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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 5s – Full Comparison

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 5s – Full Comparison

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 5s – Full Comparison! Hey guys Keaton here with TechSmartt and today
we’re going to be comparing the brand new iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6 Plus to the kind
of older iPhone 5s. This comparison is probably one of the most requested mainly because it
really compares everything Apple has. It compares the iPhone 5s to the two new phones that they
are releasing this year and it’s definitely going to be a head-to-head battle. Without
further delay, lets go ahead and get started. Starting off here, lets go ahead and talk
about some hardware. The iPhone 6 features 4.7″ display on the front, along with a front
facing camera and a home button which is also known as TouchID which acts as a fingerprint
sensor which is seriously integrated a lot more in iOS 8. To the right of the device
we have our sleep/wake switch which is different this year and a SIM card slot. To the left
we have our mute switch and volume rocker. At the top of the phone we have nothing which
kind of a surprise because Apple has always put the sleep/wake switch on the top, but of course
changed it this year.

97 thoughts on “iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 5s – Full Comparison”

  1. We don't customizations just need fluid and maybe improvements in battery life. I got bored with launchers and widgets that u never use. iOS is popular for a reason it's fluid and intuitive.

  2. When you buy iPhone – don't forget to buy one laptop – bcz without laptop it's like simple phone- nothing you can do with it- but when I buy other phones it's ok .. When you recorded video in iPhone – no option to puss bottom.. Big lol for iPhone – ha ha

  3. Why apple dont build the iphone 6 with the same design of the 5S, think 5s design is better and if they build 5s with 4.7 looks better iphone dont think?

  4. Im getting old and so are my eyes . I love your review , how do you not  get short of breath talking lol. Anyways Im going to get the  6 plus with more battery life and bigger display for my tired eyes, thanks.

  5. So Basically the 6 & 6+ just have a better camera & battery ? I think I will hold onto my 5s and wait for the advanced 6( S or C ) to come out in six months like they always do since they really didnt do anything special with this version, whah whah 

  6. I'm so impressed by this video. The quality is very good and the content is accurate and informative, especially for someone who is trying to convince my friend and family to try out the iPhone 6 Plus over the 6. Great video! 🙂

  7. I swear you YouTube commenters are the worst.  You guys sit here and hasle each other over phone and os preference. It's literally not that serious.  Everyone on the earth is different and just because they don't like something that you like doesn't make them wrong.  iOS and Android respectively have their own cool features that draws a certain crowd in.  They're both good softwares and they both satisfy whoever wants to use them. Quit being assholes under this guys video.  

  8. i heard that theniphone 6 had some problems with its gyroscope and screen rotation as well as the clarity of certain apps as they didn't seem as vivid and detailed as on the 6

  9. i have owned many iPods and even the Evo and following the iPhone 4 then the note 2 and now the iPhone 6 i can say the iPhone is fairly simple to use and looks really nice but it's not fun to use like an android. Just my opinion after my history with apple and androids.

  10. I'm 16 and I own an iPod 3 and that's it. I don't get how u guys need this many devices. But then again, I can't speak for others

  11. Idk if it's me but I feel they designed ios 7 and 8 for the 5s. With the 6 & 6plus they just blew up ios so they can say that they now have a bigger phone…

  12. I love both my gold 64gb iPhone 6 and my sliver 128gb iPhone 6 plus but i might sell the 64gb iPhone 6 because I love my 128gb sliver iPhone 6 plus way more then the normal 6

  13. iPhone 5/5s is the last iphone I will purchase iPhone being big is not a iPhone to me I just like them smaller plus the iPhone 6 is just ugly lol

  14. You mistakingly said iPhone 6 is 1 gig of program ram "a step up from last years" that is wrong– iPhone 5s has 1 gig as does the 5 and 5c. Even with 2 gig on my air 2 it's barely enough for moderate usage. They did not increase the ram at all on iPhone 6 and 6plus, it's still the same exact 1 gig!

  15. Regarding the batteries, they are NOT that different.  When running the same video from iTunes, all other factors being equal, the

    iPhone 5s lasts 6 hours and 14 minutes
    iPhone 6   lasts 7 hours and  7 minutes
    iPhone 6+ lasts 7 hours and 44 minutes

    So there is a difference in battery capacity but it is not that significant if one is trying to save money. Buy a car charger(get good quality- Apple has high standards- Fox makes them so- try to hunt for a real Apple at a good price.  Get one charger for your desk and leisure areas to make charging easier.

    The amount of program memory "RAM" is the same on all 3 models just one gig.

  16. I use my I Phone for everything. 

    But i can't decide if i want the I Phone 6 or I Phone 6+ 

    I think the I PHONE 6 Plus is really big. 

    Whcih do you recommend? 

  17. iPhone 6+ is WAY too big and slippery, iPhone 6 is kinda ugly looking, iPhone 5s is comfy and good looking, so iPhone 5s is winner for sure. (Not to offend anyone, just saying my opinion.)

  18. Soo…. I think (notice how I said think" Apple got famous from iPods… So why don't they make the iPod 6😂 they're just abandoning iPods completely😂

  19. I Honestly Think that the iphone 6 plus has a pretty good dessign and a look that apple has never done before ! 📱👏🏼

  20. iPhone 5s has 1 GB of ram not 512 MB of as you mentioned , even the iPhone 5 features 1 GB of ram . I know that because I own one

  21. VERY helpful thank you!! But also, the website has side-by-side specs, but you mentioned some things I wanted to know s´cool (:

  22. the 5 design are the best in the world…Apple should have kept the same design on their new phone…Look so ugly and thin…cheaply made…

  23. I just got the 6 plus from having a 5s. It feels so nice, you really have to own one to appreciate the rounded design. It just makes it so natural in the hand and feels so premium. Much prefer the design over the 5s although I do agree the 5s looks good.

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