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iPhone 6S Charging Port Repair Shown in 4 minute Fix

iPhone 6S Charging Port Repair Shown in 4 minute Fix

Today I’m going to show you how to replace
the charging port in your IPhone 6S. Before you jump into this semi difficult repair make
sure that it’s not just a piece of dust or lint blocking your charging port. You can
usually reach in there and clean it out with a small brush or a tooth pick. I will link
all the tools and parts you need down in the video description of this video. There are
two screws down at the bottom of the phone. They are pentalobe screws. Unscrew them. Now
you can lift up on the screen with a suction cup and pry between the metal frame of the
screen and the metal frame of the phone. Make sure not to bend the screen at all while you’re
pulling it up or else you will break your LCD, and it will turn into a more costly repair
then just your charging port. There is adhesive surrounding the outside of the phone. I separated
that with my plastic pry tool, and the screen was able to just lift up away from the body.
Be very careful. Do not bend the screen up the screen past 90 degrees. So there are 4
screws here and metal plate. I will link a free PDF screw chart organizer in the video
description. That will help out. There are 3 ribbon cables right here you can just unsnap
them from the phone like Legos. Then there’s a metal plate and screws here for the charging
port. There’s two screws right here for the vibrator motor. It just pulses back and
forth instead of spinning around like a regular vibrator motor. You can see the contact points
for the charging port. I am disconnecting the battery and disconnecting the charging
port from the motherboard. Pull it away from the loud speaker. Then there is one wire cable
down here on the motherboard as well. Be very careful with that it is fragile. There is
3 screws here for the loud speaker. Also 3 screws here for the headphone jack, and then
six screws here just for the charging port itself. Make sure to put all those on the
screw organizer that you printed out from the video description. Then there is one hidden
screw behind this black tape. Just scrape away the black tape and find your little hidden
guy. Remove it. Pull up the end of this wire cable from the loud speaker and the loud speaker
will be able to pull away from the phone body. Here’s the loud speaker it has two gold
contact points up at the top. They just rest up against the charging port ribbon cable
and that’s how it receives its signal. Then the charging port ribbon cable can lift up
away from the phone. Be very gentle because there are two parts that are still stuck to
the phone body. There’s a microphone here and then there’s a microphone on the other
side as well, and it’s held in with this little plastic bit. There is a spot on the
screw chart for that as well. Keep it organized. Then you can pull away the other microphone
from the phone body. Pull the headphone jack out from its little slot in the phone body
as well and that releases your charging port. You can see the contact points for the vibrator,
the loud speaker, the two microphones, the headphone jack, and the charging port itself.
Here’s the empty phone body. Take your new charging port. There’s probably adhesive
on it, so remove all of the safety tabs on top of the adhesive. Set your charging port
down into place and put the microphones back into their spot. Make sure the hole lines
up with the hole in the frame as well. Otherwise your microphone won’t be able to hear you
when you speak. Then you can line up the little rubber piece as well. Put all the screws back
into place except for the red one. Leave the red one out for right now. Get the loud speaker
put back into place as well. Once again all this stuff will be linked down in the video
description. Make sure to get the wire back into place, and make sure it’s pinched on
top of the loud speaker; you can see the top left there. Now you can put in the rest of
the screws that hold in the loud speaker, and the charging port. You can clip the ribbon
cable into place, and the wire cable. Make sure that positioned directly on top of its
connection before you place it down. 2 screws holding the vibrator motor. Then the last
thing you want to pin down is the cable for the battery. There’s the 3 ribbon cables
for the screen. You have your front camera, digitizer, and LCD ribbons. Make sure they
are all placed down. Then before I put the metal plate in I’m just going to turn on
the phone and make sure it works. Looks like everything is working fine, but if you have
like lines running through your screen or any white there is a good chance that your
cables aren’t plugged in correctly and you are going to want to re-seat them, and plug
them in again. To get your screen pinched down into place line up the top first then
you can slide your hands down the side and clamp it down into place all the way down.
If you have any questions make sure to leave them down in the comments. I do respond fairly
regularly. Make sure to put the bottom two screws in the bottom of your phone. Make sure
to check out a couple of my other videos and don’t forget to check out my Instagram.
I do more fun things then just taking apart cellphones. Thanks a ton for watching, hope
to see you around.

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  1. If you follow this make sure you connect the screen before you connect the battery or you will blow the backlight like I did

  2. looking at adding a new service to my business.. what is the best service to start with? mac board level repair / Cell phone repair / etc. Currently only repairing PC and Business Networking.

  3. So I asked a lady in my town who fixes phones to change my charging port piece to my other I phone and she said it would be 50$ bcuz it has glue and they aren’t re usable is that true?

  4. i know this video is 3 years old. but i followed its instructions, even ordered the part from the sire listed in the description. removed the old, installed the new. put the phone back together. everything was working like it should when i turned it back on. until it came to making a phone call or receiving one. i can hear the other person just fine, but they all claim theres a large amount of static coming from my end. im assuming the part might be defective? i removed the replacement piece and installed the old one. calls are coming thru clear on both sides.. anyone possibly know why the sudden static after using new part?

  5. hi, i have a problem with an iphone 6s , i dont have signal sometime i have only one line, sometimes its serching for signal. I try everything , reset network settings, reset phone change sim but nothing. What i need to change from inside what is the name of the pice that needs to be change?

  6. I’ve put the New charging port back in fine but the screen back on and now the screen won’t turn on, the phones on because it vibrates when I plug it in. Do I now need a new screen or is it something else?

  7. Hey there. I did everything flawlessly. Charging fine. The only problem is the loudspeaker is not working. What do I need to do to fix this?

  8. Hi! I have iPhone 6s how will I know what size to buy? 5.5”, 4.7”. Model # a1633 Please help. Thank you!

  9. i just followed everything you did and my phones charging port now is completely restored for $7 plus the work. Thank you. I recorded a video as well.

  10. Hi, I followed this great tutorial, and everything worked well except that the Touch ID no longer works. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!

  11. These instructions worked great. My iPhone which spent a night outside in a torrential rain storm came back to life with a new battery and charging port!! My only watch out is I struggled to extract the hidden screw. I recommend investing time carefully removing the covering tape. I tried to get to the screw prematurely and stripped the head. Cost me an extra hour to get that screw out (it did not go back 🤔). Note the screws are VERY tiny and of different lengths. Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. I tested the screen before snapping it back onto the chassis but in the process of snapping the screen back in place I got: "This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again." My battery maximum capacity is 83%. I disabled the Performance management mode. Any thoughts?

  13. I am very thankful that you have posted this video because it has helped me fix my phone because it got so much lint in it that it eventually would burn up chargers. Then I just took an old phone and swapped them and I worked perfectly thanks a lot! – Im 14

  14. My port stopped working and my battery completely died. I just changed the port, followed your video exactly and my phone is still not powering on? I recently changed the battery so do I need to buy another battery now if it still doesn't power on?

  15. I can not thank you enough for posting this video! My phone got water damage from a coworker and thanks to the help you gave in this video, I was able to replace the damaged parts at a far reduced price than a new phone! Seriously, thank you so much! I feel like I'm in your debt for your help!

  16. My 6s was working fine then BAM one day the battery drops from 100% to nothing within 3 hours with minimal use. I thought it was the battery and swapped that out with your other video. But the new battery is still draining just as fast. And the phone will only take charge from ONE cable I have at home, no other would work. I don’t know what’s wrong…

  17. Before you started your video you mentioned that one might check to make sure that there is not a piece of lint or dust in the port before going through the replacement procedure. After watching your entire video and realizing that it was not a task I wanted to take on, I remembered something about lint. I checked my port and it was compacted with lint. I just wanted to let you know that one piece of information saved me a lot of stress and money. Thanks

  18. Fantastic, no-wasted-time tutorial! A word of caution to folks: I've had my phone for about three years, and when I disassembled it for the first time (just now), some of the case came off with the part I was removing/replacing. They seemed like shaped gaskets, one for the headphones hold and one for the charging port hole.

    I caught the headphones one and smugly returned it to its port… then didn't realize the charging port gasket came out attached to the old part until I had everything back together and running smoothly… lol.

  19. I already repaired my display twice, replaced the battery and now repaired the charging port, all following your videos. Phone working perfect. Thanks man…

  20. Can you or is it possible to place an iphone 6 motherboard into an iphone 6s without having problems later on? please i need help

  21. what is the part at 1:55 called – does that come with charging port assembly? my battery caught on fire and may have fried that, and so the iphone doesn't charge.

  22. Hi Zack, I have an iPhone 6s which to some people may be considered “outdated” to some people but much like yourself I prefer to repair my phones instead of just upgrading, anyway I attempted this when I put everything back together my screen went red when I turned it on, I tried reseating the Lego connector and got the same results, what do I do ??

  23. JerryRigEverything You should have disconnected the battery first as it may damage the screen and other parts
    I love your Videos , Very Precise , High Quality

  24. @jerryrigeverything Would it be a mistake to connect the iphone 6s battery terminal to the logicboard if the logic board does not have the sleep wake power switch connected.Though the battery would be live in this scenario?

  25. I would like to stress that there is a risk to damange your phone. I've reassembled my laptop quite often without problems. For the 6S I had disconnected battery first and reconnected battery last, as advised below. Phone would not start after reassembly and according to the repair shop I brought it too the motherboard is fried. (So basically the phone is total loss.)

  26. So I damaged the loud speaker and the wires that go to it. I’ve found the speaker but can’t find the wires, I’m not sure what they are called. Do you have a link?

  27. I did all of the steps exactly as you showed in the video and my phone turns on but it wont charge at all. I replaced the charging port because it was very finicky (if i positioned the charging cable wrong it would stop charging). please i need help!!!

  28. I really appreciate your step by step instructions without the BS. My charging port was bad so I did it and replaced the battery. Your IPhone 6S Charging Port Screw Chart was especially helpful. Took all of the stress out of remembering where what goes. Hats off to you. Thanks.

  29. Phone dead was on 85percent last night , It won’t turn on no apple logo the guy I went to said it’s fried but there’s no way I reconnected the ribbon cables and I also reconnected the battery and charging ribbon cable he said he had also tried a working battery and wouldn’t work what should I do I’m getting frustrated

  30. I did the repair and I have the same problem. I have to wrap the cord around to get it to charge. What else could the problem be??

  31. This saved me AUD$70! Yay!! Thanks. Interesting point in another comment though that the screen should be connected first before the battery. Lucky it didn't blow my backlight filter considering I didn't read that until once I'd followed this video.

  32. My iPhone 6 is disabled and I try to reset it but when I plug it in to my pc it says, USB device not recognised. Any help?

  33. I watched your video on replacing the charging port iPhone 6. I thought to myself “that looks pretty simple”. Then I realized I have a 6s. I figured there wouldn’t be a difference then I found this video lol. Looks a lot more complicated. Thanks for your videos

  34. Did you realize that there are multiple variations of the construction of the 6s? I just pulled out my loud speaker only to see that the connection points are completely different. I shouldve known that it would be different when mine had 4 ribbon chords and yours had 3, and the loud peaker was a completely different shape. Maybe you should preface your videos by saying that.

  35. I have just followed this video. After reassemble my loud speaker and vibrate don’t work any more. I have taken the speaker out and put it back in again. Any suggestions?

  36. Say I need to fix a iPhone 7plus charging port….could I use the iPhone 6s charging port or do I have to get a whole new charging port?

  37. Thanks for the walk thru! Finally charging phone without a rubber band wrapped around the cord and phone!

  38. Well informed video, I definitely do not trust myself to do it but I can appreciate the professionalism here.

  39. Thanks for the vid, I needed the info badly. But happened to the link to FREE PDF Screw organzer? I see "Website coming soon"

  40. Hi i replaced my lighting port no problem and battery at the same time everything worked good and shut it off after testing it and put the phone back together. once back together i turned it on and now i just get hit with the apple logo for about 10sec and then shuts off and repeats itself. can someone help me please?

  41. I ain’t trying this and damaging my phone. My
    Charge port is slightly bent and having problems putting the charger in and out. It goes in but it’s rather stiff.

  42. The screw organiser link doesn't work anymore, does it still exist? Going to be attempting this repair soon and it seems like it'll be useful!

  43. Hey Bro I recently dropped my Iphone 6s in water and have ordered a new battery and charging port, if I install them and my phone still doesnt charge/turn on what should I do?

  44. Sometimes my iphone 6s stops charging. But then when I unscrew and open up the phone and plug in the charger it starts charging again whilst open. That seems to fix it so I close up the phone and put the screws back in and use it normally including charging it for about a week or so, but then have to go through the same process again. Anyone know if this is a charging port issue or something else?

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