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iPhone 7 – The Missing Feature…

iPhone 7 – The Missing Feature…

So you can hear I’m still a little bit under the weather still. got a bit of a sore throat, kept me … out of the videos for a little bit and what did that mean well it meant, that I had to put Ryan in this seat and you guys saw that video and you gave him a lot of thumbs up his head had began to inflate like a hot air balloon hey Lew, look, a 150,000 thumbs up Guess who’s the new host of Unbox Therapy. and I said “REALLY?!” what do you guys think, are you ready for a new host? or do you wanna kick it with your old man Lew? well I’ll tell you how to let me know! we gotta smash that like button! we gotta destroy his figure! if we don’t beat 150,000 likes I’m going to have to go into retirement like Michael Jordan Did you hear that Jack? It’s not often that I ask you guys for your help but I’m afraid right now very afraid Alright, what are we talking about today? I’m going to show you how to add wireless charging to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus Now the thing that I missed switching back To iOS was the opportunity to wireless charge at this point I’ve got wireless chargers all over the place beside my bed, in my car so to not be able to interact with them and be fiddling with cables was not the ideal scenario. So, I went on Amazon and I started looking around and I realized there’s no truly official solution for adding wireless charging to your iPhone 7/7 Plus at this point in time So I’m going to show you how to do it, McGuyver style Over here I have these “Chi” receivers This one over here is from Speigen this is from IQI mobile This is the one that I recently purchased I’m going to have these things linked down below so this will sit on the back and then this guy fits in there like that ….(now)….. your thinking damn dude that looks pretty ugly the idea after doing this is stick your devise into a case so i do have case options over hear now not every case will work and some cases will work better then others when i ordered up this charge pad right here it also came with this wireless charger a Qi wireless charges on this side over here it not gonna be for everybody ok for me once I started doing I was like man there’s just something about sticking cables in thats just bothering me these days so I’m addicted you might become addicted yourself that’s my little speel speel shpeel if you hope to use wired headphones this might be a hassle to pull this in and out but of course apple wants you to wireless anyways this shouldn’t be much of an issue so snap it in and there you go the thing about this case it’s too thick the wireless transmission won’t happen through it so that’s where I had to get crafty and start trying some different cases some cases like this UAG one not gonna be great for your contact point so the two that I found that work well are these ones from Spigen essentially the thinner the case the better this ones a little bit softer and this is a slightly harder shell but there both super thin just have this plugged in like that pretty simple and then you just take your device and drop it on maybe you don’t Jack new discovery this little charger right here not quite as effective as the one I have in my car I have a Samsung one and what I noticed is that this hard case that I just spoke about Is actually not transmitting nearly as well as the soft one If you want maximum compatibility I’m gonna go ahead and fully recommend this case now When I drop it on there Boom So with this kind of setup you do need to be more aware of where you place it so my recommendation is don’t mess around go with this exact setup if this is something you feel like you need to have Also remember we got to crush Ryan’s number we’ll crush his dreams at the same time We got to beat it in this video right here or else I’m retiring I’ll go play baseball Like M.J. you guys don’t believe me

100 thoughts on “iPhone 7 – The Missing Feature…”

  1. This is really helpfull, but what about the Android phones?
    I mean, it's really interesting.. but what about the charging speed and so on…

  2. the only time my phone dies is when i go out for drinks, come 5am my phone is dead and the only thing to do is go get McDonalds breakfast
    – which, BTWs, MD's is never busiest until 5am when full, full of drunk teens

    they recently renovated the store, and they have a table with wireless charging pads, so imma buy one of these and keep it in my wallet for when the time comes

  3. And this is why i remembered the reason for choosing a samsung s8+ . lol look at all this messy shit you gotta go through to have wireless charging and then it doesnt even have a headphone jack . with Samsung i dont need to worry about any of that shit .

  4. Are u interested to review newisdom fast qi chager? Which can be viewed in 60° best view angel.And can be viewed no matter your phone is in horizontal or in vertical.

  5. Mabe apple will remove the lightning port and use wifi for iTunes, Bluetooth for headphones, and wireless charging

  6. Hey Lewis. I hace a doubt about this wireless chargers: are they safe for the battery life of the iphone? I mean the lightening isn't certificated and all that. Thanks and your vids and channel are great!

  7. Does anyone notice that when third party companies male accessories for Apple that makes it better, it tends to be features that come built into samsung phones. Just pointing this out but to get the inferior product as good as a Samsung, it costs so much more

  8. Wow I thought the " smart watch " and facial reconition unlock were the stupidest pieces of technology ever.. I spoke too soon .. so let me get this right you have to put it on the stipid condom thing too charge it ? How can you use it when it's charging ?

  9. you have 3 wireless QI chargers and you only use one. Also there is literally no info about the product.

    Lucky you’re unbox therapy otherwise this video would have more dislikes than likes.

  10. for those thinking of purchasing, make sure you get one with TI Chip (Texas Instruments) this stops the reciever from overcharging and overheating, you'll also want one with a charge current of 1A (1000 mAh) that is currently the fastest charge available for wireless charging. plugging in your phone is 2.1A (2100 mAh) which is more than double the charge rate.

    I've done quite a bit of research due to it coming up to Christmas, think I'll get my mother on this more convenient lifestyle lol.

  11. All these fucking thots out here like, “uuuuuuh android is better” while they have some shitty ass lg with a processor as ineffective as their dicks

  12. Just plugging in a cord for 1.22222 secs vs. a complicated set up for wireless charging especially when you using your favorite iPhone case for 3-4 secs..

  13. This is why Apple is dying. You have to buy the oddest stuff to make ends meet with their devices, whereas Android comes with these things straight from the box and if not, easy to find and buy without looking like an idiot.

  14. Apple are not going to put wireless charging on an iPhone7/7plus they are on the iPhone8/8plus and iPhone X 10

  15. i don't understand how apple had to remove the headphone jack for waterproofing. The Samsung phones manage to still have a jack and still be water proof and at a better rating as well. huh?

  16. Apple said that the future is wireless but no wireless charging in iPhone 7 why?
    Because they want money and wireless charging doesn’t belong to them so they won’t be able to make money that’s why they didn’t include wireless charging until the iPhone 8

  17. Got a wireless charger receiver from wish for $1.90 (Actual product: $1 but I bought with someone so it turned 90 ¢ + $1 shipping)

  18. Is it possible to charge with a lightning cable if you need to charge but there’s no wireless charger nearby? For example if you’re going to a friend, and he does’nt have a wireless charger?

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