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iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement done in 6 minutes

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement done in 6 minutes

It’s time to replace the screen on an iPhone
7 Plus. This is actually my personal phone. The only phone I have ever broken…… on accident. Everything still works great, its just the
screen is shattered to bits. I went to hug a friend and her purse knocked
it out of my hand… and it was “Merry Christmas” to the ground. The broken LCD perfectly blocks out my battery
life indicator, the time of day, and and the name of the person I am texting. So it is definitely time to fix this thing. [Intro] Its pretty much the exact same process as
the regular iPhone 7. There are two pentalobe screws down at the
bottom of the phone right next to where the headphone jack used to be. If you need a screwdriver or a replacement
screen Ill link those for you in the video description right below this video. Now, heat is not 100% mandatory for this repair,
but it does help soften the thin band of adhesive that surrounds the screen on all sides. This is a type of waterproofing adhesive. So after completing this repair, your phone
will not be water resistant any more. But.. if you screen is cracked, its already
not water resistant. So you aren’t losing too much. Im taking one of my thin metal pry tools,
and going between the metal frame of the phone, and the plastic edge of the screen and cutting
through the adhesive. This makes lifting off the screen a lot easier. Dont slide very deep though, because there
are ribbon cables along the right side of the screen that are very important. The bottom of the screen will lift up, and
then you have to pull the top of the screen down and out of the phone frame, before the
whole thing flips open like a book. For this next part we need a new bit, its
called a y000 tri point screw driver. And Ill include a link for that in the video
description. There are 7 of these tripoint screws holding
down 2 of the silver plates. It is excruciatingly important that you keep
your screws organized. Put them on a separate piece of paper next
to you, and draw a picture or label where each screw comes from. Some of them are different sizes. Ill use a plastic pry tool to unsnap the battery
connection. So that there is no power to the rest of the
device. And then Ill start uncliping the little ribbon
cables. These are just like little mega blocks. Once the display and fingerprint scanner ribbons
are disconnected you can unsnap the top earpiece ribbon. And that will release the screen from the
body of the phone. Here is what the replacement screens look
like. Remember Ill have these linked down in the
video description. It is super important to be gentle to the
ribbon cables. If they get bent or kinked too far in any
direction, your new screen will not work after the installation is complete. We do have to transfer over some of the components
to the new screen, like the ear piece and the home button. Ill start with the earpiece. There are 5 screws up here at the top that
need to be removed. These ones are a regular Philips head screws. Now that the screws are out, Ill remove the
top metal bracket and then slip out the little ear piece speaker, Then comes a tricky part. This little ribbon cable might look complicated,
but its actually not. It is fragile though. And while it is very inexpensive to replace…
its better to just keep the original intact and not rip anything, so be very gentle with
it. It’s about as strong as paper is. And each little segment, like the front camera,
the proximity sensors, and the little golden circular contact points have some adhesive
holding it to the back of the screen. Ill show you how to oragami it back into place
in a second. But first lets get this home button transferred. There are 4 screws that we have down here. These are the same Y000 screws we were working
with before. And once those are out, we can remove the
metal bracket. This exposes the guts of the fingerprint scanner
touch pad. There is one more super tiny ribbon connector. Remember that this ribbon is also very fragile,
so be very careful with it, since the original home button does need to be transferred over
to your new screen. Once the ribbon cable is lifted up the button
will just fall out front the front side of the phone. There is only one more thing we have to remove
from the old screen and that is the large metal backplate. This also has the Y000 screw on it. 3 on one side, two screws on the other side,
and one more little screw down at the bottom. There is some adhesive holding the plate to
the ribbon cables, you can lift that up, and then slide the whole plate up and away from
the back of your old shattered screen. Take that same plate and feed the ribbons
from your new working display through the little hole. Make sure to be gentle with the ribbons, and
make sure they are straight, and not kinked before you screw the plate down. Get all the metal frame screws in place. 3 on the right, one at the bottom and the
two on the left side. Then the home button gets put back to place
from the front side of the screen.There is a little plastic guiding pin on the back of
the screen that will help get the little ribbon fall in the exact place that it needs to go. Then it can be snapped into the other little
connector right next to it. When you are screwing the screw for the back
of the home button, make sure it is snug, but dont go too tight. Its a pretty fragile little piece of tech
and a super aggressive screw might cause damage. Now lets get the front camera and ear piece
into place. Remember those little plastic pins I was talking
about? Those are going to be your friend up here
as well. Get the ribbon down, by lining those up, and
getting the little box sensor into place. It’ll be like giving a cat a bath, but eventually
everything should line up. The speaker gets tucked under the front camera,
making sure the gold springs line up on the gold contact circles. And after the camera is tucked into the clear
plastic circle, the metal plate can holds it all together. And finally we can attach the screen to the
phone body again. I start with the two ribbons in the center
, then clip the top ribbon down right afterward. You’ll feel each of them snap into place,
just like a little lego. (That has a much better ring to it), The last
thing you want to plug in is the battery connector. Before putting on the metal plates, I usually
test my screen to make sure everything works. If the screen is grey, or has lines running
through it, it might just be a bad connection. So turn the phone off, and reconnect the little
ribbon cables again. If that doesn’t work, one of the ribbons might
have gotten bent during the installation. Or it could just be a bad screen. Get the 7 screws back in over the metal plates,
and then make sure to get the top of the screen lined up with the phone body first, before
clamping the rest of the screen. Also, dont put any stress on those right side
ribbon cables. Remember they are as fragile as paper. And very very important to the functionality
of your phone. So don’t let them rip. Thumbs up for success. I have a working phone again. I’m normally an android guy. But ive been using an iPhone for the past
few months. Ill have my review video posted with my verdict
very very soon. Let me know if you have any questions! I try to be pretty active down in the comments. And if I dont respond, someone else sure will. You can usually get an answer pretty quick
here on my channel. My twitter followers heard the story of my
broken phone the night it happened, so if you wanna stay up to date on random stuff
like that head on over to my twitter. And if you’ve made it this far in the video…
comment your favorite flavor of ice cream… Im always curious as to who makes it to the
end of my videos… I personally prefer Oreo Ice cream. The more Oreos the better. Thanks a ton for watching! Ill see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement done in 6 minutes”

  1. I just cracked my screen jumping over an oil waste catcher at work smh 🤦🏽‍♂️, my phone went flying out of my back pocket while i was bumping music

  2. Hi expert
    My iphone 7 have a issue … it shows apple logo then it show blank screen and its goes off.. whats the solution of it?

  3. I followed this guide with success. I do have one issue that I am still sorting out. The speaker is not working. While giving the cat a bath it must have slipped out of place. When trying to re-enter the phone I have found the misleading threadlocked screws with the penta head stripped the thin metal they go into. I'm looking for a way to get them out. I was considering soldering the screwdriver. Any thoughts would be appreciated

  4. Hi quick question. The iPhone 7 Plus screen you’ve listed as a link. Is that the OEM or a third party screen?

  5. bro, why after done change new screen. my front camera not working(dark). i already check the plug and ribbon not damage.

  6. Vegan Ben & jerry's phish food
    Also, all replaced after about an hour but it either won't turn on or won't light up. FML. Should have just paid Apple to know it was done right.

  7. Is the replacement good enough quality? I'm trying to do this exact same repair but just trying to find a high enough quality replacement.

  8. I know myself way too much to try this crap. The cracked screen isn’t too bad. It only requires a blood seal to send a text message

  9. @4:27 I can't believe I lost that damn plastic piece for the camera. I looked all over for hours. I had to buy another one on ebay.

  10. As of August 1st 2019 on eBay you can buy this for 20-30 bucks instead of the 50 dollars one he listed and the eBay one comes with a camera and button so you won’t have to waste more time then necessary and get the fix done way faster……. the simplest of steps are left for you to do

  11. Hmmm..took me 10 minutes and that was photographing each step, so I could have done it in 6 minutes if pushed, but hey to each their own..

  12. My screen looked a lot like the one in the video, and with the help of this video replacing it was so easy!!! Thank You for doing videos like these.

  13. Peanut butter!

    Just got done working on my wife's iphone 7+. It took me about a hour and change but then again i had to make sure i didnt make any mistakes.. btw the tools used in the video are $7.77 at walmart. great tool set also used to do work on my mac book pro. I want to add that using a hair dryer to warm up the glue took a little longer than i thought.. i thought i would over heat the phone lol. and after fully assembling the phone there is now a home buttom icon and the home button itself is hard to press. maybe i tighten the screw behind the home button too much. but im happy with the end product.


  14. Hi sir nice video. I too had iphone 7 plus after water damage my thumb id home button nor working. Could you make a video on it how to repair touch id please

  15. Would anyone recommend the Aftermarket replacement screen they have on this website since I don't want to spend $50 on a replacement screen?

  16. Well, my first time repairing an iphone… solo, with no colleagues or my instructor. Just me, as a certified CompTIA IT Technician.

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