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iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus Unboxing & Comparison!

iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus Unboxing & Comparison!

– (Jonathan) Yo guys, Jonathan here, it is early morning
here on the west coast, but I think it’s only fitting because today is what I
would call a good day. Not only am I checking out
the brand new iPhone 8, but the 8 Plus as well,
gonna see what’s new and ultimately how they
stack up side-by-side. (upbeat music) And before I hop in,
what would an unboxing be without a giveaway, so if
you’re excited for that, let me know by droppin’ a like down below, queue shout out to 23andMe,
where you can discover more about yourself through
DNA for sponsoring this unboxing and giveaway. Because of that, you have
a chance to win either an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus,
the choice is yours. Definitely make sure you’re subscribed. For the complete details on how to win, check out the link below. Now I’m sure most of
you out there have seen an iPhone unboxing or
two, but if you haven’t, and this is your first
time, I’m gonna throw a virtual high five your way, and we’re gonna experience this together. Inside the box you have
the USB wall charger and Lightning cable, a wired
pair of Lightning ear pods, not air pods, I am super
used to sayin’ that by now. And just in case Lightning
ear pods aren’t your thing, on the flip side, you do
get a Lightning 3.5 mm audio adapter so you can
use any pair of headphones. So now that we’ve got the
accessories out of the way, we are here for what we all came for, the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus. This here is the gold iPhone 8 Plus, along with the silver iPhone 8, and I gotta say, between all
the colors across the board, including the iPhone 10, I think the gold is my favorite by far. Somethin’ about it that
just screams classy, and I think the word that comes to mind with the gold iPhone is creamy, and because of that,
I can’t help but think these would look perfect next to a pair of cream Yeezys. Now there’s no denying design wise, this is very similar
to the iPhone 6, the 6s and the 7, but once you
stack them side-by-side, you can start to see the
evolution of how things change, plus there’s just something
about that glass back that changes out the look and feel that has me excited again,
and honestly excluding the iPhone 10, I think this
is maybe the best looking iPhone since the iPhone 4 and 4s. Beyond that, the glass
back isn’t just for looks, it also brings for the first time ever, wireless charging to the iPhone. For you there, this is
not me trying to say Apple revolutionized or invented
wireless charging, in fact, Apple opted to go
with the wireless Qi standard, and not some crazy,
proprietary Apple nonsense, and that is absolutely a
good thing for everybody. One, it is going to increase the number of wireless charging products
out there, and two, definitely make it more
widespread across the platform as a whole. Now stackin’ up the 8
and 8 Plus side-by-side, regardless of the size difference, you are getting the exact
same A11 bionic processor inside both these phones. In fact, that is the exact same chip found in the iPhone 10. So just in case the iPhone 8
or 8 Plus is more your thing, maybe you’re not ready to
give up that home button, it’s nice to know you’re
not sacrificing performance across any of these. Now if those are simply
just numbers to you, and it doesn’t mean
anything, to put things into perspective, that is on
par with a 13″ MacBook Pro, which is nuts to think about. Because of that, I am definitely gonna see how it stacks up side-by-side against that MacBook Pro, a Galaxy
S8, and if there’s anything you wanna see it compared to side-by-side, let me know with a comment down below. Now as far as the displays go, while size or the
resolution hasn’t changed on these phones, what’s
new is True Tone Display. It’s a little hard to
show off through video, I think I have an idea of how to do it, it’s just gonna take a little bit longer, so stay tuned for my full review. But essentially it is this realtime adaptive white balance for your display, so no matter what the
lighting conditions are, you’re gonna have a better representation of what those colors are. So again, while the
screen size or resolution hasn’t changed, the iPhone
8 features a 4.7″ display with a resolution of 1334 x 750, whereas the iPhone 8
Plus is a 5.5″ display with a 1920 x 1080p display. Now as far as what that
extra screen real estate equates to, take a look at You can see on the iPhone 8 Plus, we see two entire sections,
whereas on the iPhone 8, we would clearly have to scroll up. From there, jumpin’ into
their Neanderthal ancestry section, and yes, if you’ve
ever wondered to yourself how much Neanderthal DNA is part of me, that is somethin’ they offer. But regardless, on the iPhone 8 Plus, you can see every single paragraph, where on the iPhone 8, you would clearly have to scroll down. Also, for reference, we know
Austin Evans is jacked as hell and seein’ those biceps
on a bigger 5.5″ display is a beautiful thing. Now from there, one big difference between the iPhone 8
Plus and 8 has got to be battery life. With the iPhone 8, you
can pretty much expect that you’re gonna have to plug in at least once throughout the day,
whereas with the iPhone 8 Plus, that’s gonna get you for
sure a couple more hours, more than likely last you
throughout the entire day. From there, both the
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus feature improved cameras, clearly
the biggest difference is going to be the dual
camera setup on the iPhone 8 Plus, so I’m
gonna start with something they both share, and it’s video. Both of these phones
will shoot video up to 4k resolution at 60 frames per second, which is actually kind of crazy, not many phones or even
cameras out there do that right now. This video was shot in
24 frames per second, so I can’t show off the 60 fps here, but if you wanna see a full
4k 60 fps demo on the iPhone, let me know and I will
get that out for you guys. Speaking of 24 frames per second though, there is now an option to shoot 24 fps on the iPhones, you’re not gonna have to download an additional app, you can do it straight from iOS. The other really impressive
thing on both these phones is 240 fps slow motion video at 1080p. Here is a quick test of Rich
doin’ some majestic jumps, and the more impressive thing for me here is actually lighting
here wasn’t that optimal. It was getting closer to
dark, so there wasn’t a ton of light, but it still
performed really well. I’m definitely gonna be
doing some more tests both on the 4k 60 side, and
the 240 fps slow motion, but regardless, initial
impressions on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, this is one of
the most underrated features. From there, jumpin’ into picture quality, this was shot on the iPhone 8 Plus, but it’s using the main wide angle lens, so it’s something you can
expect the exact same results on the iPhone 8 as well. Same thing here as well,
and I love this picture here because of the dynamic range. Everything is sharp, we
don’t lose the dark areas, you can see how the color
of those bike racks pop, and lastly, the sky. We can see the blue,
we can see the clouds, and nothing is blown out. Now from there, jumpin’
into more of a lower light situation, this was
one of my favorite shots. Everything holds together really nicely, even though it was getting dark. I particularly like the roll off here, straight from the camera and no artificial depth added at all. From there, this is pretty
much right after sunset, so it’s getting pretty dark here, and yeah, you can definitely
see a little bit of noise towards the street on the
bottom side of the picture, but it’s nice to retain both the shadows, the sky, you can really see that orange, and overall I really like this picture. Now as far as what
advantage that dual camera on the iPhone 8 Plus get you over the 8, here is a shot on the wide
angle lens on the iPhone 8 Plus, and then here is another
shot using the telephoto lens at the exact same distance apart. We then of course have portrait mode, which is by far one of the
best and most enticing features of the 7 Plus, and it is no different here with the 8 Plus. What’s also cool with the
iPhone 8 Plus beyond portrait mode is what Apple is
calling portrait lighting, which is really kind of crazy. What it is essentially,
is it allows you to manipulate different lighting environments through both hardware and software. I’ve talked about this before, but what’s awesome is you
can do this both while you’re taking the photo,
or even adjust it after if you didn’t take it in the first place. So I think as good as
portrait mode was on the iPhone 7 Plus, with the improved optics, and of course portrait lighting,
not only is it more fun, not only do you have more flexibility, it’s just a better experience overall. From there, jumping over to
a front facing selfie test, this was shot on the iPhone 8 Plus, but again, because the front
facing cameras are the same, you can expect the exact same
shot on the iPhone 8 as well. Here we have one more
selfie for good measure, and it’s kind of perfect with sponsoring this video,
because I’ve often got asked what ethnicity I am. I know for sure I’m part
Hispanic, part white, with a little bit of
Irish, but beyond that, I have no idea. So with that I sent off the 23andMe kit, which should give me a full
breakdown of everything I am. It’s a little scary,
but also really exciting to think about, so if that’s something you wanna check out, or something
you’ve been curious about, make sure you check out the
link below for full details and also stay tuned for a
future video where I find out exactly what I am. So nothing new here, but
of course the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are still
IP67 and water resistant, and I think that means
we gotta test that out. So into the water we go. (water gurgles on mic) (water gurgles on mic) Looks good, it’s clean,
it’s still recording, and I’m also curious to see,
this is also a pretty good low light test, it’s about 7:15, the light is gettin’
sucked away pretty quick, so let me know what you
think of the quality with a comment down below. Next from there, kind of
utilizing both the cameras and the processing power
of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, this was really kind of
my first time to truly play with AR. I got a chance to mess
around with Sky Guide, which is kind of amazing. It utilizes a compass with the cameras and augmented reality to
give you this realtime look into the sky. It is kind of crazy. I think by far the most
impressive thing for me wasn’t how fast, or how
instant everything was, it was the fact that it could react and adapt to your environment in realtime. So if you notice, if you
look behind the tree, the text is actually sitting behind there, which is bonkers. So all in all, while I
think the iPhone 10 is definitely the phone most
people are waitin’ for, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
still have a lot of really attractive features. You saw the power of the performance, the cameras, you have water resistance, wireless charging, and
maybe you’re not ready to give up that home
button, that is something that is still here and readily available on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Definitely gonna spend
some more time with it, so if you have any questions, or other features you want
covered more extensively, let me know with a comment down below. Aside from that, thank you guys very much for watching, this is Jonathan and I will catch you guys later.

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