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iPhone 7 Review: Beyond The Boring

iPhone 7 Review: Beyond The Boring

– [Michael] The new iPhone
is a lot like the old iPhone. This is a phone of old ideas repackaged. The water resistance, the little conveniences, even the assassination of
the noble headphone jack, none of it is truly new. But Apple, as always,
is less about novelty than about repackaging what already exists in a new and interesting way. The iPhone 7 lives up to that legacy, you just need to be able
to see past the boring bits to realize it. I’m Michael Fisher, and
this is the iPhone 7 review from Mr. Mobile. (enthusiastic instrumental music) (moves into energetic instrumental music) Let me lay something out here. In the past few months I’ve criticized a great
many Android manufacturers for derivative industrial design, and by no means does Apple get a pass. In the hand the iPhone
7 feels nearly identical to the two generations of
iPhone that came before it. Unless you get the
incredibly scratch-prone, jet-black version instead
of the matte-black finish on my review device. Yes, the minimized antenna
inlays are welcome, and the new casting around
the camera lens is impressive, but these are details that only the discerning
eye can appreciate. And upfront, you’ve got a display whose resolution hasn’t
changed since 2014. Stuff like this is part of
the reason phone nerds get up in arms about people spending
so much money on iPhones. On the surface Apple seems to be selling yesterday’s
leftovers to a gullible populace. But that’s not true. The truth is you don’t
need crazy high resolution on a display this small, and what is lacks in pixel
density, it makes up for in color balance. While the 7 is just as thin
as and slightly lighter than last-year’s iPhone, it is
water and dust resistant. This is something I’ve
confirmed with the help of several fountains and
several stupid shower selfies. And the single speaker
has been split into two, now placed above and below the display for more immersive sound
than any iPhone to date. ♫ Where the hell my phone, hey ♫ Where the hell my phone ♫ Where the hell my, where
the hell my phone, huh (iPhone music continues) Speaking of sound, let’s talk about that
headphone jack for a second. Yes, it’s gone. And, no, I don’t really miss it. Bluetooth headphones have
become a big part of my life since using the Moto Z earlier this year, which also didn’t offer a headphone jack. If you’re an audiophile and
use the kind of fidelity only an analog wired
connection can deliver, or if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, obviously, this isn’t the phone for you. Everyone else will either learn to live with the Lightning EarPods in the box, or use their existing headphones with Apple’s included adapter, or use Bluetooth. The point is, you’ve got options. The space Apple saved by
axing the headphone jack it filled back up with an
improved Taptic Engine, the linear motor that gives
the iPhone its good vibrations. Taptic response is
everywhere on the iPhone 7. From the little bump when the
notification shade bounces off the bottom of the screen, to the subtle clicks that
tick off bearing marks in the compass and slots on click wheels to the artificial buzz of 3D touch. The iPhone feels more alive
in the hand than ever before. And Taptic response is
more important than ever to sell the illusion
of the new Home button, which is actually a capacitive touch pad whose click is produced
entirely by the Taptic engine. It feels so futuristic that
the spring loaded buttons on older iPhones already
feel clunky and dated to me. If your hands are wet or
gloved, the button won’t work, but Apple borrowed a page
from Motorola and Nokia here with Raised Wake. The iPhone 7 will turn on its screen when you pull it from a pocket
or pluck it from a tabletop. And it works pretty well in practice. From there it’s just a firm
press on the fingerprint scanner to jump into iOS 10. Now, personally, I still hate
being locked into Apple’s idea of a home screen. This astatic grid of icons that I only have the barest control over. And some of the precedence iOS established with the first iPhone are
now woefully out of date. Like putting the back button
in the least accessible corner of the screen. That said, I do like the new coat of paint on iOS 10. The Control Center keeps
a lot of handy toggles within a thumb’s reach. Widgets and frequently used
apps have been broken out into a separate panel off to the left. Swiping down still lets you
search for pretty much anything right from the home screen. And when you just don’t
want to be bothered, the palm inspired mute switch
is still the simplest way to silence a phone. In other words, iOS 10 on the iPhone 7 is a really nice mix of old and new. Phone calls on the
iPhone 7 are outstanding. I tested it on T-Mobile,
and whenever I was talking to another T-Mobile
customer with HD Voice, or doing a VoIP call over Wi-Fi, the sound quality was tremendous. Apple uses active noise
cancellation in the ear piece which makes me feel…well
tell them, Wesley. – I feel strange but also good. – What I mean is, it’s a little
disorienting in a loud room because it’s actively
removing noise from only one side of your head. But it does a phenomenal job
of isolating the caller’s voice so you can hear him or her. Back on software, day-to-day responsiveness is Apple’s typical slick and quick. Though I found a few more minor hiccups than I expected in gaming. I also had one instance where
the phone refused to unlock despite recognizing my thumb print. I figure these are teething issues with either the new A-10
Processor or iOS 10, but I mention them mainly
to remind folks that, yes, even the iPhone is susceptible
to the occasional bug. Finally, there’s the camera which has seen almost every
major component upgraded this year. By far the most notable of
these is optical stabilization which smooths video in walking shots and allows for clearer long
exposures in low light. Thanks to this, and probably thanks to the
new larger aperture as well, the new iPhone delivered
well in dim conditions. And photos taken
everywhere else were fine. I say fine because while in
a vacuum they’re excellent, when you put them up against
the closest competition from Samsung, the Galaxy S7, I actually tend to
prefer the S7’s pictures. Part of that is because I like Samsung’s slightly larger-than-life saturation. But the S7’s photos are
also crisper, sharper in most conditions. The iPhone has a tendency to go soft. The iPhone 7 is still one of the fastest, most forgiving cameras out there. And while you’re taking
in a few more samples, let’s talk endurance. You’ll probably get through
a day of moderate use with the iPhone 7. But step it up to heavy with even a little
streaming radio or tethering and you should expect
a low-battery warning before dinnertime. The nerdy side of me wants
to lash out at the iPhone 7, to whine about the familiar design, to join the chorus of voices who say, “This phone is too expensive.” But the people buying iPhones
don’t need me to tell them that Apple’s an expensive company. You should know that by now. And, more importantly,
Apple doesn’t deserve to be beaten down just for
making an excellent product that’s only marginally more
excellent than last year’s. Because, make no mistake, the iPhone 7 is an excellent smartphone, one of the best you can buy in 2016. Even if it’s not the
head turner it once was. Don’t forget the iPhone
7’s bigger sibling, folks. I’ll be reviewing the 7 Plus shortly and the Apple Watch Series 2 as well. So make sure you’re subscribed
to Mr. Mobile on YouTube, so you don’t miss it. Until next time, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Review: Beyond The Boring”

  1. Idk, i used android Samsung and it just felt like I had a fucking pc, hated that shit so many un useful shit on it….. only reason I got an iPhone 7 was because it is water and dust resistant as for the new 32gb base model and maybe camera….I use to have a Motorola g something after my note 3, but for sure um never buying Samsung again

  2. This is why I don't think I'll get an iPhone 7. If I upgrade I'll get an S7 Edge or an iPhone 6 plus. There's not a real reason (for me, anyway) to upgrade.

  3. I've seen the new renders of the iPhone 8 and the Pixel 2, and Android phones are gonna win this year in terms of design. It'll probably pull in more of the populace since that's what most iPhone users say is one of the best things about the iPhone. However, some idiots will still believe the iPhone is the one phone to beat all other phones, which is increasingly getting disproved year after year.

  4. Mr.Mobile deserves atleast 1million subscribers.. I pity the poor souls that do not know about this great reviewer.. #StayMobileMyFriends

  5. the worst part about not having a headphone jack is the fact that if u break your headphones u cant just pick up a 10$ pair of headphones.

  6. HTC U Ultra: "Omg, how can a phone have a camera bump? That's terrible, it's not 2015!"
    iPhone 7: "Oh, what a nice camera bump. Very impressive."

  7. Hi Michael,

    Is there a difference between Iphone 7 (32GB, 128GB, 256GB) models apart from storage ?
    Anything like data transfer speed ?


  8. This is the first time I have ever seen someone talk about call quality in an phone review! Pretty funny if you think about it..

  9. Are you stupid, saying what Apple has done with the iphone 7 is… old? this and the new waterproof and dust resistance implementation is completely new to Apple lol.

  10. Guys please, if u have money to buy it then u can spend additional money on wireless headphones. I have phone that has headphone jack but wireless are just better, and i bought 40$ ones so please.

  11. A camera bump is "welcome" and "appreciated"??? They removed the headphone jack for "more space" but couldn't make a device with a camera lense flush with the chassis??? Wow…..that's quite a deluded perception of reviewing a premium device…..

  12. I will never own any apple product. I like being unique instead of trying to be a suck up conformist. Too much $ and it can easily be reproduced in every way by Android at a discount. You are paying for the name, not the phone or what it contains.

  13. Great work as always! Would you please revisit the iPhone 7+ to see how fast or more efficient it’s gotten with the iOS 12.1 update? Thank You!

  14. Can i buy a used one in 2019 i am getting it at 300$? Let me know cause i will buy another iphone at the end of the year

  15. In 2019 it still works so fine and one of underrated devices today. With 3 years back launch still competes today's flagships and performs well than most

  16. I just put my iPhone 7 on my Dell Latitude e7240's palmrest and my screen went to sleep. Does anyone know why the iPhone does this?

  17. I’ve actually pretty much always loved the iPhone 7, that one had some really solid upgrades! Wish the new home button could have been brought to the new iPads. Super huge fan of the 4.7 inch iPhones, even though I prefer much larger phones. I also very much like iOS and how the icon grid works. Whenever I’m organizing my apps, iOS moves my icons the way I’d expect – whereas Android forces me to manually move everything. Only issues I really have now are my preference for the G-Board over iOS keyboard on the phone (iOS keyboard on iPad is one of the best for tablets in my opinion), and the lack of functionality of the file management system.

  18. Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings In all your ways submit to the Lord and He will make your paths straight.

  19. I wish iPhones in 2019 still came with the 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, kind of frustrating I had to purchase one separately along with my iPhone 11.

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