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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s Water Test! INCREDIBLE!!

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s Water Test! INCREDIBLE!!

What’s up guys this Cody here and a lot of people have been asking me for an iPhone 7 so what I wanted to do is give you guys the chance of winning an iPhone 7 so what we’re going to be doing just like we did in one of my previous videos We’re basically going to get this video up to 40 thousand likes if we can get this video up to 40 thousand likes Then I will be giving away an iPhone 7 now All you have to do is basically hit the like button leave a comment in the comments below make sure you’re subscribed and I’ll let you guys know once we hit 40,000 likes on this video on Twitter There’s also going to be some more videos coming out here very soon to give you even more Opportunities to win this iPhone 7 so again all you have to do is hit the like button on this video Leave a comment in the comments below Make sure you subscribe to the channel and be sure to follow me on Twitter so I can let you guys know once we hit 40,000 likes on this video, but enough about that let’s go ahead and get into this video so if you guys didn’t know the iPhone 7 is splash, water, and dust resistant so in this video I want to put to the test if it’s actually more resistant to water than the previous generation iPhone 6s So let’s go ahead and set that up All right, so we have our two jugs of water right here And we also have our iPhone 7 that you can see right there fully working order as you can see And you can see that lens just to show that it is the iPhone 7 we also have the iPhone 6 right here We’re going to turn up the brightness here on both of these And we have auto lock turned on to never so it should never go off the display and we’re actually going to time this just with our stopwatch just to see which one gives out first, so again iPhone 6s. And the iPhone 7. Let’s go ahead and pop these open and throw them in So is the iPhone 7 more water resistant than the iPhone 6s. Let’s find out. So it’s hard to see from the main camera, but you can actually see from the iPhone 6s That there’s definitely some air bubbles meaning that there’s water getting inside that device We haven’t actually seen anything from the iPhone 7 just yet, but let’s stay tuned So we got a little notification here. saying ‘no sim card is installed’, and there goes voice control Let’s just let it do its thing here So the iPhone 6s is definitely wigging out Already before three minutes, and I haven’t even seen an air bubble come from the iPhone 7 yet Looks like voice control has taken over the iPhone 6s once again so we’re coming up on 15 minutes here and just a little information on the iPhone 7 and how it’s actually waterproof, so Basically there are several different things that apple did in order to make this device a little bit more waterproof So the way that they did that is they basically used Several tricks like I said they use an adhesive strip. That’s basically considerably stronger holding the screen in place than the previous generations you’re also going to see the Camera bump on the outside on the back of the device is also suspected to be done for waterproofing Also, if you take a look at the sim tray if you open that thing up there’s actually a gasket just a rubber gasket basically To keep that water out same thing for the mute switch it has a gasket of its own of course, every hole in every button on the device has to have some type of waterproofing involved in order to keep that water out of the device so Also, the volume buttons are nested snuggly into the case and of course we have the headphone jack removal as well so as you guys know there is no headphone jack on the iPhone 7 There is basically just a speaker grille there now the speaker grille does not house a speaker It’s just a speaker grille now there is a component right above the speaker grille inside the device and that also has waterproofing Alright guys, so you can see the iPhone 6s Does not look like it’s doing very well It looks like there’s some pixels down at the bottom as you can see right down here It’s definitely fading out and it didn’t quite make it 20 minutes So the iPhone 7 is still going very strong hasn’t had any leaks whatsoever That I can tell I haven’t seen any bubbles. I’ve just been standing here watching it the entire time so You can still see a couple bubbles coming from the iPhone 6s And that thing looks like it is done for let’s go ahead and let the seven run out for a little bit more Ooh, the iPhone 6s is doing something crazy now? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at this thing There’s definitely water in there as you can see it is still dripping out We also have some weird text here Looking at it through the camera, so it’s kind of hard to read But it’s definitely definitely jacked up And you can see the iPhone 7 is Still going strong and the 6s is actually pretty hot. I assume. That’s just from the screen being on hopefully it doesn’t blow up in my hand or anything It’s not a Note 7 Shaking the iPhone 6. You can actually hear water in there does not sound good So I’m trying to reboot it now. I just held down the power button and the home button. Let’s see what happens. I have a pretty good feeling. It’s not going to come back. Oh, it’s saying it’s out of battery that hissing might be the battery so that battery might blow up, not sure So we’re at 30 minutes and 33 seconds now, and I don’t think the iPhone 7 is going to budge whatsoever I mean this thing has been a tank I mean I really have to give props to apple for figuring this out because I have definitely absolutely Ruined the phone just by having it in my pocket when I jumped into the swimming pool Now as for the iPhone 6s. It’s probably be fine if you jumped into the pool Because it lasted about 20 minutes less than 20 minutes. There’s about 18 minutes I think before it actually gave out and became really really hot to the touch But as for the iPhone 7 the thing is a boss All right guys I don’t think the iPhone 7 is going to budge Seems like it’s Fort Knox when it comes to water let’s go ahead and pull this guy out And let’s see if actually any water comes out of the phone So it’s definitely recognizing some touches there If I try to use it seems to work absolutely just fine No problems there. Let’s play some music just to see if there’s any water in the speakers So I’m going to dunk this back in just so you guys can get a look at this Let’s get some water in those speakers alright. I’m going to play something You can see it’s spraying the water out That’s pretty sweet So the iPhone 7 is definitely the true winner in this lineup apple did a great job in terms of water resistance? Let me know what you guys think about this video in the comments below of course If you guys want an iPhone 7 giveaway make sure you hit that like button Subscribe to the channel leave a comment in the comments below and follow me on Twitter alright guys. I’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s Water Test! INCREDIBLE!!”

  1. I forgot my mom's phone but it says it's waterprofe buttttt at the same time she doesn't want to stick it is water (I think it's a Samsung Galaxy s9)

  2. Can u tell me why the time is on iphone 6s somertimes higher than the iPhone 7 and sometimes the iphone 7 higher than the 6s when u stop the video

  3. I dropped my iPhone 6s in a filled to the top with water washing up bowl for 3 seconds……..

    It was an accident but it survived I was really proud of my baby ❤️

    But he obviously ain’t the strongest man on the block.

  4. I accidentally threw my iPhone 7 into a glass of water. Yes.
    It was next to my bed. My alarm had sounded, I snoozed it for 5 minutes and when it rang again, I realized that my phone was under water. I repeat, 5 minutes.

    It looks like it’s working perfectly buy im so worried. I’m just watching videos of iPhones working after being under water to feel better.

    I mean, if it dies, I’ll have to tell people how it happened. I’ll have to tell this story.

    Beautiful way to start the day.

  5. Honestly don’t believe thats a 6s that phone isnt water proof or resistant that has to be a 7+ only the 7 and up is water proof

  6. It’s so cool to watch this I have a iPhone XR and when I had the 6s and the 7 I had no idea they would last in water I mean the 7 went pretty long. The only phones I new were water proof were the iPhone X 😐

  7. He keeps saying how the iPhone 6 isn’t doing well when it’s been going for 18 minutes and wasn’t designed to be waterproof 😂😂

  8. i already knew iphone sevens are ok in water since i drowned my phone like 100 times and somehow it’s still working perfectly fine lmaooooo

  9. He put the iPhone 7i n before the the 6s and both timers started at the same time so the times are not legit

  10. When I was smaller I dropped my iPhone 4 into the toilet and it broke the sound. It was in there for like 5 seconds

  11. Mhm last year I had the iPhone 7 Plus and I put it in a pool bc I was being stupid for 45 minutes and it was totally fine in the water but after A couple minutes after I took it out it glitched out and basically shut off and won't turn back on and I charged it for a couple days and still didn't work so 🤷🏻‍♀️

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