iPhone 7 – Design

♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ We have created a product that is the most deliberate
evolution of our original founding design. ♪ An aluminum body
and formed sheet of glass describe a singular shape, one made with very few, very precisely engineered
parts. Our obsession remains to continuously
simplify and improve. From sculpting
the camera housing directly out of
the aluminum body to embedding the antenna
within the enclosure, essentially making it disappear, each refinement serves to bring
absolute unity and efficiency to the design. ♪ To define one
truly uninterrupted form, we’ve developed
a whole new process to achieve
a high gloss black finish. This begins with
rotational 3D polishing. A specialized compound flows over the intricate
geometries of the housing, removing imperfections, establishing a seamlessness
between materials and producing a pristine,
mirror-like surface. The enclosure then goes
through an anodization process, which creates
a protective oxide layer. A single component dye is absorbed
through a capillary effect to ensure maximum saturation, while actually becoming
part of the surface itself. ♪ Finally, a magnetized,
ultra fine iron particle bath is used to polish
the anodized layer to a superior high shine, ♪ When complete, iPhone 7 is the most singular,
the most evolved, representation of this design. ♪

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