iPhone 6S Unboxing & Setup – 64GB Champagne Gold (6S+)

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have finally been
released. It’s been a long wait since the pre-orders on the 12th so let’s get straight
into the unboxing.
Okay as so you just saw there, the box of the 6S really isn’t anything special. Apple
have gone back to actually putting a picture of the phone on the box, and not just a weird
white outline, but other than that, the experience is exactly the same as last year – which
is what you’d expect from an S phone. So this new iPhone has an improved camera,
faster touch ID, 2gb of ram and 3D touch. If you want to see the best features of this
new iPhone, check out my video on the screen now, or in the description. Turning on the
phone for the first time again isn’t anything new. Just the standard phone setup process.
I went with the Champagne Gold 64GB version, because with 4k Video and live photos taking
up more room than ever, 16gb wasn’t going to be enough.
So that was my very quick unboxing of the iPhone 6S Plus. If you want to see more iPhone
6S content, be sure to subscribe, thank you for watching.

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