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iPhone Field Test Mode Signal Strength Indicator

iPhone Field Test Mode Signal Strength Indicator

Here’s a trick for measuring the signal
strength on your cell phone and it’s much better than using the 4 bar
indicator. Welcome to Sele Training. I am Jason Sele. The signal bars that you
have at the top left corner of your cell phone actually are measured with
decibels ranging from -140 to -44 with -140 being a poor signal and
-44 being the best possible signal. I found that the range of that
signal generally is between -120 range and about -50 or 55. Once you get
past the -125 range you’re not going to have any signal at
all. In order to see the decibel measurement you need to go into Field
Test Mode. The way to do that is to go into your cell phone, punch in this code
*3001#12345#* and hit dial. This puts you in Field Test
Mode. Now click on LTE and then click Serving Cell Meas and you’ll see on
the menu rsrp0 and rsrp1. rsrp stands for Reference Signal Received
Power. The difference between 0 and 1 is 0 is the cell phone tower that you’re
connected to. It’s closest and rsrp1 is the second closest. You’ll notice these
numbers update about every 6 seconds. I’ve also noticed that the bars update a
little bit slower than that so the cell measure indicator is going to be much
more accurate. To get out of Field Test Mode all you have to do is hit the home
button and that’ll clear it. That’s a quick look at the cell phone signal
measurement. Hope that’s useful for you. Hey, if you want to see more videos like
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23 thoughts on “iPhone Field Test Mode Signal Strength Indicator”

  1. How do you get it to replace the bars. I tried the method from ur last vid but it doesn’t work. I have ios 11.2 iphone 8 plus.

  2. Doesn’t work for at&t iPhone 8 plus. Got a different menu all together. None of the options were available even after digging through

  3. If you have iPhone with an intel chipset (models A1778 or A1784) then you can make this work. If you have a Qualcomm chipset (models A1660 or A1661) it has a different menu and does not currently show the signal strength indicator.

  4. I'm not sure I'm getting meaningful values. On my Verizon iPhone 6s model MKRQ2LL/A (A1633) with iOS 11.1.2 when I go to Field Test I have 1x and 1xEV-D0. If I go into 1x I see Device State, System ID, Network ID, Packet Zone ID, Base ID, Protocol Revision, Roaming/Home; for Device State it gives value "Slew[5]" on right hand side and for the rest there're no values. Then I have Rx0 Band Class =800 Mhz cellular band, Rx0 Channel Num =127, Rx1 Band Class =N/A, Rx1 Channel Num =N/A, RxAGC0 =-63.25dBm, RxAGC1 =N/A, TxAGC =N/A, Traffic FER, Active Set Info. (Here "Rx0 Channel Num =127" means on right hand side the value for Rx0 Channel Num is 127.)
    Where I am I have only only 1 bar and 1x so I can't believe the rxAGC0 is -63.

    If I go into 1xEV-D0 I have a bunch of stuff but the value fields are empty.

  5. I have an iPhone 5S and can't get the signal strength numbers using the present system.  How do i get the numbers instead of the bars?  I use Verizon.

  6. doesn't work for me at all, U.S. Cellular LTE both iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s Plus. Any help would be appreciated. In my experience it just dials the number and I get a beeping sound.


    So it seems you can't just set this up as a contact (tapping the "call mobile" in the contact itself. You actually have to "tap" the call button manually. It is a simple number to remember though 🙂

  7. I have an iPhone 7 a1778 and this does not work at all
    I get to the same menu but when I tap on “serving cell measure” it just says “waiting for update”

  8. For iphone 8+ on verizon here is what you need to be. Same code to get in. iPhone field signal
    >Serving cell measurements<
    Measured RSRP signal strength mine was today at 3/12/19 @ 6:19 PM -65.75 dbm -40 is really good and -150 is no signal. this is what your signal strength will be, took me a little time, if you don't see it, YOU MUST RESTART YOUR PHONE AND TRY AGAIN! hope this help. i nice to know what the signal strength really is.

  9. Hi.
    Bought a wilson signal booster, they suggested find best signal direction with phone test mode.
    Tried but get different menu there, never arrived to RSRP0/1, any suggestion?

  10. Why when I click on serving cell measure all I get is Waiting for update? This is my iPhone 7 plus. Why is it waiting for update?I'm sick of this phone constantly dropping my calls, my texts not going through or comin in late. It only happens when I'm at home. Nowhere else is this happening. I've taken it to ATT store 5 times..they gave me 2 new phones. They tried resetting signal from their side, which only worked for like 10 min then back to the same thing. Thank God I'm out of contract next month as I may be going back to Android SSGalaxy as I had them before.. Idk what else to do…

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