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iPhone 6S Battery Case – Design Failure?

iPhone 6S Battery Case – Design Failure?

(slurping inhale) – Bam! What’s up guys? Lou here
back with another video. And as you can tell in front
of me I have Apple’s latest creation, the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case. I saw pictures of this thing this morning, and I was like, “Jack, you know what? “We’re makin’ a video. “I got a few words to say. “Just a couple.” All right, more than a couple. These things look weird. I’m sorry. Apple was sitting in the factory, and they were like, “Hey, we gotta bunch of
leftover rectangular batteries. “What are we gonna do with them? “Idea. Battery Case!” Not only the iPhone battery
in the case of the 6s is pretty small to begin
with for a phone that size, but then it’s like when you
come up with a solution, it’s such an awkward approach, it looks like an afterthought. There’s this big giant
lump on the back, OK. There’s no other way to describe it. And I’m not sure why that
is done the way that it is but this is what we have. This is what we’re dealing with. I believe right now it’s
only available for the 6s. I have the two colors in front of me, Black and White. Let’s open ’em up. These babies are a hundred bucks each. Hundred bucks. So there’s a little bit of weight there. Some soft. Some soft inside. A lightning connector. Little cut-out for the
speaker, microphone, headphone. A lightning connector on the
bottom to charge this guy up. It’s got like a rubberish feel
to it, and it’s not too hard. It’s kinda bendy actually. I mean I’m thinkin’ that
thing’s gonna get dirty. You put that baby in
blue jeans or somethin’, or you give somethin’ like this to Jack, forget it. Spaghetti sauce, gravy. And now you can really appreciate (laughing) that plateau. Super weird. Let’s insert an iPhone
6s, so you just sort of fold the top a little
bit, and slide it in. OK, so you can see here, iPhone battery status,
53 percent and charging. Case status, 73 percent. So this is really the only
benefit over other iPhone battery cases is that we can
see the status right here. I much prefer to carry around
a separate battery back-up, like a little, could be
a little rectangular box. I much prefer to have something dedicated that I can stick in my pocket,
and then get some juice, and then put it away. Let’s try the white one out. It’s such a weird thing that’s
happening in smart phones right now, where everybody battles to get the thinnest
phone, works out all these weirdo hacks to get more
battery for that phone that really is lasting for nobody. This phone doesn’t last a day for me. Doesn’t last a day for Jack. Me and you. A wide variety of users and a wide variety of usages, things people do on their phones, and everybody’s ending
up in the same place, halfway through the day
and needing to plug in. I’m getting a phone call right now. Hello, how do you feel
about the battery life on you iPhone? Horrible! Does it make it through a day? Yeah, OK evening, dinner time, you’re already ready to recharge. You’re proving my point
right now in this video. Real world scenario happening
for you in real time. Would completely be fine with
a slightly thicker device, but this is what we get instead. We get Mount Rushmore over here. My recommendation. Just go for one of those battery back-ups. Let me get mine real quick. Just before I go. This one is cool because
it has built-in cables. So you got a built-in lightning cable, built-in micro USB. Another option is one
like this, even smaller. (exhaling breaths) Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro or Kilimanjaro? (laughing) That’s table mountain. Nobody could’ve called this. If you asked a million
designers to draw up what an Apple Battery
Case would look like, an iPhone 6s Battery Case would look like, I don’t know that anybody
could have predicted this. This is shocking stuff right here guys. Little fired up. And then you gotta put it in your pocket? I’m gonna do a pocket test. Pocket test real quick. Like these are not super
skinny or anything. Jack, stay away from my junk, OK? Eeewww! Look at all that lint and stuff. Are you seeing that right now? It just picked up like
all the fabric on it. OK, this white material, forget it. That’s a nightmare already. I just put, that’s one time in. Yeah but this one’s
not gonna get as dirty. I mean it still picks stuff up. I just don’t see how spending
a hundred dollars on this makes sense. I just, I don’t know. I personally would not recommend it. Al right. There you have it. Apple’s take on the phone battery case. Today is a weird day my friends, but I’m happy to share it with you. Thanks very much for watching. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a thumbs up down below, and I will catch you very
shortly on the next episode. Later guys.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 6S Battery Case – Design Failure?”

  1. Ok. So once you put the case, it will start charging automatically… that doesn't affect the battery life? I just wonder.

  2. Apple worker: sir people are complaining about the 6s battery and all we have is these 4s batteries on standby

    Apple admin : well like Steve jobs with his girl put a rubber around it and pray it doesn't explode

  3. Such a fucking waste of money $100 for a case which has LESS mAh than some of the eBay cases. I bought a case for $20 5800mAh it lasts much longer and is able to provide more power than the apple case. Don't bother

  4. I have never seen a battery case that isn't ugly. And Apple didn't succeed in making one that looks good. So what? I don't understand that you need a battery case anyway. My iPhone 6 battery lasts 2 days without a charge.

  5. Battery cases are always ugly as fuck. The one on my S8 looks like balls but it keeps my phone at 100% at the end of the day instead of 20% so I have to throw it on the charger when I get home.

  6. Steve jobs died and left a bunch of useless fuck tards in charge who are now fucking everything up.

  7. I've had this case for a year now… I'm a huge fan of it. The design actually fits in your hand well. Also I haven't had to charge my phone more than once a day since I got it.

  8. I was about to spend $100 on this case but not anymore. I appreciate the realism on the technology before I make the mistake and buy it.

  9. The only thing keeping Apple in business is not the quality of their phones, but the preppy rich 10 year olds who yell at their parents to buy these things. If Apple weren't so expensive rich kids wouldn't buy them and the company would die.

  10. Thought it was weird at first, but by the iphone 7, with the slight color adjustment to the cases, and the realization that pretty much all other battery cases from other companies are completely bulky all around and not exactly attractive choices…they really did do a good job keeping the phone looking exactly the same from the front, and a bump to the back with a very slim profile. It's a bit sci-fi looking, but then again, I kinda dig that, gives it a nice grip when using it too. Don't mind it too much now, not sure how much you can innovate a battery case these days without adding size, and to be honest, Apple adds THE LEAST amount of size to the case by keeping the shapes used as tight to form as possible.

  11. I don't get it. What's so ugly? "I don't understand why there's a lump there" really? Are you mentally disabled? The lump is the battery … people would have preferred if they had added a bunch of unnecessary bulk to round it out? How the hell does that work with the Apple design aesthetic?

    Honestly I think it's the best looking battery case I've seen. All the other ones I've seen are these giant cases that try super hard to make themselves look all rounded out, desperately trying to disguise what they obviously are. I love that Apple embraces what the thing is and does it in an elegant way that doesn't try to apologize for itself. If you're going to put a battery case on your phone, why try to hide the fact that you have a battery case on the phone? Makes no aesthetic sense and looks stupid. This battery case is awesome.

  12. Hi!! I just want to give a advice that if you are thinking to buy a battery case don’t ever buy the Apple one almost buy the imophie one because I had the apple one and it was shit the rubber that the case is made of fall of the case and then it seems to ugly and then the USB-C or the conector fail a lot sometimes it doesn’t even charge !!!!

  13. I have this case, but luckily I’m getting a new case this week. The only good thing this case is good at is charging ur phone, but when you hold ur phone it’s very bulky and the sides of the case always rip. It’s also very expensive.
    (And yes, I still have a 6s)

  14. lol for apple
    they even think about their customer
    they just think about money

    give them money,they will give you some shits to you

  15. What kind of case would I like for my next iPhone? (I’m waiting for this year’s new iPhones to be introduced before I upgrade)
    One which is waterproof, protects the screen, provides a headphone port and has a slide-out keyboard!

  16. iPhone's "cases" aren't even cases. They're so thin that they don't even protect your phone. And, since they're Apple branded, they're twice as expensive. Better off getting an otterbox, or literally ANY other case.

  17. APPLE has poor battery life that barely can go 12 hours! but this extra battery case helps a whole lot to me, the quality of the extra battery is what am after not the design. keep up the good work apple.

  18. Apple needs to lower it’s prices on those cases. Especially, since we all have horrible battery issues with new phones. Steve come back please!

  19. I'm in the minority here obviously, but if I needed a battery case, I would absolutely love these. Anyone I know with an Android battery case shows me it, and it makes the phone look 3 times as thick. It's absolutely discusting. The mega thickness is just to make the back even, and it's insane how fat they get. Trust me, I'd prefer this over anything.

  20. How the fuck are people liking the design ??? Bahajajajahaha are you kidding me or are you brain washed by apple to the point you can’t see that the ugliest case ever jajajajaja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Πως μπορώ να παραγγείλω αυτή την θήκη μπορεί κανενας να μου πει ψάχνω το τηλ για μια παραγγελία μπορεί κάποιος να με βοηθήσει!

  22. it's cool as far it extends the battery life plus i hate carrying an extra battery in a seperate pocket walking around. the case makes it easier.

  23. i buy ir for the iphone 8 at just 35$ second hand but i have no problem with it , actually start tu use it at 7 am and still have 38% on the case battery i been using it all day. i think it works if u dont want to carry to much stuff with you

  24. What people don't seem to understand about this case is that unlike other cases that actively charge the phone whenever it's turned on, this case technically isn't charging the iPhone in a traditional sense. Instead, the phone is drawing the available power from the case as if it's a second battery rather than a component charging the phone. In other words, I feel like this case is underrated. That being said, I still won't buy it for $100. If someone sells it new on eBay for no more than half, I'd say it's worth it then.

  25. Lmfao I’m watching this and now the iPhone XS smart battery case is out and I got it yesterday and it’s great 😄😄😄😄

  26. I'm not an iphone fan but that's a 10,000 mah battery. If they could've made it any slimmer they would've just fitted it inside phone. Thats a better concept cos its more portable while charging. .can remove it after charging if you want. It probably wasn't meant to be on phone all the time. Just when you need it but you can keep it on if you want. It's designed better.

  27. Ironically they could have just made the actual phones 5mm thicker and gave us 2/3 days battery life. Instead of encouraging people to buy shitty external battery packs that are thicker than putting an actual larger battery in the phone

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