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iPhone 7 Plus – Hands On With Prototype!

iPhone 7 Plus – Hands On With Prototype!

What’s up guys Lew here, back with another video, and today we are back on the iPhone 7 topic. More specifically, the iPhone 7 Plus As you’ll notice in front of me, – shout out to Be Sound, a company in China that developed this mockup and sent it to me exclusively – I have what i believe to be the first accurate mock up of the upcoming iPhone 7 plus Now it was rumored to be called the pro, many think now it’s going to be called the Plus But this is the model that a lot of people are paying attention to, because as you’ll notice, there are some key differences between this one and the previous version. First, and most obviously, the color this thing has this kind of blueish, purple tone to it, A very unusual color for apple, it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the product line personally, I think it would be really cool to see an iPhone in this shade Two cameras, as you will notice right there, this camera hump Which believe it or not is a little bit higher up than the previous version. Here is a regular iPhone 6s Plus. So you know that the camera is substantially different, a dual lens system If you’ve got this much bigger hump, lump What’s it going to mean for laying it flat on the 6s Plus, when I touch the top left corner I get a little bit of movement, but on the new one Its quite a bit more, chances are that camera is going to be substantially better. Of course it will have the versatility of the dual lens system and how they choose to implement that You can now notice this antenna layout and how it has changed, previously, you have these lines that come across the phone, but on the 7 Plus mockup, it goes around the outside the font is also different here, it looks to be thinned out, the iPhone font. Now at the bottom, this again is where things get a little bit spicy now these docking contact points is we’re assuming they will be, are probably going to interface with other accessories as well. Maybe wireless charging, maybe a keyboard dock, who really knows, maybe umm, a modular camera attachment. If you want to let your imagination flow. One thing that was rumored which isn’t represented on this mockup is this sensor at the very top moving into the ear piece, in this particular case, it’s still above like it was in the previous version. On the side here, similar layout volume rocker up and down. The hold switch, now some people thought that was going to be subtracted, I think it might still be there at least in the case of this mockup it is. And on the other side, really familiar stuff, your power switch as well as your SIM card tray Now when I was holding these two devices, I noticed that the mockup felt a little bit thinner. So I do have some digital calipers here to test that theory. So here is the iPhone 6s Plus, I am getting a reading of 7.18mm the 7 Plus mockup 7.14mm so maybe its a tiny bit thinner, if it is it’s insignificant and it could possibly just be a discrepancy in the tool. The most controversial topic, the bottom. On the 6s Plus, you have a headphone jack and in the case of the mockup, that’s been removed as expected, as rumored there is no longer a headphone jack on your next iPhone, you are going to have to live with it. You are going to have to use some type of dongle or potentially wireless earphones. You do have two speaker grills is that some type of consolation, hopefully there you have it, iPhone 7 Plus mockup, dual lens system, this really cool contact point at the bottom potentially for accessories. Let me know down in the comments, would you pick up an iPhone in this kind of blue? or which color would you choose yourself? If you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe for upcoming videos on the iPhone 7 as information becomes available and maybe get my hands on some other exclusive stuff like this iPhone 7 mockup. Thanks for watching, leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed this, I will catch you on the next episode.

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  1. i got a really awesome fake iPhone 7 Plus. Has real fingerprint
    scanner and a 1080P screen resolution. Check out it's video on my

  2. Hey Lue I'm just wondering where you got the blue iphone. please tell me b a cause my birthday is coming up and I really want something to impress people. thx

  3. check this out

  4. U wanna know something funny? I went to a raffle where the prize was an "iphone 9." I asked the guy how it's possible and he said it's the upgraded version of "8." The winner ended up getting a phone as promised but it was one of those cheap android phones

  5. Make that phone working by taking out the WHOLE parts of the real iPhone 7 plus and take the WHOLE Part of the prototype reply back to me ok


  7. When your watching this way after the iPhone 7 was released and feel the need to say out loud wrong to everything the rumors got wrong about the phone.

  8. I love the blue color & the red one & I wish if the front of the red one go to black & red than the white color with out playing with it just as it come from the factory, & I didn't recognize if the blue is a pure iPhone or not … thanks

  9. they say the headphone jack is removed and they say its bad but you can use a dongle (adapter)its in the box

  10. His iPhones are not even real because the 7 do not have FCC labeling and the 6 does but his 6 does not a little fishy my brother

  11. Since you won't take down your Black Flag I'm taking my purse my subscription down from you you mangy little ass I'm going to find you in Toronto and when I do you would know what a Hells Angel does you f*** with me I f*** with you man

  12. I would choose a blue iPhone! I wish I had enough money to get an iPhone XR. The 5C is much cheaper, but it is old now and I hate the plastic back, so no iPhone 5C for me! The XR is the best iPhone ever.

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