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iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XR – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XR – Which Should You Choose?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech in
the iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone XR are both great devices and if you’re
trying to decide which one you should choose hopefully this video will make it
a little bit easier now this video is going to be kind of lengthy and if
there’s something specific that you’re interested in that I’m covering here
such as price design speed I’ll leave links to where I cover those different
things in the description so you can jump around if you don’t want to watch
the whole video in its entirety so the first thing are the color availability
with the iPhone 8 plus we have three different colors that are currently
available we have space grey silver and gold and this is the space grey one and
also there was a product red edition but if you want that you’d have to find one
of those used now with the iPhone XR we have more color choices and this one
is the product right edition but we have white black blue yellow coral and
product red as far as the color options they may change this in the future but
that’s what’s currently available now when it comes to price the iPhone 8 plus
comes in it with two different options currently at $699 for 64 gigabytes of
storage and $849 for 256 gigabytes of storage when it comes to the iPhone XR
we have $749 for 64 gigabytes of storage $799 for 128 gigabytes of storage and
$899 for 256 gigabytes of storage now many times you can get these phones at
reduced prices and many deals especially with a trade-in deal Apple is being
quite aggressive with the iPhone XR as far as trying to sell these at this
point so you can get a really good deal on one of these right now now as far as
the design is concerned both are aluminum
you’ll see the outside edges are aluminum on both of them and they’re
very similar in design it’s your classic iPhone design you’ve got your power
sleep/wake button on the right the iPhone XR sleep/wake button is a
little bit bigger and the SIM card tray slots are a little bit different as far
as where they’re located on the XR it’s in the bottom right on the 8 plus it’s
about halfway down on the right on the bottom there’s a microphone and speaker
and also your lightning port in the middle they look very similar there and
then on the other side of course you have your volume and your
your vibrate or silent switch on both of them there’s nothing on the top and
neither one of them have a headphone jack so you won’t have that available
but you do have an adapter that goes from lightning to headphone if you need
it or you can use wireless air pods or other bluetooth headphones
both of them have IP 67 ratings that means that they can be submersed in
water but does not mean you can swim with them that will damage them and
Apple will not cover water damage so make sure you’re not swimming with them
without a waterproof case as it’s meant to keep the phone working through maybe
mishaps and things like that now the eighth plus is the classic design the
front is what we’re used to from years of using iPhones we’ve got touch ID on
the bottom it works nice and fast you’ll see it unlocks quickly we have bezels on
the top and bottom and it’s just the classic design at this point and touch
ID is nice and fast but face ID is what’s newer on the newer devices and on
the XR it’s nice and fast if I lock it and
unlock it here you’ll see it’s unlocked already we can do that again look at it
it unlocks and you’re good to go so when it comes to filling in passwords face ID
is a little bit better it just kind of seems to work by you staring at the
screen but when it comes to waking up in the morning you have to stare at the
screen as long as you have the high security on you have to open both eyes
and if the screens bright it’s a little hard to see so it times like that it can
be a pain but most of the time face ID is going to be better for most although
touch ID is more convenient for some people just depends on your preference
both are good though now when it comes to the displays this is where they get a
little bit interesting on the iPhone 8 plus we have a 5.5 inch retina HD
display it’s 1920 by 1080 with 401 pixels per
inch it has a 1,300 to 1 contrast ratio on the iPhone XR it’s a little bit
different they call it 6.1 inches because it’s kind of bezel-less or
thinner bezels and corner to corner is where they’re measuring from the bottom
left to the top right it’s a 6.1 inch liquid Retina Display
1792 by 828 with 326 pixels per inch however the iPhone XR
a better contrast ratio at 1,400 to one have great viewing angles you won’t have
any issues there and both of them look pretty good overall the only time I’ve
ever heard anyone say anything about the XR is around the corners so even though
the resolution is a little bit lower the pixel density is high enough where you
can’t see the pixels and side by side with an iPhone 8 plus it looks pretty
much the same although when you’re playing a youtube video you’re going to
see it scaled on the iPhone XR now both of these displays have true tone so
if we go to the display settings they both have true tone if I turn that on
you’ll see that it tries to make the whites sort of like paper white I prefer
to leave it off most of the time it doesn’t seem to change the power or
anything like that as far as what it’s using battery wise but overall if you
want accuracy you want to leave true tone off now also both of them have a p3
wide color gamut that means they are kind of HDR displays but they don’t let
you swatch HDR on YouTube so if you have that you won’t be able to see it they
also go to the same brightness so if we turn the brightness up here it’ll kind
of be too bright for this display but you get the idea they’re both equally
bright as far as that goes and they look great in most situations outside-inside
it doesn’t really matter iPhone 8 plus still has 3d touch where
the iPhone XR has haptic touch and you’ll see the icon when you try in 3d
touch it it doesn’t do anything however notifications do have peek and
pop with haptic touch you’ll see if you press on it it will open up and also if
you go into the control center you get the same sorts of menus so if you 3d
press or haptic press on these different icons you’ll be able to adjust things as
well as far as the weight of both of them
while the eight-plus is a little bit bigger it is slightly heavier at 7.13
ounces the iPhone XR is six point eight four ounces in the hand they both
feel really good I prefer the XR in the hand it’s got a little bit nicer
feel I think it’s kind of the perfect size even though I have really large
hands once you get a case on an 8 plus it makes it that much bigger so you do
have that also they both have wireless charging they’ll charge at the same
speed you can sort of fast charge them a macbook charger overall you’re going
to get similar charging speeds when it comes to the actual size of the battery
the battery in the XR is 2942 milliamp hours where the eight plus is two
thousand six hundred and ninety one milliamp hours and because the iphone XR is pushing less pixels the screen is lower resolution it actually gets a
little bit better battery life because you’re not pushing as many pixels the
processor doesn’t have to work as hard and it seems like throughout the day the
XR seems to last a little bit longer either one of them or both of them are
going to get 5 to 6 hours of screen on time normally and easily get you through
a day today and a half if you’re a heavy user you may have to charge it in the
afternoon but for the most part you’re going to get through the day without a
problem now both have stereo speakers and it’s hard to convey here in this
video but the XR has a better stereo sound both of them have speakers at the
top and the bottom and it sort of fires out the bottom and the top and then its
widest stereo so the XR sounds better and it also looks a little bit better
when watching widescreen video so let me show you that on both displays you can
see I have the same video this is a video I created and on the right it
fills more of the display on the left it kind of letterboxes it around
neither of them look bad but you do get a little bit nicer display on the XR
when it comes to larger video you can also fill the screen here but then
you’re going to see the notch that you get on this one so that’s kind of a pain
if that’s something that bothers you and that’s another thing that comes with the
display is that not a lot of you either are indifferent to the notch or hate the
notch and it’s something that you’re either not going to mind or it’s going
to drive you crazy but either of them I think are good as far as the display is
concerned now if we talk about the internals the iPhone 8 plus has last
years a 11 Bionic processor whereas the XR has the a 12 Bionic processor with
the next general engine it’s supposedly much much faster however in day-to-day
use you’re not really going to notice a difference in fact let’s run a couple
tests here let’s open minecraft and this is just a simple game that we can create
a little world in where it has to do a little bit more
be processing and let me show you what I mean so if we hit play will create a new
world create a new world and then we’ll click create or tap create and you’ll
see that they’re going to be very fast both of them here you’ll see the XR
went really quick the eight plus is going nice and quick and let’s see what
happens and you’ll see the eight plus actually finished a little bit before
and that’s usually because the processor will ramp up to its fullest speed more
quickly on the eight plus for some reason and there’s been some concern
about that but it’s not anything that most people are going to notice you’re
talking one to two seconds difference and most of the time you’re going to see
that they’re both ridiculously fast if we’re doing a more processor intensive
task such as editing 4k video so if I do something like iMovie iMovie will go
into my movie here well let’s create a new one we’ll create a new movie and
what we’re going to do is export 4k video and the reason I do this is
because that’s probably the most processor intensive thing you can do is
export 4k video so let me set up a movie and we’ll export it and see which one
finishes first and that should really tax the processor so you can see I have
the same video on both devices 6 minutes and 52 seconds as far as its
length is concerned this is just a side view of one of the case videos I did
that I recorded with an iPhone so this is 4k 60 frames per second video and let
me bring over a timer and we’ll use the iPhone X as a timer here and let’s
spread these out a little bit we’ll hit done then we’ll export here we’ll hit
save and you’ll see it says 4k so let’s see if we can hit these at the same time
and then I’ll speed this up so you don’t have to wait around and we’ll see how
quickly it actually compresses and let’s see what it does now keep in mind it’s
about seven minutes almost for the video and usually this is going to take about
seven minutes to export so let’s see what it does you’ll see it took over three minutes
longer for the iPhone XR to complete the same exact task now I’ve found this
to be true in multiple tests I’ve run so I’ve run this on longer videos and the
ten are always seems to be slower than the a 11 Bionic for some reason so
that’s also true of the XS and XS Max so there’s something there when it comes
to video encoding and as far as the temperature of the phones they’re barely
warm to the touch maybe a little bit right here on the eighth and I don’t
feel any heat whatsoever on the a12 processor on the XR so that’s pretty
impressive as far as the speed is concerned that’s pushing the phones
about as hard as you’re gonna push them and that hopefully isn’t a concern for
too many people I’ve seen in a 15 minute long video where the XR was about a
minute or two slower so it just depends what you’re doing now the next thing is
the cameras the cameras on them are both very good in fact the XR just won an
award for being the best single camera on the market although there’s not a ton
of single cameras out there but this one is a 12 megapixel optically image
stabilized camera as is the 8 plus and the 8 plus camera is not as good as the
XR as far as for photos and video they both do 4k 60 as far as their video
recording capability but when it comes to zoom of course you’ve got that extra
lens on the 8 plus however that zoom verse digital zoom on the XR isn’t as
different as you think in the picture that I’m showing here you’ll see it’s
going to be slightly different but not as much as you would think when it comes
to that because the XR has a new sensor and it’s using machine learning
to do some of that it actually can look the same or better in some cases and in
some other cases the 8 plus will actually use the cameras digital zoom
over the the optical zoom if it think it can thinks it can do a little bit better
job now also if you’re taking a portrait photo and you’re using the dual cameras
for that you can take portrait photos with the 8 plus using whatever you’d
like you could take a portrait photo of the iPhone and get a little bit of depth
of field if maybe I can do this here yeah that’s telling me to move further
way but you can get a little bit more depth of field that way but on the XR
you can only do depth of field with people so it says no person detected so
keep that in mind if that’s something you take a lot of portrait photos
although I don’t find I use it too much if we go back to photo or portrait
you’ll see we can’t use the forward facing camera on the 8 plus for a
portrait because it doesn’t have that depth sensor the true depth sensor that
the XR has so we can flip this around use the portrait mode and we can just do
normal photos on the 8 plus so we have that ability but we can do portrait mode
and adjust the f-stop or the aperture in the upper right here on the XR so
that’s a little bit better when it comes to the forward-facing camera they’re
both good when it comes to photos but it comes to portraits they’re not the same
also with the XR you can do things like MIMO G or an emoji and while I find I
very rarely use this it is the out there is the option to use this and you can
use it if you want to do that so you can’t do that with the 8 plus and that’s
pretty much it when it comes to both of these devices they’re both really good
and they’re both similarly priced so hopefully that helps you decide which
one you would pick a little bit better and I think they’re both great you can’t
go wrong with either one and Apple will continue to update both of them for
years to come I’m sure but you just won’t have some of the features and the
swipe gestures that you have on the iPhone XR the speed and everything
is very comparable like I’ve shown you and I think you’ll be happy with either
one let me know which one you would choose in the comments below if you’d
like to get your hands on the wallpaper that will be linked in the description
below if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like as always
thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XR – Which Should You Choose?”

  1. I upgraded from and iPhone 7 to an xr, then switched to the iPhone 8 Plus. All the specs seem to have an edge with the 8 plus except for the processor, but the A11 chip is still a beast. The dual 12 mp camera, home button, and full 1080p screen is what really help me make the decision to switch. The specs are near the same, but I feel like the 8 plus is the better value imo.

  2. I really want the iPhone 8+ for a long time but my parents don’t want to get me it because of the price. But I’ve started working now so I can be able to afford it soon! Will update soon!!!

    EDIT:: ive just gotten the 8+ yesterday! the camera and screen is honestly amazing!! Would recommend to all! 🙂

  3. I am in a position of already ordered the Xs Max 64GB in Black. However, if I need to start over and reselect a phone with a lower budget, I would have gone for the iPhone XR. Better chip, newer technology, bigger screen, nicer look, better camera, better water resistant I believe (isn't it 2m for 30 min whereas the 8 is 1m for 30 min?). The screen might be not as good but I honestly would not mind. I am upgrading from a 6s plus anyways so getting the XR will also be a hell of a good deal.

  4. I am in a position of already ordered the Xs Max 64GB in Black.
    However, if I need to start over and reselect a phone with a lower budget, I would have gone for the iPhone XR.
    Better chip, newer technology, bigger screen, nicer look, better camera, better water resistant I believe (isn't it 2m for 30 min whereas the 8 is 1m for 30 min?). The screen might be not as good but I honestly would not mind. I am upgrading from a 6s plus anyways so getting the XR will also be a hell of a good deal.

  5. I need help, anyone who sees it today please comment which one please, I’m going to purchase a phone tomorrow

  6. You can get product red iPhone 8s brand new, just not from Apple. However other retailers still have this stock.

  7. Looking to upgrade from my iPhone 6s

    Hadn’t considered being an XL model of the 8
    Very handy comparing to the likely XR I’m looking at!

    Thanks 😊

  8. I have the se but I’m looking for a new iPhone to get and I can’t decide iPhone XR or iPhone 8 Plus 😱

  9. he must have some big hands or i just have small hands bcz when i held the iphone 8 plus it felt huge in my hand but it looks really smapp in his hand😂

  10. I had trouble choosing too if you’re unsure go into a phone shop and see these phones for yourself I watched countless videos about the Xr and the 8 plus and finally decided to get the Xr and I’m glad don’t listen about the lcd screen the screen on the Xr is amazing it’s amazing for gaming and is super fast I’m glad I bought it it’s a great upgrade !! And the bezel is not one bit noticeable the screen on the Xr is still huge !!
    Hope this helps anybody who’s unsure
    You won’t regret it

  11. I know this is older but hey Aaron..I'm using note 9 on my recent guitar learning journey videos and it does ok in low light. I have a friend that sold this for 200 6 months ago for helping him out over the years. Well now hes giving me 8plus 256 and XSMax 512 …My question is. does the iphones render their videos Faster and if so do they shoot ok in low to ok light in comparison to the note 9? Thanks.

  12. I want the SE2 to have the bezels and the home button fingerprint scanner. I want that classic iPhone look.
    Well XR is better than 8

  13. Naw you guys gotta get the iPhone peice of crap, it has fast face id and super sonic touch id, but i forgot to mention that its a piece of crap. But yall can get over that.

  14. I honestly want to get the xr for the coral color. It would somewhat match my s10e flamingo pink..but I like the 8+ more 🤔 decisions decisions

  15. Hey! So, I've been researching both of these phones (iPhone 8, 8+, iPhone XR) for 2 months and I'm still unsure about which one to get, but I'm getting a new iPhone in a few weeks so I need help deciding which one to get. I'm going to keep the next phone I buy for about 3-4 years, like sometimes I really want the iPhone xr amd other times I really want thr iPhone 8+ but tell me which one I should get.

  16. I upgraded to the XR from the 7 and the difference in battery life is quite noticeable. I have a habit of falling asleep watching continuous YouTube videos (like old TV shows for example), and with the iPhone 7, when starting at 100% when I go to bed, the battery would often be at "low battery power" by morning. With the XR, doing the same thing, the battery charge is still well above 65% in the morning.

  17. Just an FYI, there is an App called Halide that will allow you to take portrait mode photos of animals or objects with the XR. It provides other cool DSLR-like features too. I have no affiliation with the App developer nor have I actually tried this App, so can't speak to it's effectiveness (but it has decent ratings in the App Store).

  18. I phone become high cost and they did’t keep performance like before if steve job he still alive i think that he can improve more

  19. This video finally pertains to me now that Verizon has stated they will shut off my beloved 5s shortly (RIP my old friend). Now the question is which to choose, which I guess I will decide once the 11's come out in September.

  20. Here is my plane I ganna ask for $500 on Christmas trade my iPhone 7 for iPhone XR you guys can probably do samething but trade for iPhone 8 Plus if you want

  21. $750 for a phone that has missing pixels to form 1080p. The camera is good but your screen can’t even load the full quality. I have the Xr but I’m going to switch to the 8 Plus or the Xs soon. Still deciding which one to switch too.

  22. If anyone gets a iPhone 8 Plus over the Xr, then you’re a moron. And if you got it just because of the home button, you’re a bigger moron.

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