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iPhone Field Test Mode Guide

iPhone Field Test Mode Guide

Are you trying to make sense of the Field Test Mode setting for the iPhone? This video serves as a guide to the two working options and covers the iPhone 6 through 10 as well as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. There are two primary chipsets used in the iPhone Qualcomm chipsets are generally used for Verizon and Sprint and Intel chipsets that are primarily used for AT&T and T-Mobile. Which chipset your phone has will determine which menu you’ll receive in Field Test Mode. If you want to know the specific model that ties to the chipset you’re looking for take a look at this table. It represents all of the newer iPhones and the actual model number whether it’s a Qualcomm or whether it’s an Intel or Other. Now some of the other ones are for Japanese markets or other international locations. They may work with Qualcomm or Intel chipsets depending on that model. On some of the phones the model number is printed in very fine print on the back of the phone but if you want to determine which one that you have you can lookup the model number based on the part number of your phone. To determine the part number go into Settings, General, About and take a look at the part number listed at the lower portion of the screen. This part number cooresponds to the model number of your phone. For example, in the iPhone 8 I have model MQ722LL/A which cooresponds to the 64GB, space gray iPhone 8 from Verizon. Once you find your model number in the list and determine it is a Qualcomm or Intel chipset then you know which menu you will receive when you go into Field Test Mode. As I mentioned earlier Qualcomm is generally Verizon or Sprint and Intel is generally AT&T or T-Mobile. If you have the Qualcomm chipset simply go in to your phone, dial *3001#12345#* and hit dial. This will take you to the Field Test menu. Click on 1xEV-DO and the decibel measure number you are looking for is Rx AGC0. Now a couple of notes about the Qualcomm chipset. It doesn’t work quite as efficiently as the Intel chipset does. If you exit out of this phone mode right now you’ll actually have to restart your cell phone in order to be able to get back in and see these menu options. There’s also been reports that some of the menu options don’t come back with data so I’d encourage you to do a power recycle and go in there and see if it works the very first time. For this chipset the dBm signal strength should be in this range. Now remember these numbers are negative numbers so the closer you get to zero means that the larger number is a better signal. So for AGC0 measurements anything greater than -70 meaning closer to zero is an Excellent signal. From -70 to -85 is Good signal. From -86 to -100 is a Fair signal. And anything less than -100 is a Poor signal. When you get to -110 you’ll have no signal and no service at all. For the Intel chipset you do the same thing. Go in to your phone, dial *3001#12345#* and hit dial. That brings you to the Field Test menu. This menu is quite a bit different. Click on LTE and go to Serving Cell Meas and the number you are looking for is rsrp0. The good news with the Intel chipset is that you can go back and forth through the menus, you can exist out of the phone and come back and dial the number again and it will still connect to Field Test Mode and display these numbers. The decibel signal strength works similar but has a little bit different range. Anything greater than -90 is an Excellent signal. -90 to -105 is a good signal. -106 to -120 is a Fair signal and anything less than -120 is a Poor signal. When you reach -125 you’ll have no signal at all. Hey, if you want to see more videos like this one please subscribe and if you’ve enjoyed this video be sure to click the Thmbs-up and leave a comment. I really do appreciate your support!

10 thoughts on “iPhone Field Test Mode Guide”

  1. My iPhone 8plus has a A11 Bionic chip as do the iPhone 8 and X. I have a different Field Test page than the video so I am not able to get field test.

  2. I’ve tried this multiple times and I upgraded to iOS 11 (regrettably) shortly after it was released. Is there a way to make field test mode permanently on iOS 11?

  3. I have iphone 7 a1778 and this does not work
    I get into the intel menu but after clicking "serving cell measure" it just says "waiting for update"

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