iPhone 6S Battery Replacement in 3 minutes (Easy Method)

Alright today I’m going to show you how
to replace the battery in the iPhone 6S. There are two ways to replace the battery there
is an easy way and there’s a hard way. I will be showing you both ways. The actual
battery replacement will be starting at the 1:15 mark. I will link tools and replacement
batteries down in the video description. So check those out if you need them. To get at
the battery you do have to open up the phone. With your pentalobe screw driver you can remove
the bottom 2 screws from the phone. Then you can lift up on the screen with a suction cup
and slide a tool between the metal frame of the screen and the metal frame of the phone.
Pry it very gently. There is adhesive surrounding the screen and the frame. So I’m going to
go ahead and slide my plastic pry tool between the two and separate them. That makes it easier
to lift off the screen from the frame. Pretty straight forward. There are 4 screws holding
down this metal plate. I remove those 4 screws, lift off the metal plate, and then disconnect
each of these little ribbon cables. You defiantly don’t want to let the screen bend past 90
degrees or it will damage the cables. Once the screen is removed you can see the little
battery down here, and the little connection for it. So just unscrew those two screws,
and remove the metal plate. So here is the wrong way to remove the battery. There are
these two little pull tabs down here at the bottom. You can see that I am unsticking it
from the battery right now. They are kind of hard to grab because they shrink up as
soon as you remove them. Here is where I went wrong. I took the pull tab, once I got ahold
of it, and pulled it through the side of the phone. Which make the pull tab break, and
makes it a harder repair. If you actually just take to pull tab and pull straight out
the bottom, and not around the battery like I am doing right now. Just pull straight out
the bottom, and you can see it pull out entirely away from the battery. So easy. Now that’s
one whole half of the battery that I don’t have to unstick from the back. But since I
messed up on the first time around with the first pull tab I have to do the pry of shame
to pull the battery out from the back of the housing. The sticky tap is pretty strong stuff.
The best way to do it is just pull the little tab out from the bottom of the battery and
yank it right out. To put the battery back in place you can buy new pull tabs or you
can just use take double-sided tape. Then stick it down underneath the battery so that
it doesn’t jiggle around inside of the housing. Take the battery and plug it back into place.
Take the two screws and screw them into the metal plate over the connection. Then you
can take the screen and plug in the connectors. You have the one for the front facing camera,
you have the LCD, and you have the digitizer. Once they are plugged into place they are
like little Legos. You just kind of plug them in. Before putting the metal plate down. I
am going to test to see if the screen is working. If you have lines or a white screen there
is a good chance that one of your connections isn’t quite right so disconnect connect
it and re-plug in the ribbing cable. Then to line up the screen I usually take it and
push it into the top of the housing first. Then I can slide my hands down the side of
the screen to lock it into place. Get the two screws in at the bottom, and you are good
to go. If you have any questions make sure to leave them down in the comments. Don’t
forget to like if this video helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks a ton
for watching. Hope to see you around.

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