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iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing, Setup and First Impressions

iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing, Setup and First Impressions

In this video we’re going to unbox the iPhone
6S Plus. I’ve bought the 128GB Space Grey version. Now my previous phone… well, let’s
just say this is going to be a bit of an upgrade. This is a 16GB iPhone 5S. So, this is basically
going to be an unboxing and first impressions of this phone and I’m really excited. So,
I’ll just show you around the box. iPhone 6S Plus at the side, Apple Logo, some information
at the back and one of the new Live Wallpapers that are based on live photos. This is pretty
much what the box looks like. So let’s get inside and take a look. I like to keep the cellophane on the box just
to keep that clean incase I ever want to sell it. It’s going to be a long time before I
sell it though. Now let’s get this open. Wow. Wow. I’m really excited by this, this
is amazing. Let’s have a look at this phone. This is actually, you know what I’ve been
reading a lot of things about the phone being heavier than the iPhone 6 Plus. I mean in
terms of weight, do you know what, there’s not a lot in it. There’s not a lot between
this and my 5S. You can definitely feel it’s a bit heavier but that’s comfortably light. Okay, I’m going to put that down to one side
for a second, let’s see what else we have in the box. Pretty standard fair these days.
The usual things that we’re going to have in here: This to open the sim-card tray, some
instructions and we also have the Apple stickers as you usually get. And inside we have Apple
EarPods, Lightning cable and because I’m in the UK, 3-pin adaptor. That stuff’s boring. I don’t want to look
at that. Let’s get the cellophane off. Listen to that sound! I’m very excited by this. Right,
there we go. Cool. It’s very nice. So let’s just take a look around the phone. It’s obviously
going to be exactly the same as the original 6 Plus. Power button at the side, everything
is in the standard place. Because I live in Europe, not in the USA I have the information
still printed on the back. It doesn’t look great. I think they’ve taken it off on the
US models. So, let’s turn it on and see what happens Well, I’m not German so let’s hope it gives
me an option for English. Excellent. Okay, I need to put my sim-card in. Just going
to get the pin to do that. So it takes exactly the same sim as all the
other iPhones going back to I think the 5. So you won’t need to get a new sim card. Okay, it wants me to connect to a WiFi network.
So I’m just going to do that real quick. Okay now my phone’s activated. Now what I
will say is, look at the size of my thumbs. On my 5S my thumb covered about 4 letters
on the keyboard and typing on this especially if you’ve got quite chubby fingers, this is
going to be so much easier. Let’s go through the set up process, so you
can see what that’s like. So you can enable Location Services and you can set up Touch
ID, which I will do now. Okay now it’s asking if I want to restore
from an iTunes or iCloud back or set up as a new phone. Now I’m going to restore from
an iTunes backup and here’s why: If you are upgrading your iPhone and there’s certain
information you want to transfer across i.e. HealthKit data, then what you need to do is
use iTunes to create an encrypted backup from your old phone so it will definitely transfer
to this new phone. If you try to use iCloud backup then it won’t transfer. That’s just a little tip when you do upgrade
your phone, that’s what you need to do. So I’m going to do that now and then I’ll come
back with my first impressions. Okay, so I’ve completed the setup process
and now what I’ll do is just go through my first impressions of the phone. As I was setting
it up it was asking me to set up Touch ID. So I’ll show you just how quick it is. My
mind is blown as to how good Touch ID is. So i’m going to lock the phone. Definitely
off. Now with my thumb I press the button. That’s it. You don’t need to keep your thumb
on there for a second, you just press it. That’s it. To prove to you I have got a passcode
on this, I’m going to use this finger, which I haven’t set up. It just says try again.
That is amazing! Look at this! Press it, boom! We’re done. I mean, that is quick and that’s
going to make Apple Pay really, really, effective to use and quick and convenient. I’ve never had a phone that operates in landscape
mode so that’s pretty cool. Just to let you know that restoring from iTunes takes a few
minutes to do and it’s really simple and it works really effectively to the point where
it’s put all of my apps back on even to the point where all the apps I had open on my
other phone loaded up so that was pretty amazing. It’s like your old phone, but on your new
phone. Great. So I want to take a quick look at a couple
of features. I’ve show you Touch ID. Let’s have a look at 3D touch. Now the first time
I used it, I didn’t to it properly. What I ended up doing was holding the icon and then
they all started shaking to delete apps which is not what you’re supposed to do. You just
go for it, you just press it, bit of force on it and there you go you get a new message.
Now, it’s mainly Apple apps working with this at the moment but there are some third-party
ones, for example Dropbox. Still installing that at the moment. It’s got a lot of apps
to get through, but you’re seeing in the App store, the updates at the moment, they’re
starting to trickle in – compatibility with 3D Touch. So, I think it’s going to be quite good. At
the moment it’s just a technology for the future. Will I use it that often? Well, probably,
for selfies. Look at that. So anyway, that’s a quick first impressions
of 3D touch, it just took me a moment to get used to how to force something. What I’m going to do, is do a full review
of this phone, probably in a few days time where I’ll look at ‘Peek and Pop’ and all
that kind of stuff in more detail, but basically that’s just a first impression. This phone is snappy. It’s very snappy. It
keeps asking me for my details because it’s a new phone. But this is very quick,, very
responsive. Fantastic. Great stuff. Right, well, do you know what? I’m just going
to stop this video. I just want to play around with the phone. As I said, in a few days I’ll
do a full review. I’m going to do a camera test and a review of a case that I bought
for it, a third-party case from Spigen. So that’s my unboxing and first impressions
video of iPhone 6s Plus. If you found this video useful and enjoyed it, please like,
comment and subscribe and I’ll be back, probably in a few hours with the next video for this

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