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iPhone 8 Unboxing and Quick Overview

iPhone 8 Unboxing and Quick Overview

Hello YouTube today we’re going to be
unboxing an iPhone 8 in Space Gray. This model is the 256-gigabyte version which
can’t be bought new anymore. The models they sell now are the 64 and 128 gig
versions. If you do want to buy a technically brand new one directly from
Apple, the refurbished site is going to be your best bet. The new ones are priced
at $449 for 64 gigs and $499 for 128. The old models were priced at $699 for 64
gigs and $849 for 256 near launch. The last brand-new iPhone that I unboxed was
the 4S back in 2012 so this is a much different experience than the old
ones. They have incorporated a pull-tab with
the plastic that feels much thicker than the older cellophane shrink-wrapping. In the box, the paperwork is first, which
is also a change in the packaging since it used to be the phone itself on
top. Removing the inserts reveals the iPhone Inside the insert is a QuickStart guide,
a sim card tool, which is only included on non-activated models meaning it did
not come with a SIM card pre-installed, warranty and other legal information, as
well as the Apple stickers. The QuickStart Guide is as basic as it gets. It used to
be quite detailed but now they simply tell you what the buttons, do how to
charge the phone, and if you want to learn more, go to the TIPS app. Setting
the papers and phone to the side for a second allows us to look at the rest of
the box. Inside there is a standard 5 watt charger, which isn’t so standard
anymore since the 11 series come with an 18 watt fast charger. The rest of the
box reveals a set of Apple headphones that do not come with a 3.5 millimeter
headphone to lightning adapter, that was only included with the iPhone 7 models. Underneath that also shows the older
lightning cable with the USB A end. Now to look at the phone itself. The phone has a deep Space Grey color
with glass on the back for wireless charging, which marks the end of the
aluminum era excluding the sides, unless they make a budget model but who knows.
This also makes a full circle back to the iPhone 4 days where it had a Stainless Steel band and a glass front and back. When they moved to aluminum, they had to
go back to class because wireless charging would not be possible otherwise. Powering on the device, which is quite
fast, brings us to the Setup screen where we choose language, Wi-Fi, activate [the phone], and
sign in. This is standard throughout many Apple devices with the addition of new
things such as True Tone and screen time. The activation was sped up since it took
a minute or so. Then we get a screen for data and privacy, setting up Touch ID and
passcode, which I skipped for now, Apps and Data, signing in, agreeing to the terms,
automatic updates, and other things like iMessage, Siri, screen time, and the most
interesting part, the True Tone. It acts like night shift but adapts to your
environment to provide the most comfortable lighting for your eyes. Afterwards you can choose which home
button is best since it isn’t a physical click anymore. After display zoom the
device is ready to be used since it’s all set up. Going into Settings we can see
that this one shipped with iOS 12.3.1. We have the standard iOS 11 based
Control Center and Notification Center and since this is iOS 12, it feels more at
home than iOS 13 which got a radical redesign on many elements. In the future
I’ll do a update video on this such as how iOS 13 and newer operating systems
will affect this device and if it’s usable further in the future once it
becomes much older. As a comparison here’s the 8 next to the Space Gray
Magic Mouse that I recently unboxed as well. The only visible difference is that
the Magic Mouse is a bit darker than the iPhone, but both colors look quite nice.
And that brings us to the end of this video. Thank you so much for watching. And
of course what sort of unboxing would this be without removing the
protective plastic?

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  1. Some future content, including this video, has been pre-recorded but I never got around to uploading them due to lack of time. I will try to upload more content when I get available time to edit and publish them.

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