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iPhone 6s Plus Motherboard replacement

iPhone 6s Plus Motherboard replacement

Hello everyone, today I show you how to disassemble
iPhone 6s Plus and replace motherboard What tools do you need for disassembling the
iPhone 6s Plus: • Screwdriver set Pentalobe – 0,8mm
and Phillips – PH00 1.5mm • Plastic mediator
• Suction cup for removing touchscreens • Tweezers and opening plastic tool
In the description of this video, I left links to the necessary tools and parts for replacement. Before disassembling, turn off the iPhone
and remove the sim card tray. Unscrew two screws near the connector for
charging. Display glued around perimeter of iPhone and
we need to heat the surface of iPhone for open it. For this, I use a hairdryer. Apply a suction cup near home button and pull
up on the ring of suction cup. Using a plastic opening tool, separate the
display from the iPhone case. Gently and evenly, separate on both sides. Open the display by lifting it up. In iPhone 6s Plus uses different sizes of
screws, and in order not to confuse them during assembly, I recommend using a magnetic pad. Remove two screws securing the battery connector
bracket on the motherboard. Use the plastic tool for disconnect the battery
cable from the motherboard. Unscrew the 5 screws and remove the bracket. Next, disconnect 3 cables from the logic board. Disconnect all cables and antennas from the
motherboard iPhone 6s Plus. Unscrew the two screws on the bracket and
remove it. After, disconnect one more cable from the
motherboard. Unscrew two screws and remove plastic bracket. Next, unscrew two more screws on motherboard. Carefully rise the motherboard of iPhone 6s
Plus. On the backside of the motherboard, disconnect
one more antenna. Now let’s go install the motherboard and assemble
the iPhone 6s Plus. Connect the antenna cable to the motherboard
and place the motherboard in the iPhone case. Securing the two screws on the motherboard. Connect each cable and antenna to the motherboard
iPhone 6s Plus. Insert the sim card tray and make sure that
nothing interferes. Set the bracket and screw the 2 screws. Next, install the plastic bracket and screw
the 2 screws. Set the camera in the case and connect the
cable to the motherboard. First, install the Bluetooth antenna and then
install the bracket on top. Fasten 3 screws. Remove the old glue from the iPhone case. Now take adhesive tape and apply to the case
of the iPhone. Also I left link to this adhesive tape in
description. Set the display and connect three cables,
then connect the battery cable. Set the metal bracket on the cable and securing
the one screw in the middle. After fasten the remaining 4 screws. Now set the metal bracket on the battery cable
and fasten two screws. Fasten two screws near the lightning port. Now we can turn on the iPhone 6s plus and
use it.

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  1. **Links to new Motherboard and screwdrivers for iPhone 6s Plus in the description under the video
    Amazon – Screwdrivers set:

  2. what if my iphone 6s motherboard stolen would they be able to access my photos and data? and the motherboard have icloud and passcode .and what if I was having just passcode? or I was signed into the icloud but the backup for the photos and contacts was turned off? would they be also able to access my data?

  3. i want your suggestion,i have iphone 6 plus 16Gb is motherboard problem,can i assemble other motherboard with 64gb or 128gb in that phone??

  4. One more question,i have iphone 6 plus but motherboard problem,if i assembly motherboard iphone 7 plus,it work or not?or just same model??

  5. Hi, I would like to know if its possible to install a iphone 6 plus mother board on a iphone 6s plus and also if the components, motherboards same side shape? Tx u

  6. I have a question, so my iphone was water damaged on saturday right and I was wondering if I can clean the phone by putting it with it's internals still installed on it into Isopropyl alcohol 99% and will it damage my phone or should i just get some type of cloth and clean the motherboard with it

  7. I accidentally scratched one of the black panels while removing the screen. It was only some of the paint that came out. Should I try to cover it with tape or something like that? Or would it be fine?

  8. I need to buy a logic board, but wherever I look there so God damn expensive, I can literally get a whole new iPhone 6s plus for how much a logic board costs its fucking ridiculous.

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