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iPhone 8 Plus Review – Best iPhone 8 Features!

iPhone 8 Plus Review – Best iPhone 8 Features!

48 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus Review – Best iPhone 8 Features!”

  1. What's up #TechSquad? Let me know what you think of my iPhone 8 review – and also, weigh in on which you like more – iPhone X vs iPhone 8? Comment and let me know!

  2. Best iPhone to date just like always when a new phone is launched but nothing really great and iOS 11 except for bugs.

  3. Got the iPhone 8 Plus 256GB …… Upgraded from the iPhone 7 Plus 265GB. Not really impressed with the iPhone X; by the time people get it in their hands it will be outdated in 9 months by the iPhone 11/11 Plus. I can wait until the iPhone 11 Plus.

  4. Best features are 1.Expandable battery 2. Chipping with pieces flying everywhere especially from the back of the phone in drop tests 3. It looks like the iPhone 7 iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

  5. I think I will be getting the Iphone 8+ because i've heard that the X won't really be available till well into 2018. what do you think?

  6. I have an 8 Plus and totally love it, I love True Tone because I have dry eye and True Tone helps my eyes. I also love wireless charging because I don’t have to deal with wires anymore. Way to go apple👍🏻😁

  7. I upgraded from the 6S to the 8 Plus. I’ve watched a few video reviews and this may have been the best yet. Well done Andru I just subscribed to your channel.

  8. The 10 really isn’t all that. I played with it and it’s just an iPhone lol I have a 7 so I’m not upgrading to an 8 either but it does look nice tho

  9. I purchased the iPhone 8Plus the day it came out in space gray and 256GB because I’m the type of person that hates change. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Getting the iPhone X with no bezels got to me because I’m used to the fingerprint scanner and have grown to love it. I have not had any buyers remorse and wished that I had the iPhone X because the usable space in the iPhone X is about the same as an iPhone 8Plus but it has no chin’s however it does have a unibrow.

    I am very happy I stuck with the original iPhone style and the look. Waiting for he iPhone X wasn’t worth it for me and I upgraded to the 8Plus from he iPhone 7.

  10. I prefer iPhone 8 plus. Its a really cool phone and I love it's big size. The iPhone 10 is also cool, but the only problem is that some things are cut off from the screen due to its screen size.
    Basically I'm in love with the 8+😍💯

  11. Great review. We decided on going with the 8 plus. My wife is ping from the 6S plus and I am coming from the S7. Getting g the phones next week

  12. Andru, I got the iPhone 8+ and couldn’t be happier. Upgraded from a 7 so this is my first plus. I had wanted the X but several videos caused me to reevaluate the 8+. Glad I did. I still like Touch ID better than Face ID. It works and does so fast! Got the 256GB while on sale so I really saved over the cost of the X! 8(+) is great!

  13. I have a iPhone 6 right now but I’m thinking about getting a iPhone 8 Plus this weekend. Is it a good buy? Your video gave some good info by the way.

  14. if your looking at this video debating getting an iphone 8 or 8 plus, i HIGHLY recommend you get the product red, sexiest iphone ever

  15. At least they should include 12W if they are so cheap…. Dumb Apple…. Oh well Still love the 8 plus!!! <3 <3 Love it more than X

  16. Although i have the option to take the iphone x for free i took the iphone 8 plus 256gb space gray and iam happy with my choice.
    (Very nice video)

  17. I’m so scared the iPhone 8 that I might be getting will be my last iPhone because I hate the no home button on the others

  18. Great video, really good info. I've always been an android user i currently have the lg aristo 2 but I'm finally ready to switch.i like the xr,xs&max but it seems that more people seem to prefer the 8 plus.and after watching your video as well as some others it's really pushing me in that direction I'm going to buy one this week….thanks

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