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iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement in 3 minutes

iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement in 3 minutes

Today I’m going to show you how to replace
the battery in your iPhone 6s Plus. It’s not too complicated and you can save a lot
of money by doing the project yourself. You are going to need a screwdriver. I will link
replacement parts and replacement tools down in the video description below. First thing,
remove these two screws on the bottom of the iPhone. These are pentalobe screws. Then you
can take your suction cup and metal tool and lift up gently on the frame of the screen
and the frame of the phone, making sure not to put any pressure on the screen at all because
if you crack your screen this will turn into a much more expensive repair. There is a little
bit of adhesive around the edge of the screen. As soon as I can fit my plastic pry tool in,
I switch to that to cause less damage to the frame. And then I can lift the screen up from
the main body. Be careful not to bend the screen past 90 degrees or you will damage
the ribbon cables. There are two screws holding down the metal plate that protects the battery
connector. Pop that off with your plastic pry tool. Then we can remove the screen connections.
There are 5 screws holding down that metal plate, and then we lift each of these little
ribbon cables off like little Legos. Unsnapping them one at a time and then lifting the screen
off away from the body. Now here’s the battery. They battery is held down with three adhesive
strips underneath. You can grab these little strips and pull them out. Be careful though,
they are really fragile. If you catch any of the little strips on the corner of that
taptic vibrator motor it will rip the adhesive and then break the adhesive making the whole
battery much harder to pull out. I was a lot more careful with the second one and still
managed to damage it. So let’s try this third one, being super careful not to touch
it against any of the components down by the charging port. And luckily with this third
one I was able to pull it all the way out removing the entire strip of adhesive from
underneath the battery. One out of three’s not too bad, but it definitely makes the repair
harder now that I have two adhesive strips under there. Here you can see kind of how
the adhesive looks. It kind of has a rubbery feel to it. Anyway, here goes the pry of shame
now that I have two adhesive strips underneath the battery. I’m using a plastic pry tool.
If you manage to puncture your battery, it will damage your phone so be very very careful
and don’t use anything metal underneath that battery. I pulled out one of the remaining
adhesive strips, and then lifted the battery off of that last one. You can see how it reacts
and holds to the back of the phone. For this video I’m just using normal double sided
tape. I will link more professional adhesive strips down in the video description. You
can take your new battery, which I linked in the video description as well. Plug it
into the bottom. Then I’m going to plug in my screen to test and make sure everything
functions. Sometimes the batteries do arrive dead, so plug them in and let them charge
up for a while if your phone doesn’t immediately turn on. Everything looks good. The screen
is functioning. If you have lines or your screen is gray after you plug it back in,
your connections might be bad. So just unsnap those ribbon cables and snap them back in
and hopefully everything works. Screw the two screws in down by the connector for the
battery. Get the 5 screws in for the top plate and all those ribbon cable connections. Then
you can line up the top of the screen with the top edge of the frame. And then you can
gently press down on the screen, working your way from the top to the bottom. Get the bottom
two pentalobe screws and everything’s good. If you have any questions leave them down
in the comments. If you’re super bored, follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I do post
a lot of pictures behind the scenes. Thanks for watching! Hope to see you around.

63 thoughts on “iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement in 3 minutes”

  1. Hey Jerry,
    It's always intrigued me if the OIS camera module from the iPhone 6s plus fits into the standard iPhone 6s. Do you think you could do a small video on it?


  2. Nice vid. All 6S Plus phones should still be under warranty. If you have battery problems the warranty will cover it. If you open it yourself, you void the warranty.

  3. Hey man i know its a long shot but can you make an how to video on replaceing battery and screen on htc one x. Or at least link me some videos and items i should buy. Its my birthday today so you never know maybe you answer me. Thanks a lot. Love your tutorials btw.

  4. If you would of removed the charge port you would of successfully removed the adhesive. Never remove the battery how you just did with the adhesive still sticking on it. You can tear the battery and have the battery catch on fire.

  5. Jerry, where is a good place to buy replacement screen+digitizer and battery for the iPhone? I would get it off of Amazon but I don't trust it as much.

  6. I've always wondered why you focus on the middle of the screwdrivers when showing them and not the type of screwdriver bit that people need? seems silly

  7. hey Jerry ! I watch all your videos! really like them … I had one question… is it possible to rip open an iPhone 16GB n make it a 64GB 😉

  8. Hi guys has anyone replaced there 6s screen before then restored there phone I've herd that u can brick your phone if u do is this correct

  9. you guys can put an iphone 6 plus with a bigger battery in the iphone 6s plus fits perfect and last longer

  10. Thanks for this. You're right about the adhesive, it's a bastard to get a hold of. Did my first repair job for a work colleague the other day and this video was invaluable. So is your advice & your tools 🙂

  11. Mr Jerryrig ive built a very successful cell phone repair business with the help of ur videos been watching for a while subscribed recently thanks

  12. My bitch ass battery capacity is decreasing pretty fast. Its currently at 86%-91% capacity. And i got the phone 6 fucking months ago…


  14. 2 Problems with my daughter's iPhone 6S Plus and hoping you can help!
    1. I have replaced the battery two times.  1st time the battery lasted less than 24 hours and the 2nd battery lasted almost 48 hours…any idea?
    2. It will not connect to our home's Wi-Fi when the "new" batteries were working, my iPhone and my wife's iPhone are working with the Wi-Fi.  I have tried turning off and on her iPhone and the base unit but still no connection…any idea?

  15. Just replaced my sisters battery. It took more than 3 minutes….but works well. Thanks!! What do you do with used batteries?

  16. I'm getting my iPhone 6s Plus battery replaced today actually, I was going to do it myself but my dad said it was too dangerous and booked a Genius Bar appointment, so much for me trying to do it myself lol. Still, it's helpful to watch the video, I like seeing how to do things!

  17. 3:04 to do a video most people take 20 minutes to make. Awesome. I like the straightforward approach. You have a new subscriber.

  18. if you're careful, can't you replace battery without disconnecting the screen..would seem to save a lot of time…maybe have someone hold the screen at 90 degrees, while your remove battery…just don't stress screen ribbon cables or you brick you're screen and will have to replace it too

  19. is it mandatory to have some sort of adhesive or can i leave the battery bare and connect the other components normally?

  20. Thanks for the video. I skipped the part of completely removing the screen. The phone opened at 90 degrees did suffice quite nice.

  21. I don't get it. All the videos showing you need to remove the five top screws and three ribbon connectors at the top of the phone. Increasing the chances of screwing something up and breaking a cable or losing a screw or putting the screw into the wrong spot. I didn't' have to worry about that at all. Just took out the two screws pop off the battery shield cover and battery cable. Put out the old battery and put in the new battery with three adhesive strips and reconnect battery. I kept the screen upright and out of the way at a 90 degrees again by using a suction cup on the LCD glass on the front of the phone and tying a string or floss to the suction cup and then tie the other end of the string to the neck of my lamp or sometimes just put the string under the base of the lamp or a heavy book to hold the string put. I can then adjust and slide the string to get the right angle. Put everything back and done. No messing with fragile cables and more extra tiny screws to worry about losing or where they go back to. I figure taking out those 5 screws and three top cables wasn't even necessary and I was right. Also adhesive were no problem at all. Came out super easy. like under a minute to get all three strips out. Didn't even have to heat the phone. My phone is back to new again.

  22. Best Buy replaced my dad’s iPhone 6s Plus battery. The phone was returned to him with a broken front camera and broken speakers.
    NEVER get your phone fixed at Best Buy!

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