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iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair shown in 4 minutes Fix

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair shown in 4 minutes Fix

Today we are going to be taking apart and
repairing the iPhone 6s Plus. I am recording this particular video with my Note 5. I will
also include a FREE PDF screw chart to help keep your screws organized. The 6 and the
6S are pretty much the same just a few different screw locations. I will link all the tools
and replacement parts in the video description, right below this video. There are two screws
at the bottom they are pentalobe screws. Remove those. Then you can pry up on the edge of
the screen using a suction cup and a pry tool. Make sure you are only prying on the edge
of the frame of the phone and the edge of the frame of the screen that way you’re
not going to put any pressure on any of the components on the inside. There is a little
bit of adhesive around the edge of the screen. Once i have a little bit of an opening I can
use my plastic pry tool. This will keep from marring the edge of the frame. Once you have
it up high enough lift it up. Don’t bend it past 90 degrees just yet. There are some
fragile ribbon cables. Remove the 5 screws around this metal plate, and then take off
the metal plate. That will expose these little ribbon cables. These are just like Legos you
can unsnap them from the mother board lift them up and put them out of the way. Then
you can separate the screen from the rest of the device. This is the screen right here,
and there are some components that we need to remove like the home button and the earpiece
and the front camera. So let’s get started with that. There are 3 screws along the top
that hold down this metal plate. Remove that metal plate. Then that exposes the front facing
camera as well as the ear piece, which we are going to set off to the side on that PDF
screw chart. The front sensors and the front microphone we are going to pull that off.
Here’s the top component. I will link these replacement parts down in the video description.
There’s two screws holding down the home button. Remove that, then you can unsnap this
little Lego connector right there, and you can pop the home button away from the home
body. Be super careful with this. You want to reuse your home button as much as possible.
Apple has been handing out warning messages and breaking people’s phones who have to
switch the home button. So be very careful. There are 3 screws along the side and one
at the top. Then 3 screws along this other side. That’s for this back metal plate that
rests along the pressure sensor for the screen. Here is the 3D touch component. If at all
possible you want to buy a replacement screen with the 3D touch already attached. This is
the 3D touch which is attached to the LCD which is attached glass screen of the phone.
This is the whole screen unit that you will be purchasing. We are going to go ahead and
put the metal on the replacement screen that you purchased. I will be put those links down
in the video description below. Get all 7 screws attached to the metal plate. Then put
the same Home button that you took off back onto the screen. There’s this pin that helps
you guide it back into place. Then take your little Lego connector and push that down as
well, and you’ll feel it click. Put the metal plate down with its two screws. Then
if you took off these little plastic components from your old screen; some new screens come
with them already installed, but it just depends on where you got your screen from. Then you
can line up your microphone with its little plastic pin at the top there. Get your sensors
in place. Then you can take your earpiece and put that down making sure that little
niblet is down tucked inside that little hole. Each of these little gold springs will line
up with that gold circles on that little ribbon cable. It looks a little messy and complicated,
but it sits down pretty well once you get them all lined up. Here’s the metal plate
get that down and put those 3 screws back in there. Then you can take your ribbon cables,
line them up and put them back down into place just like little Legos… all three of them.
Before I put the metal plate back on I just want to test it and make sure it works if
you have any lines running through your screen or if it’s gray or discolored you might
want to try reconnecting those ribbon cables again. There is a chance that one of them
is not sitting quite right. Everything is looking good so I am going to turn off my
phone again, and then install that metal plate. Get those 5 screws back into place and we
are good to go. I’m going to line up the top of the screen first. There are these little
plastic grooves that slide into the metal frame of the phone then I press down evenly
snapping it down into place all the way around the edge. Make sure you get your bottom 2
pentalobe screws in and you’re set. If you have any questions leave them down in the
comments. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and Instagram and subscribe if I helped you
out. Thanks a ton for watching. Hope you see you around.

64 thoughts on “iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair shown in 4 minutes Fix”

  1. Why would anyone do this? It is not worth anything. Apple only charges $150 to have this done with your warranty intact.

    Pay $300 for this display and once you open it up say goodbye to your warranty and support from Apple in the future.

  2. The iPhone is so damn easy to repair. Even phones like the S6 Edge aren't that bad once you get past the back glass.

  3. Apple has been bricking phones that replace their home buttons? Shit… Sounds a lot like the welded RAM cards

  4. Question, I've seen your nexus 6p bend test and… I believe you, but why do other people's 6ps not bend? I'm assuming the popular accounts get a bit of encouragement to discredit this

  5. How about the sticky tape around the edge of the housing? You dont mention anything about that at the end? So not much water resitance after repair?

  6. Could add 3D touch to the iPhone 6? Probably not, since it would require extra software to recognize it by the device, but it would be an interesting experiment!

  7. i think iphones are well constructed on the inside and it seems that the screen is easily replaceable once it breaks right? on some android phones it is very difficult to do so

  8. Has anybody replaced a 6s screen with a non genuine screen before I've heard that only Apple can replace screen or you'll loose the 3D Touch is this true

  9. Hey Jerry. another good video! Have you heard about the 3rd party screen rumour? Error 53 on 3rd party screens after the next IOS update..
    And have you tried to change the glass only on an 6 or 6S?
    Keep up the food work!

  10. Hey, great video! However, I'm extremely curious how you make money off of screen repairs for iPhone 6 and up. Apple offers a $149 screen replacement if you don't have apple care, and the screen part you linked in the description is over $200… So where does the profit come from… Charging people over 200?Thank you! I saw your post on Reddit from about two years back giving your advice on starting in the repair business.

  11. +JerryRigEverything great videos followed your 6 screen replacement and now watching the rest! Only issues I had was with my screwdriver set being rubbish. Thinking of purchasing an ifixit 64 bit set, have you tried this set and would you recommend it?

  12. Question… the screen product on the "description link" is original? Or just a "Chinese product"… I need 2 know cause im thinking of to buy you 1 screen for my iPhone, can u answer me dude?
    Thanks 🙏

  13. This is the best video I've found. Thank you for making it. My mother shattered her 6 s plus screen, and people are quoting us ridiculously high for repair pricing. I'd like to just do it myself. However, I am concerned about the necessity of heating element I've seen used in other videos. You seem to leave that out… But would not using one compromise its adhesion to its bottom component and or its suspected ability to prevent water damage ?

  14. Hey I got problem with my iPhone 6s Plus when I went to the pool and drop my phone in the water on accident so do I have the tools to fix it from the video

  15. It's a good idea to disconnect the battery when disconnecting the screen as the battery voltage could blow the backlight when resitting the screen

  16. I have a home button from my original screen when I got a aftermarket screen my home buttons touch if barrerly worked could it be the screens fault or is it the home buttons fault

  17. Did you use any esd straps? Are the tools esd safe? I keep ready that a person needs to be grounded while working on electronics.

  18. I researched that the white 6s+ has a different ambient light sensor filter as opposed to the black 6s+.

    Is this correct?

    If so, would I be able to put a black replacement screen on my white 6s+????

    Thank you

  19. Brilliant video…great talking voice smooth transition from one point to another
    But I will still have to have someone else do mine, in case I mess it up

  20. fixed my 6s plus screen today. Took me about 4 hours, but ….. considering that I’m 14 and its my first time repairing, it’s okay (i guess). I really couldn’t have done it without your video and handy screw chart. You just got yourself a subscriber!

  21. Done it… took a long time to get the glass off. I managed to lose a screw at the last minute. I seemed to have 20 x as much glue so closing it was hard too.

  22. NEED HELP! So I was replacing my iphone 6s plus screen because the screen was broken, through following this step I was able to replace it. Then after I turn on the screen to check if it was ok and it was fine, but then a sudden notif. on screen just pop-up and said "Unable to set up touch Id" So I was shock I didn't know that could happen ( the home button works well only the touch ID was affected). The reachablity was also not functioning. As far as I remember I did watch the video and carefully follow the step I did not miss anything. Also the screen that I bought Is not cheap and it's original. Please Can somebody help, advices on how I will fix this problem.

  23. Hi Jerry my dad broke his phone and wanted to repair it so I said no how about we do it ourselves and we did it was a success and I could because I watch your vids and learn so I want to say thank you!.

    I liked my own comment because no body else did

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