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iPhone 6S Screen Replacement shown in 5 minutes

iPhone 6S Screen Replacement shown in 5 minutes

In this video I’m going to show you how
to replace the screen on the IPhone 6S. I will also have repair videos on how to change
the charging port, the battery, and the rear camera, and you can find those in the video
description. First things first turn off the phone. You can find the tools listed in the
video description below. I will link where you can buy those. You will take your pentalobe
screwdriver, and take out the bottom 2 screws in the phone then you will want to take a
suction cup and pull up on the screen as you slide a tool between the metal frame and the
screen of the phone. There is a thin layer of adhesive all the way around the bottom
of this phone. As well as around the sides. So I found that it’s easier to take my little
plastic pry tool, and separate that adhesive before really prying up on the screen. Make
sure you only pry up on the metal frame of the screen, and the metal frame of the phone.
If you lift up on the LCD of the screen you will end up breaking something. There is a
little metal plate here held down by 4 screws. I will link a PDF chart in the video description
for how to keep your screws organized so that will be very helpful. Remove that metal plate.
Then detach 3 ribbon cables. This is for the LCD, digitizer, and front camera. After those
cables are up the screen will detach from the screen. There’s a good chance that when
you buy your screen it will not come with all these goodies attached. Like the earpiece
and the home button. So you will have to move them over from your old screen. Starting off
with the earpiece there are 3 screws that hold down that top piece. Lift up that metal
bracket. There is a little lasso that reaches down and surrounds that metal bit on the screen
down there. So make sure not to rip that lasso part off. I don’t know what it does but
it’s probably important. Then the ear piece pulls out from underneath the cables. Then
you can lift out the proximity sensors from their little brackets, and this little gold
piece down here as well and that releases the front camera and all the sensors that
go with that; like the proximity and motion sensors. I will link this part down in the
video description as well. Here’s the screen of the phone. The metal plate is held down
with 3 screws, one screw, another 3 screws on the other side, and one screw down by the
home button. So undo all those screws and the metal plate will lift off after you remove
this adhesive that’s holding it down to the top of the screen. Now that the metal
plates gone we can remove the two screws that are holding down the home button. Take away
that metal bracket. Unlatch that home button cable here. It’s just like a little Lego;
you just lift it up and out. There is a little bit of adhesive holding down the home button,
and holding down the little circuit board down there for the fingerprint scanner. So
undo that. Then you can lift that out. So there is a good chance you will have to remove
these plastic bits as well, and transfer those over to your new screen. So pop those out
from their frame. Be careful not to break them. Here is the screen itself. This is the
part you will most likely get when you order. I will link these down in the video description
below. It will most likely come with the home button cable down at the bottom ready to attach
to your home button. If not I will make another video on how to replace that. Getting the
home button back into place. Most of the little ribbon cables have a little pin that they
sit down inside. That will help you guide where to put the ribbon cables. Get the home
button put into place, and the two screws holding down the metal bracket. Then you can
take the back metal plate and tape it down onto the screen. Then get all of those screws,
there’s 8 of them, screwed back into the back side. Take your little plastic bits;
we are installing these on your new screen now. You don’t need to glue them in. It’s
actually dangerous to use glue because the glue might actually get on the lens itself.
It’s actually pretty easy to get this ribbon cable contraption put back in place as well.
Start with the little gold unit down at the bottom. Then line up the little square pieces
up at the top. Just tuck them back into the little plastic bracket. Push them down into
place so that they are flush with the phone. Then you can see that little niblet on the
ear piece; you just tuck that down into the hole. You will feel the little niblet go down
into place. Here are four little gold circles that go onto the top of the earpiece. That’s
how the ear piece receives its connection. Now we are going to take the metal bracket
after the camera is put down into place. We are going to reattach the lasso down around
the metal. Then get the 3 screws that go down into that bracket, tuck that in. Then we can
plug the screen back into the mother board. Be very careful. Make sure it lines up exactly
over the little Lego connection, and press it down. You will feel it kind of snap into
place. If you look closely in the high definition you can see mine latch down. Before we put
the metal plate on I’m going to fold the screen down and just see if it works really
quick. Now if you have lines through your screen or if it is just a white screen you’re
going want to un-connect the cables and reconnect them again and that might fix any screen issues
you’re having. Lucky for me all of my cables are connected correctly so I’m going to
go ahead and lift up the screen. Make sure to turn the screen off before you lift it
up. Then set that metal plate down into place, and put the 4 screws in. They are different
sizes, so make sure them you have them in the correct order. The best way to put the
screen down is to make sure the top is lined up first and tuck that into place then you
can slide your hands down the side of the phone and latch all the way down. Make sure
to put those two screws down in the bottom as well. Hopefully I was able to help you
out. If you have any questions put them down in the comments. Don’t forget to like if
this video helped you, and don’t forget to subscribe. Also check out my IPhone 6S
durability video. I think you will find it interesting. Thanks a ton for watching. Hope
to see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 6S Screen Replacement shown in 5 minutes”

  1. Thank you! I like the high quality of the video, always on focus and that it is very concise. Straight to the point. It was hard to condense all this information in such a short video. Great job!

  2. Awesome vids! I was able to replace the screen on a 5S plus the charging port, battery, and screen on a 6S. I used the links you provided for parts and everything went as smooth as could be. Prior to this, my wife paid $100 for a half-assed screen replacement on the 6S. The screen blanker never worked after the repair and when I opened it up today, screws were missing and loose. Horrible. I will NEVER let some punk repair our phones again. Thanks, JRE!!!

  3. Just wanted to say I fixed a terribly cracked screen for a friend today and I had no problems at all following this video and getting everything working. I had no problems and this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this. Thank you for the helpful video!


  5. Hey, wonder if anyone can help, if the touch is not working and i replace the screen will this fix that problem or could it be a part inside of the phone that is damaged?

  6. Really useful video thanks. Worked fine for me but a few tips for others:
    – Don't use the crappy screwdrivers that may come with the replacement screen – they're probably too short and fiddly. Much easier with longer ones
    – Get some tweezers like Jerry's. My wife's cooking tweezers (sorry honey) were not great
    – The home button can be a bit tricky to get centered.
    – Most of the screws are seriously tiny. Use Jerry's pdf (I just sketched one on a piece of paper)

  7. Argh!!!! Wish I'd read the comments below before attempting. I didn't disconnect the battery and blew my phone. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR VIDEO TO INCLUDE DISCONNECTING THE BATTERY!!!!! Multiple victims of this.

  8. Just changed my daughters screen , it don’t back light but the screen dose work just not lit.
    Is it possible it’s a faulty screen or have I done something stupid ??

  9. Thanks so much, saved me a ton of money getting it officially repaired! Less than £20 for a screen, half an hour of nervous fixing and all done!

  10. I thought by watching this video I could replace the screen myself.
    Sod that, I shall take it to the local Mobile shop. Good luck to those who are brave enough to undertake this task.

  11. Broke the touch id flex cable in the process, a warning ⚠️ should be added when lifting screen up. And battery discharged or disconnected before replacing new screen

  12. The "home button cable replacement" he talks about at 2:47– my new screen doesn't have anything to attach the home button to, was that video ever made? I couldn't find it online but may not be using the right search terms

  13. No, I ordered a screen replacement part and I got a SCREEN, not an assembly. Blast! Why can't someone do a video on replacing the SCREEN?

  14. I am having a hard time doing this. The bracket didn't come up with the screen and I think the hime button ribbon is stuck to the iPhone 6s screen. HELP!!!

  15. Just a safety precaution, discharge the battery pretty low before you do the repair just in case the Li-ion battery ruptures.

  16. my home button doesnt work after the repair but everything else does, and I know the home button should work what do I do ?

  17. Thanks, just replaced screen and battery successfully. Thanks also to people on here who warned about battery removal first.
    Did find it hard to loop the lasso part around new part as new screen was slightly bigger in this area.

  18. I need some comments on the quality of the screen Jerry replaced with, ifixit or the link in description gives better screen quality? Too many refurbished screens out there

  19. Is there any chance to make the phone water proof again by attaching some new adhesive around the new display?

  20. I’m having trouble getting the ear piece speaker to work after replacing my screen. Idk what’s going on

  21. You make it sound so easy like putting legos together, everything is very sensitive, be very careful putting all these legos back together.

  22. Jerry, the video was very useful. The PDF was…. sort of useful… What would REALLY help improve the Screws Diagram PDF would be to label the positions of the long and short screws or at least visually change the screw icons to match the relative size at each position. Apparently, if you put a long screw in the wrong place, you can drill right through the motherboard!

  23. BEWARE… So while JerryRigEverything does a decent job of walking through the replacement, he FAILS to mention the most important step of all – DISCONNECT the battery! I blew my backlight filter by not performing this step – which should be the FIRST step. Shame on you Jerry! I didn't know any better – but now I do many of $$ later.

  24. I did everything as you said and tried to turn the power on and nothing happened. The screen stayed black. Does that mean the screen I just bought is already broken.

  25. How much do you charge to replace the screen I don't have the patience to do all of what you just said I would go crazy and mix something up and probably start to cry. But great video.

  26. Hey Jerry I have an iPhone 6 what are you give me the repair it went well it turned on but your black turn on but the screen was black please tell me how to fix that thank you Jeremy Fernandez

  27. lmao it costs like 350 bucks to fix an iphone 6s plus from apple.
    I could buy an iphone 7 plus instead LOL.

  28. the second step 0:49 how do you know where to put the device? You said don't lift the LCD, just the screen

  29. 0:37 you said theres an adhesive. but when you replace the screen at 4:55, you just press the replacement screen back in. will the new screen fall out without adhesive?

  30. Well explained. Easy to do. Practise helps. I have done a few Iphone screens on different models but its always worth rewatching the vidoes. Iphones more fidley thank old Samsung Galaxys and other Android phones

  31. Okay, now I'm confused. So after I hooked up the two wire harnesses as shown all I'm getting is a blinking screen with the Apple logo showing each time. What does this mean? Is this good or bad? What should I do?


  32. I was like right ill unscrew these things then ill check back what to do with the lasso. What actually happened once i unscrewed "ooh this piece of adhesive in clingy *rips it off*". Proceeds to watch the video. "oh fuck". Go to the comment section, others ripped it too and its fine—> breathes out and continues.

  33. If you happen to see this before you start consider yourself lucky. Please turn it in to someone who knows what they're doing and spare yourself the trouble. Wasted an entire day literally. A bunch of screws wouldnt come off they were just stuck, and i resorted to scissors and had to break pieces eventually i got the touch id out which was stuck and, i dont know if it broke or what but its not working now. Fixed the screen but in the process i lost 1 or 2 screws, some screws didnt wanna get back into its old palce, therefore lots of places remained unscrewed on the largest metal plate.

    Summary:wasted 9 hours, screws wouldnt unscrew, some screws didn't wanna screw back on, and touch id broke, screen fixed. So trade one issue for another.

  34. I performed this repair step by step and install a new battery and my customers iphone 6s will still not power on. Any suggestions?

  35. what if youre phone cracked bt it still turn on bt NOT work at the bottom of youre screen AND only at the top .. can you fix the screen and keep it ? … or you have to get a new screen ?


  37. I connected everything as you did in the video. I can hear the phone when I connect it to the charger but nothing is showing on the screen. Any help?

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