconnect the battery before doing anything else

  2. Thanks mate, fixed my non-functioning touch screen in a few minutes……Turns out when I dropped it last the connectors had detached from the logic board and just needed to be clipped back on properly……Legendary video.

  3. Thank you for the tutorial! It was very user-friendly. You helped me change the battery and the screen for so much cheaper than Apple would've done it. I bought a screen with all the components in place, except the home button. Any ideas about why my ear piece doesn't work?

  4. My old iPhone 6 was used. It never had those screws at the bottom and the screen came off EXTREMELY easily. After about a year of having it the screen was loose at the bottom and I could just pull the screen off with just my hands really easily

  5. I’m gonna check my old iPad and check what’s wrong with it cuz it can charge but the charging thing is not really working but I’ll check why it’s laggy

  6. So I dropped my phone and cracked my screen. I was waiting for the weekend to get it fixed but the screen went black. I still was receiving incoming calls and texts I just couldn't see them because the screen was black. I just replaced the screen with your video instructions above but the screen still won't turn on. Suggestions???

  7. I replaced my screen but my home button doesn’t work for touch. It has the original and works as a home button but it won’t work with fingerprint scanner

  8. Finally i got iphone 6 in 2019 haha from my cousin.
    Im a android user since android kitkat. Just trying ios and its so good to use and i like every aspect of this phone.

  9. i followed the tutorial very closely. now my home button will not work. I cannot leave apps, or use my fingerprint scanner??

  10. omgosh! i was going to use this tutorial to learn how to replace iPhone 6 screens but I've read that he didn't tell ppl to disconnect the battery. I'm new at this and any tutorial I learn from has to be exact if i'm going to repair others screens. so sad…

  11. I ended up with 3 connectors in the last step be from the metal plate…. and there are only 3 places to connect them on the back of the phone.

  12. Hi Jerry and all, do we need any ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection when we do screen replacement or screen repairs? If not, when do we need ESD protection when doing phone repairs?

  13. This is a very misleading video. It implies it's a 5 min job for an amateur. It's not. An amateur will be fortunate if they don't permanently damage there phone with these instructions. The tool set recommended looked quite impressive
    at first glance. I don't know if it was poor quality of just the wrong size tools, but outside of the penalobe driver nothing really fit. So over 8 million people have been mislead by this video.

  14. Hi, great explanation, thanks.
    Followed it and my wife's iphone 6 now sports a brand new screen.
    Took me significantly longer than five minutes 😉
    Fan queue!!

  15. Hey man, I literally just fixed my phone using this tutorial and you my friend have earned a sub and like. At first, I was worried about fucking up the cables cause they weren't set in properly but with some patience and good lighting+work space; I got it all fixed. Thank you so much and god bless

  16. Thank you so much! I fixed my iPhone today and it works just fine. I only had to disconnect the battery, which you didn't say in this tutorial but besides that I'm happy and thankful.

  17. Just finished replacing my mum's screen! Took me 2 hours and 15 minutes. I actually found it best to use a mix of written online step-by-step instructions and this video for any steps I was confused about.

    Just a few little tips for anyone looking to do this:

    • You can get a good screen replacement kit for about $20-30 on Amazon. It should include 2 screwdrivers, a suction tool, and all other small tools you may need to pry apart small components.

    • You should also definitely invest about another $10 into a magnetic screw organiser mat. This is extremely crucial as the phone has very tiny parts that must be kept placed correctly. I used the iScrew organiser ($7.99 on Amazon).

    • Take your time & work on a well-lit, hard/flat-surfaced area to make sure no parts roll away.

    Good luck!

  18. This works really Good if your screen for your Iphone 6 is cracked and you have the necessary tools but dont know what to do just follow the steps JerryRigEverything Does

  19. thank you so much! I just replaced my old iphone 6's broken screen. Only thing not working any more is the finger scan, which is weird because I reused the original one. Do you have any idea what might've caused this? the ribbon cables gave me absolute nightmares but thanks to you everything went really well! I used separate containers to keep the screws of one plate of 'step' apart from others

  20. I'm actually so proud of myself fixing my own iPhone. thank u so much for the video it was super helpful!!!

  21. Those claps don’t all pop up from underneath like you say. I had a hard time popping them and I am so lucky I didn’t break the plastic ribbon which I had to pull on to release some of the claps. In the process I was scratching off the velvet like (matt) coating on the claps. Which btw yours don’t look the same., I hope I don’t ever have to reopen my phone.

  22. Are all the screws the same (like in size and shape ) ? Sorry if it’s a stupid a question I’m not familiar with this kind of stuff

  23. every thing is going ryt but at the ending my screen started for 5 mints after that all screen goes blacked , what should i do know please help me bro

  24. I have a problem : YOU know that the iPhone screen have some edge And in the right part of MY iPhone that edge ITS not om my screen and Now ITS jumping out

  25. It’s perfectly fine until you reach the ribbon cable part, you start moving ur fingers and I can’t see or understand😩

  26. Whoop Whoop!! I just followed you r video and replaced my broken screen. It totally worked!!! Thank you so much Jerry awesome!!!!!!! Thank you – i read all the comments before i started so I did disconnect the battery beforehand and I made sure to keep everything organised, to keep track of all the screws. And it worked!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Nicci 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  27. Nice walk-through. A couple of things I would add is to point out that when snapping ribbons back down on the board (towards the end of install) that they do require a decent amount of pressure and make a definitive snapping sound. The second tip I would give is to keep the screws holding the two small metal "cover" plates on each far end of the large metal plate loose so the holes of the six side screws (three on each side) of the large metal plate line up correctly. Also, the glued ribbon parts are pretty strongly attached to case but prying up at the points where tutorial demonstrates works well. Oh yeah, don't forget to power off B4 disconnecting ribbon cables, especially if you have the alarm clock set :/.

  28. seriously, u completely skipped removing all that ribbon shit from the old screen… and I am completely stuck on how to safely remove it. Awesome…

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