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iphone 7 vs Hollywood Movie Camera Arri Alexa

iphone 7 vs Hollywood Movie Camera Arri Alexa

Guys, check out what I have here. Look at it, it’s beautiful! There’s different variations of the Arri Alexa
camera, but it was used to film a lot of my personal favorite movies and TV shows, like
Drive, The Revenant, Arrival, Logan, Game of Thrones, Gravity, Mad Max, Sicario, Skyfall,
Wolf of Wall Street, Girls, 21 Jump Street, John Wick, Ant-Man, Avengers, Get Out, ok
I’m out of breath. What camera do you think Steven Spielberg
uses? Exactly! The Iphone! Guys I’m kidding, it’s the Alexa. How much does this package cost? Dude, like really? Who’s trusting me with this? This is, you guys know what happens when you
trust me with expensive stuff… Is this the right number of zeros? And what’s funny, is that this is a very minimal
set up for this camera, I kind of have it set up so it’s good for solo operation. Like if you had a proper crew, you could really
just keep adding stuff onto this, making this into a giant, super expensive camera. So now while we have this camera, we’re going
to compare it to a camera that you might have in your pocket, the Iphone 7 plus. Totally a fair comparison. So here we mounted the Iphone on top of the
Alexa, and went out to the beach to film a sequence. The Iphone performs the best when it’s all
the way zoomed out in a bright environment. So we’re going to leave the Iphone as is,
and attach a 24mm onto the Alexa to match the frame. To start off, let’s watch this short sequence
filmed on the Iphone. And now, here’s the same exact sequence, but
from the Alexa. This is where it gets a little bit subjective. To me, it is a night and day difference. The Iphone looks like a home video and the
Alexa looks like something I would see on TV. But some of you may not see a huge difference. I get asked all the time, “Why do you rent
professional gear, when all cameras now are shooting 4k? First of all I’m just going to say, 4k is
totally overrated, it is important, but, I’d rather have great HD over decent 4k any day. I’ve met the camera operator for Supergirl
and I can tell you that even they don’t shoot in 4k, only HD. I’m not going to go too much into detail,
but here’s a few things that are just as important as resolution. Now let’s do a couple of other shoots. We’re at the location for the film shoot,
I’m trying to find which house, it’s like.. Come on in! This house is LEGIT. Oh my god. So now we’re at the nicest home recording
studio I’ve ever seen. It was decently well lit in there, but obviously
not as bright as the sun. And this is where I think the difference really
starts to show. The lighting is no longer in the Iphone’s
favor, and we’re on a slightly tighter lens. Now for some low light stuff. The Alexa looks nice and sharp, and I love
the way the dark parts of the frame look. The Iphone is clearly struggling to keep those
details in the dark. I’m not trying to bash the Iphone, it’s a
great camera for what it is, and I use it all the time, but it does have its limitations. For example, this scene, I feel like the lack
of sharpness and grain distracts from the scene. With the Alexa the warmth and the smooth contrast
really compliments the music. By the way, I’m using the default color settings
on both cameras, I’m not doing any adjustments in post. Set up time! Let’s see..The Iphone, very easy. I’m already ready. Now, let’s go shoot. This on the other hand needs to be taken apart
to be stored, and then transported, and then rebuilt whenever you arrive to your set, and
that kind… I got it! It’s heavy! It’s heavier than it looks! Even though it’s carbon fiber, if I wanted
to zoom, with this set up I would have to change out lenses. Boot up time is..still booting. Alright, here we go! Here we go! Now we have some picture. Now let’s see what it would look like to use
this camera to film this. Take this here.. Camera is uncomfortably close to my face. One of the coolest parts about having this
camera is that it actually doesn’t look like this all the time, it actually shoots like
this. It’s super flat and what’s great about a super
flat image is that you can do so much with it. If this were a dramatic scene we would probably
get a close like this. Saturated and make it look super dramatic. Winter is coming! Planet has run out of water and now we are
in the desert…uhh..looking for food. After I shoot something I really have a lot
of flexibility to do whatever I want to the footage. For this last test I’m going to crash Gina
Canavan’s photoshoot with Gothic Tropic. Gina’s got some super creative photography,
so go check out her work. Now here’s a great example of the Iphone’s
limitation of color. The Alexa sees many more shades of every color. It’s kind of like back in the day when you
had that box of crayons with 12 colors in it, but then there was that one kid with a
huge box of 120 crayons. The Alexa is basically that giant box of crayons. With the Iphone it looks like her face is
either pink or blue. With the Alexa you can see every shade in
between making it look organic and natural. And if you take a close look at her hair you
can really see a big difference in sharpness and the amount of detail. By the way, the Iphone is shooting in 4k and
I have the Alexa set to only HD. So remember, resolution is only part of the
equation. And you guys have to check out Gothic Tropic,
they have some really good songs on their upcoming album, I can’t play it for you guys,
cause it’s not released yet, but here’s a song from their last album.

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  1. Dude of course alexa is at the top, alexa is a cinematography camera, proper camera for film making, of course duh

  2. You are using the stock camera app, using an app where you have control over the camera settings it would make a huge difference. but of course I'm not saying Iphone camera is as good as Alexa.

  3. Wow what do you get out of a video comparing a $750 phone to a $80,000 camera. Do you have nothing better to do?

  4. 4K isn't overrated, it was ahead of its time, and it's been poorly deployed due to the multiple facets of technology infrastructure that need to be working to make it cost-effective for producers and consumers. As a capture format it's fantastic. The S9+ 4K 60p is amazing. As an intermediate, its tricky. Capture in 4K, work in 2K. Your 1080p distribution will look way better thanks to the 4K capture. Sure, capturing on a tiny sony IMX 277 8-bit sensor used in iPhones vs Arri's full frame 12-bit makes a good case for shooting 2K instead of 4K, but it doesn't really mean 4K is overrated. That's really kind of a moot point in the topic IMO.

  5. please make a video about how resolution is a hype and please tell us all the other video elements like color space, bit rate, audio
    and other things. As a cinematography enthusiasts all of your subscribers want to know about that by the way your channel is more helpful than others and videos are to the point you definitely deserve millions of subscribers

  6. Use FiLMiC Pro while shooting with the iPhone. It utilizes more of the camera's capabilities that are on default, unavailable.

  7. humm I saw your video with Peter but I didn't think that your video are great too. Great content and wonderfull way of presenting. I liked your idea and sense of humor. I don't know if this is good for but you won a true fan. Big up

  8. Even though I'm not a videomaker but a photographer, every time someone roasts me like "haha you spend so much money on cameras, lenses and stuff while you can take the same photos with a phone" I'll show them this video. This is THE answer to them.


  10. This isn’t a fair comparison because the ARRI has a lens.
    The iPhone look is so close to that cam though; I can color correct the iPhone and make it look like that ARRI. Further you can get a rig like the Beast Grip Pro and put a lens on it and you can get that cinematic look. The iPhone here didn’t have a lens, put one on I’ll bet there will be a hugh difference in look. I use the Moon Dog Anamorphic Lens on my iPhone 7 with the Beast Grip Pro rig and that gives it a movie look.

  11. Why don't people use arri Alexa's? They're freaking expensive. Most people don't have that kinda money. iPhone looks fine. Light well, cg well.

  12. Work within the dynamic range of your available camera and control your lighting, is more cost effective and will get similar result of an expensive camera.

  13. backgrounds on the Alexa are blurry
    the grading is different….
    couldn't the iphone be adjusted to match?
    why not zoom in on regions to see the difference?

  14. This is actually a great example. I always try to give people, especially beginners the idea that the camera doesn't really matter (I personally think lenses are much, much more important than the camera itself). Of course the camera matters, that's pretty obvious but I try to tell beginners the opposite that what's really important is your skill with the camera. Example, I'm sure you could shoot a better version of the same script with an iPhone than I can with my Sony A6500, and I'm no slouch with a camera but it's about learning the craft.

    All that said this is an excellent video that really does sum up the ultimate differences, once you have the craft down. Far too many people expect their skill to become better because they have a better camera.

  15. Here's my camera wish list, yes it's insane, that's why it's a wish list.
    2 x Alexa (Craziest setup)
    4 x 8K RED
    4 C500
    2 Canon 1DX
    1 Hasselblad H5D
    other smaller cameras just because…

  16. Imagine shooting in the same settings at 4k resolution, THEN have it shrunk down to HD for viewing. That'll be pure sex.

  17. Call it taste, but I liked the warmer iPhone on the beach… but the Alexa has a greenish tint (that has to go to Post)

  18. So, when Nikon and Ninja get the ProRes RAW firmware sync’d, we will have the opportunity to do that Post Video Colouring… about as good as the Alexa’s Log???

    More other, if you got a good story and some competent Actors.. how much does the viewer about the Colour and Shape shifting???

  19. Is it possible to get a small snippet of both Arri and iPhone footage to tinker with please? I'd like to see how close I can get the iPhone to look like the Arri with some post magic 😛 Thanks!

  20. Nice presentation – i think iphone footages got more contrast,therefore appears more clearer; however with bright background it gives silhoutte effect. Iphone have to nearer to get closeups – makes it more clearer

  21. No. do comparison HD to HD…… the graininess in the iPhone will be a lot, less and sharpness will appear much better… but then, wasting 80K on Alexa will seem more foolish….

  22. What about the dynamic range and post production abilities? Can i get mutually effective post-production range on iphone? How different they are on that section? Thx

  23. I dont think you know what a home video look like dude. A home video is super grainy. Come on man, the iphone looks way better only difference is the color tones

  24. Besides the BFG a some of Ready Player one Steven and Janusz are still rocking Film. Like hearing the 4K comments though.

  25. Thank you so much for putting up this real life comparison. Now I can slap it on the laymen's faces and not have to explain a dozen basic things about images.

  26. I got the 7 and the camera is awesome. For low light you just need to play with exposure etc and it’s fine

  27. iphone 7 plus quality isn't as bad as you showed it… You intentionally made the resolution poor to shame people into spending $70,000

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