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iPhone battery catches fire during routine repair

iPhone battery catches fire during routine repair

[Music] yeah just call me up fire technician Fred Davis has been working at this I repair fast in fruit Co for a year and a half he tells me on Saturday he was just doing a simple battery replacement on an iPhone 6s he put the phone on the hot plate warming it up to loosen the adhesive holding the battery in place he then put the battery on a table to cool down when I heard a pop I looked over and the table over there is just up in flames surveillance video shows Davis grabbed a fire extinguisher but the fire quickly burned out you can see all the ash that’s on our hot plate here so I moved it over and burnt out right here this is all that’s left of the battery that was inside of the phone that we were replacing it’s pretty nasty-looking rechargeable lithium ion batteries are used in almost every modern gadget Davis says they are very safe but do occasionally catch fire or explode you’ll remember the massive samsung galaxy note 7 recalled due to a battery defect that caused the phone to explode inside this Jeep Davis says the iPhone he was working on was purchased from eBay it seems like there is a defect in there your was just really old so how do you know if your battery is good or not on your cell phone well apples coming out with new software to help check the health of your battery you don’t want to open it up yourself you can damage your phone but when in doubt go to your local electronics repair shop and leave it to the experts here at I repair fast it only takes minutes for them to check it out there are a variety of factors that can cause a battery to explode extreme heat as a common reason your phone could overheat in the car in your pocket even while you’re on a call that’s why it’s important to pay attention to how you store your phone and to get it checked out if you notice any charging problems or defects Crystal Moyer Channel Ford the local station

7 thoughts on “iPhone battery catches fire during routine repair”

  1. Hot plate is not necessary for a battery change. The reason it exploded because of extreme heats like 200 degrees Celsius + not in your pocket or sun.
    He could’ve just used a heat gun for a sec or two or just pull out the adhesives as is. And if it was stuck then use the heat gun,

  2. No wonder how strong the Battery are Glued in you have to bend wenn glue Stripes are broken . Dont change the Battery when iz Loaded . First Unload it Complete iz to Dangerous !

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