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iPhone 8 DROP TEST! — Don’t drop your new iPhone… ever.

iPhone 8 DROP TEST! — Don’t drop your new iPhone… ever.

So you know what’s better than one drop test? Two drop tests. I have two more brand new iPhone 8’s, which
Apple claimed to have the most durable smartphone glass ever. But it’s important to remember that even though
it might be durable glass, it’s still glass. And the unfortunate part about the iPhone
glass is that it’s incredibly expensive to replace. Even if you have AppleCare, the back glass
replacement is $99. And after your two year AppleCare is up, or
you don’t get AppleCare at all, it’s $349. That’s expensive for a back glass panel. With Samsung phones you can usually replace
that panel for about $20 bucks – so there’s a big difference. Today’s drop test is going to be sponsored
by the RhinoShield Mod Case. I’ll be dropping one of the phones, the silver
one, completely naked. And the other one, the black phone, is going
to have the Rhino Shield Mod Case installed on it. This says it’s a super tough modular case
that changes according to your needs. So we’ll put that tough part to the test. Let’s get started. [Intro] So both of these phones are brand new and
100% functional. And the case that the black one is going to
be wearing is from RhinoShield. On the box it says it’s impact resistant to
11 feet, but I’ve actually dropped a RhinoShield case from over 100 feet and had the phone
survive. So I’m pretty sure this phone’s going to be
alright. Inside the box we have the bumper shield,
and as part of the mod part of the casing, we have a back. So you can have the case operate in one of
two ways: one is just the bumper shield, or have the back installed as well. Since both the front and back of the phone
are made from glass, I am going to install the back cover, just so I can avoid paying
that $350 replacement fee. If I wanted to install just the bumper though,
I would just slip it into the case like so. It would have a raised rubber lip around the
front and the back to protect it from impacts, even keeping the camera lens below that surface. The case fits pretty snug all the way around
the phone, but does leave us enough room for the ports around the speaker, the microphone
and that charging port. I’m sure if there was a headphone jack there
would be room for that as well. And the buttons still have a clicky feel to
them. Getting the back glass protecting panel into
the phone is easy enough. Just pulled out that rubber insert and drop
the phone into the case. Not too bad. If you’re not a fan of the clear back, they
do have some designer versions, but I’m going to leave mine clear because we are dropping
this phone and I want to see if the back panel is protected by the case. The last cool thing is that this case actually
comes with lens mounts so you can increase the power of your camera with additional lenses. I’ll be testing these out in a second, but
first, let’s drop these things. Just like last time, I will have two phones
recording in slow motion. Right now we have the Google Pixel recording
on this side, and then we have the clear Galaxy Note 8 recording on this side. The RhinoShield Mod case does come in different
colors. I will have all of these linked down in the
video description if you want to check them out. The nice thing about all the different colors
of the RhinoShield Mod case is that they don’t absorb stains, like from your pocket or bluejeans,
which is a little bit more than the Pixel can say. So I think one of the most common times that
I drop my personal cell phone is when I leave it on my lap and get out of my car. [Music] I’ll leave that there for a second, and try
it with the RhinoShield Mod case. [Music] No damage done to the back of the unprotected
phone, back or front. Both seem to be working just fine. And no damage appears to have happened to
the RhinoShield either. We’ll try it one more time for good measure. Getting out of the car with the unprotected
case. [Dramatic Music] And getting out of the car with the protected
case. [Dramatic Music] Looks like we have one giant crack all the
way through the back of the phone, starting up here by the antenna line. Camera lens is still fine, but now we owe
Apple $349 to replace this. Taking off the case of the RhinoShield just
to double check, and everything is fine. Front of the phone is also undamaged. Let’s keep going. And for the record, that is about a 3 foot
drop from the edge of my seat all the way to the ground. And the unprotected iPhone is shattered. So now we’ll drop the phones from about waist
high, which is the second most common drop, just pulling it out of your pocket and letting
it go. [Dramatic Music] Looks like the screen of the phone is totally
fine and the back panel still has that same crack, but we’re still good. And the RhinoShield is good on the front and
good on the back. We’ll do another waist-high drop for good
measure. This is drop number 4. [Dramatic Music] Front of the phone is still good. Back of the phone is the exact same. Front of the phone is good, and the back of
the phone is still not cracked. Now we’ll be going about chest high. This is drop number 5. [Dramatic Music] Take a look at the damage. It looks like we have a couple more cracks
along that side right there. On the front of the screen…ah, now we have
damage on the front as well. We got a nick right there on the corner, as
well as a crack in the top. The RhinoShield case…we are looking totally
good on the front. And if we pop the case out…it’s a pretty
tight fitting case, the back panel is still fine. So we owe Apple nothing to fix this phone
so far. The unprotected phone now has screen and back
panel replacements, and with Apple’s in-house repair costs, it might be cheaper to buy a
new phone at this point. Alright, now we’ll be doing head high, as
if it slips from your hand as you’re talking on the phone. [Dramatic Music] Taking a look at the silver phone…same cracks
as before, nothing new yet. And we have a new spiderweb in the corner
of the screen. Pretty safe to say that this phone wouldn’t
survive any kind of drop over 3 feet. Now we have the 11 foot protected phone, and
the screen is still fine and the back panel is still good underneath that plastic. So I’m about 6 feet tall. I’m going to raise my hand above my head and
drop it from there just for kicks and giggles and see what happens to both phones. This is about an 8 foot drop, give or take. [Dramatic Music] Aw man. And it is pretty easy to tell that the iPhone
8 did not survive that at all, even the camera lens is completely shattered on that one. We are doing this drop test on asphalt to
imitate a parking lot, you know, whether you’re in your car and getting out…dropping it
as you’re getting groceries. Both the screen and the back are completely
obliterated. Taking a look at the RhinoShield case…no
damage on the front. We’ll pop it off and take a look at the back. And the back panel of the phone is completely
fine. So now after having dropped 4 different phones
in 2 different drop tests, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it doesn’t matter what Apple
says about their most durable glass ever, glass is glass and it’s going to break if
it’s dropped. It’s very unfortunate about their super high
repair costs – that I’m not a fan of. Personally, I’ll be trying to find a way to
fix it cheaper than what they’re charging as always, but until then, a case is a very
good idea. And the one we used today, the RhinoShield
mod case, holds up pretty darn well. Like I mentioned before, the RhinoShield case
does come with external lenses. We’ll try out the macro lens on the damage
done to the iPhone 8. And this is the footage done with one of the
macro lenses attached to the phone. If we were to unscrew that lens, the footage
wouldn’t be quite as close up. I’ll also try out this wide-angle lens. Super big thanks to RhinoShield for sponsoring
this video by the way. This drop test would not be possible without
them. Just like a real camera lens. That thing is beastly. So here’s some video with that wide-angle
lens in place. It’s got quite a big field of view with not
a whole lot of fish-eye effect. It’s letting us capture quite a bit into the
image. I’m going to unscrew the lens for kicks and
giggles…and we are much closer up. I’ll be linking all of those cases and lenses
in the video description of this video. So head down there if you need protection
for any of your phones. Once again, thank you so much for watching. I don’t always delight in the abuse of iPhones,
but sometimes it’s necessary. Thanks a ton for watching and I’ll see you

100 thoughts on “iPhone 8 DROP TEST! — Don’t drop your new iPhone… ever.”

  1. It’s not that specific case that’s protecting it insanely well compared to a non protected iPhone . Any case with protect the iPhone more than without duh

  2. I get some get an uneasy satisfaction out of watching any smart phone dropping… Especially when it isn't mine! Really though, it is interesting to see how much a little plastic and rubber around a phone can protect it. Thanks for the vids, bro (new subscriber)!

  3. Shit, I’m watching this on my IPhone 8+ a year later & I’ve never dropped my phone. Hell, I’ve never dropped any phone I’ve owned. I just pay attention but I’m sure a day will come that I drop it. That’s why I have a great case..

  4. Ya, imma be getting a case for my iphone 8. i have a 4s now, so it'll be quite an upgrade… i love the 4s with no case, but… no chances will i take!

  5. I'm still using my 6s, still fast enough and clear enough for me.
    Making a phone case basically 100%glass is just crazy IMHO, naturally glass is nowhere near as durable as the alloy cases. Personally my favourite was the 5s, they were a sleek solid wee phone.

  6. I got 8 plus in a case. The music though😂. It deserves it. That’s 300 plus bucks out your pocket or worse 699.00 plus. My pocket started weeping😂.

  7. This test is not a text that I will be looking for because it’s not accurate, as your using the same condition phone to test different drop heights. I would recommend to drop a new one for each heights and conditions.

  8. I should watch the video before dropping my iPhone 8
    Now its schatterad on the back but the front is super good protection

  9. Wife has an 8. She had it out of the case because her current one was worn out (excuses). We were at Crackle Barrel and she slid it off the table. It fell flat on the floor. There was no visible damage, no glass breakage. BUT the rear facing camera had lines in it. It was not the lens cover on the case (which Jerry scratches), but the CAMERA itself. Costed $106 to repair at uBreakIFix. They ordered the camera, we came back a week later, they installed it in a couple hours, phone is good to go. So with all these drop tests, the Camera can be damaged, even if the glass case survives.

  10. I dropped my iPhone 8 Plus with a case and screen protected from about 4 feet on the wood hard floor it didn’t crack but can it damage the inside from the rattle?

  11. I don't know whether I'm just lucky but I dropped my unprotected phone from abt 5 feet onto tiles about 2 times and it didn't crack, there's just a slight scratch on the frame 😀

  12. But if it has a case on it might not crack right because my phone I dropped with a case like 3.5 feet and I don’t think it cracked

  13. Hey man you inspire me to do a YouTube channel I want to do the same but also with camping gear if you sell your phones cheaper I’ll buy some for my own test

  14. I dropped for the very first time my Samsung Galaxy S6 from the side of my pockets and it cracked on the front upper side going all the way to the front camera and I'm average height. So yeah.

  15. I am sticking to my 7+ with a case and screen protector. I wish it had a headphone jack. The music sounds like a requiem for a iPhone, lol.
    I know its sounds like a conspiracy theory but why do they make such fragile phones now that you immediately have to buy all kinds of protective devices for them? I didn’t used to have to do that years ago. Seem a bit like a design flaw/intentional obsolescence.

  16. I have a Nokia 7.1 with a case and a screen protector. I never dropped it, but when I ever remove them my phone will fall down for sure.

  17. One time a ran out of my house, my phone slipped and flew up roughly 12-15 feet and shattered on the pavement about 10 feet away. The battery came out (this was in 2011) and blew up. It was awesome to watch tho. Aside from the panic of losing my phone

  18. How I usually drop my phone is when I’m walking my phone goes WHOOOOOP out ofmy HAND and skids across the ground 🙂 fun eh..

  19. That’s weird. I drop my iPhone 8 Plus waist height at least 3 times everyday without a case. How did these iPhone 8 break?

  20. When you are 7 foot tall, standing on a bunk bed, talking to your friend and drop your iPhone 8, yeah. That dream was amazing.

    Not the iphone part but me being 7 foot tall

  21. As an iPhone user, I can agree about the overpriced repair, but if you just use a case like he used, you should be just fine.

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