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iPhone Charging Port Loose? Here’s The Fix!

iPhone Charging Port Loose? Here’s The Fix!

Hi guys, David and David here from
and, and in this video, we’re going to explain what to do when your iPhone
charging port is loose. Now, your iPhone charging port might be loose,
but it also might not be loose. Right. There could be some compacted debris inside
the charging port that’s making it feel like it’s loose but it’s actually just there’s
a bunch of gunk in there. You have to clean it out. Right. That happens a lot of the time. So I have a charging cable here and an anti-static
brush. If you don’t have one of those just get a
new toothbrush — one that you’ve never used before — right, and toothbrushes work
just as well. Get in there and just start brushing it out. Yep, get in there. And actually I just got some crap out. There you go. Okay. Yeah Gingivitis. Just kidding. Yeah. No, no… And also, if you keep your phone in your pocket
a lot during the day, lint can really start to build up in that charging port. So you gotta be careful. Wow, that’s good. Try not to use metal things in there because
it is sensitive and can be damaged. Yeah, and toothpicks can snap off and break. The problem worse tissues — same thing. Yeah, well they don’t snap off… Get a new toothbrush. Yeah, 99 cents at the pharmacy. Yep. So you cleaned it out. We actually want to talk real quick about
some of the ways is actually happens when the charging port does actually break. So first up we’ve got these headphones here. Right. This is what we used to see at the Apple Store. All the time, people would come in their iPhones
like this and they’re charging and this is how it breaks, because if you wrap your headphones
around your iPhone when you travel and leave them plugged in, this puts a lot of strain
on the charging port which is connected to the logic board of the iPhone with with solder,
and it’s screwed in. It’s not supposed to break, but it can, so
we want to eliminate as much strain as possible, especially like… You can imagine, if you’re traveling, iPhone
in your pocket, somebody bumps into you and then bang that can make it loose. So there’s a simple fix to this, and it’s
just unplug it. Yeah. Yeah. They’re still wrapped around there. It’s not plugged in. Yeah, perfect. Easy. Simple enough. Yeah, and one of the things I wanted to point
out that I noticed as we were preparing for this video, is that the dongle that Apple
makes is specifically designed not to put extra stress on that charging port. It’s even… it’s kind of hard to they made
it, you know, nice. An intelligent design right there! Indeed. So if your iPhone charging port is in fact
loose and broken, you’re gonna have to get it repaired. There’s not really another option to do. Apple Store, especially if you have if you
have AppleCare+, we also recommend some great third-party repair services. We’ll link to those in the description section
below and a card up above. Right. This isn’t supposed to happen, if you’re not
under warranty though, it might be worthwhile to check out those third-party services that
David mentioned because it can be a lot cheaper than going to the Apple Store. Yep. So that’s what to do when your iPhone charging
port is loose. Thanks for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Leave us a comment down below with any other
questions. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
for more great iPhone videos, or there should be a nice big button right here. We’ve got some other great videos. Well, after you fix your charging port, battery
tips over there — another video Here. Video, video right here. You got a lot of stuff — a lot of —
a lot of great stuff to watch. That’s it. That’s it! Yeah, we did it.

33 thoughts on “iPhone Charging Port Loose? Here’s The Fix!”

  1. my iphone 5s keeps restarting after 3 min even after battery replacement and DFU mode…What to do???

  2. If it is actually loose – put some black electric tape on the screen side of the port (1/4 inch wide) and then leave some slack to be able to pull it out if you need. It'll make the charger much more snug and poof, charging.

  3. Thanks guys this worked perfectly, I thought there was something else wrong. I keep my 7 in pristine condition but was astonished at the amount of compacted foreign matter in there. Huge thanks again 👍

  4. I am working at dominos pizza and…. yea you saved my phone, i tought i had to get the 11 pro but now, meh the charging port is fine XD

  5. i think it’s loose tho coz it charges when i squeeze the bottom part

    that said, HOW do i fix an actually honest to goodness loose port?

  6. Yes! I fixed it with a toothbrush. Ya'll are cool. My nephews knocked my phone off the bed and into baking soda. I have a Duracell charger, which is superb, so I knew something was wrong. Thanks

  7. It has been my problem for a long time, I thought it’s broken or my charger/headphones are. I cleaned it and it has a lot of dust squeezed on the bottom of the port. Thank you so much for this video!

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