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iPhone 6 Water Test!

iPhone 6 Water Test!

iPhone 6 Water Test! Hey guys Keaton here
with TechSmartt adn today we’re doing an iPhone 6 Water Test as so many of you guys enjoyed
our iPhone 5s Water Test last year. This is the iPhone 6 as it is a lot thinner, a lot
lighter, has kind a new shape and it has a power on/power off button on the right side
instead of the top this year. Looking on the phone we can see an extra row of icons and
a few other characteristics as this does have a 4.7″ display but Apple did release the iPhone
6 Plus which has a 5.5″ display. Without further delay, lets go ahead and get dropping. So
I filled my sink up with some water and am actually going to start a stop watch on this
guy just to see how long it lasts when it is submerged and just get an idea of how long
it can be under water before problems start to occur. So immediately once its submerged
we can actually see air bubbles coming out from the headphone jack and lightning port.
This pretty much means water is going into the phone because when water goes in one place
air has to come out the other. It is just going to
start air bubble for
the next minute or so and then problems might

100 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Water Test!”

  1. People are over here dropping iPhones into water like nothing and I’m over here not even able to afford Pringle’s because I’m that broke-

  2. I dropped milk on my laptop… the bottom keys no longer work. I did it on accident but he’s doing this on purpose. Douche…

  3. I put my lg stylo 4 underwater and at the 10 hour mark the phone shut off.. Turns out the battery just died. Cuz when i plugged it up guess what. Turned on with no problems. So does that mean an lg stylo 4 is better than a iphone 6s?

  4. Omg my phone which is the iPhone 6 fell in the tub and I picked it up sooo quick and I tried turning it on which is the one I'm texting in right now survived!! Thank God nothing happened to my phone!!!

  5. 2019 anyone? I am here and I just got an iPhone six (don’t judge me, I’m grateful that I got an iPhone at all😄) I just needed to find out if it would last in water

  6. My toddler sis dropped my iPhone 6 in the toilet yea it was disgusting but it still works except the volume is still broken

  7. I remember my cousins iPhone 6 fell in water and it wouldn’t work properly and I have the iPhone XR that is waterproof and I made fun of him by putting my phone in water right in front of him then using the phone and saying "ha broke" man I’m nice

  8. *THETS EXSACLY WHAT HAPPEND TO MY PHONE I PUT IT IN A BAG WHIT HOT CHEETOS CHIP AND I CREAM AND THE ICECREAM MELT AND THEN THERE WAS ONLY LIKE 3drops in the phone and 💥 BOOM!! It’s was all black they could not fix it on the apple store or metro pcs or t-mobile
    And now I have my sisters phone witch is a iPhoneXR ♥️♥️♥️♥️🍀🍀but my iPhone6s is dead 📱 R•I•P

  9. Wtf I jumped in a pool and back out and mine fucking Brock from being in the water for not even 10 seconds

  10. I’ve dropped my iPhone 6 in the toilet twice 🤦🏻‍♀️😬 but here I am typing on it lol

  11. Well I just dropped my iPhone 6 in a puddle for like 3 seconds and I’m wondering if the headphone and lightning port will work

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