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iPhone 8 Plus Home Button Replacement

iPhone 8 Plus Home Button Replacement

Hello everyone, today I show you how to disassemble
iPhone 8 Plus and replace home button / Touch ID To disassemble the iPhone 8 Plus you need the following tools:
• Screwdriver set • Plastic mediator
• Suction cup for removing display • Tweezers and opening plastic tool
• Hairdryer In the description under this video, I left
links to the necessary tools and parts for replacement. I also recommend using a magnetic mat when
disassembling the iPhone 8 plus and lay out screws in the order of the disassembly process,
because all screws are of different sizes and it is enough just to get confused during
assembly Before disassembly, turn off the iPhone and
remove the tray with the sim card. Take a screwdriver Pentalobe 0.8mm and unscrew
the two screws near charging port. Take a hair dryer and heat display surface
for 1-2 minutes. Next, fix the suction cup near home button
and pull up on the ring. Take a plastic mediator and try to separate
the display from the iPhone. If you cannot separate using a mediator, you
can take a plastic card. Open the display to the right side like a
book. Unscrew 4 screws and remove the metal panel. Disconnect the battery cable from the iPhone
mainboard. Unscrew 2 more screws and remove the metal
panel. Now you can disconnect 3 cables of display
from mainboard. To replace the home button (touch id) you
need to unscrew the 4 screws on the metal panel. Turn over the display and heat the surface
of the home button. Carefully disconnect the home button cable
from the display module. Now gently peel off the cable from the display. Press down on the button and remove it. Now I gonna explain why just replacing the
“home” button with any other button will not work as a result. This is because your original home button
connected to the motherboard at the factory where your iPhone was assembling. This done for security reasons, and no one
else could hack your smartphone by replacing the button. If just replace your original home button
with any other buttons, the Touch-ID function will not work. What to do if your button does not work. Your broken button can be fixed even in the
most difficult cases, but this requires a high-level repair experience. If the cable of your button is broken, you
can replace it by taking a cable from a similar button. These microchips on the cable you can replace
and everything will work. The microchip that is under the metal plate
of the backside home button cannot be replaced or repaired, as I said earlier; it is this
chip inside the button that is tied to your iPhone 8 plus motherboard. But there is one way how to get the working
home button, that is, a button that responds to a press and returns to the main screen,
without having to solder anything. This home button identical to the original
button. The only drawback of this button is that Touch-ID
will not work. This button is also universal and works on
iPhone 7, 7 plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. I left a link where to buy such a button in
the description under the video. Install the button in the display module and
connect the button cable to the display module. Install the metal bracket and fasten the four
screws. Now let’s check how the new button works
before final assembly with gluing of the case. Connect three display cables to the motherboard
and then the battery cable. Turn the display over and turn on the iPhone
Remove the old adhesive tape from the iPhone case. Take the medical alcohol and wipe the case. Also, wipe the display case. Now begin to restore the water resistance
of the iPhone 8 plus. For this, take a waterproof adhesive tape. A link to this adhesive tape you can find
in the description under the video. First, connect 3 cables of the display module
to the iPhone 8 plus mainboard and only then connect the cable from the battery. Install the metal panel and fasten all
the screws. Turn over the display and press it all the
way around the perimeter of the iPhone. Fasten the last two screws near the charging
port and install the sim card tray. Turn on the iPhone 8 plus and use the smartphone.

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  1. *Links to the universal home button for iPhone 8 Plus and screwdrivers for disassembly in the description under the video

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