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iPhone Filmmaking – Get Cinematic iPhone Footage with FilMiC Pro

iPhone Filmmaking – Get Cinematic iPhone Footage with FilMiC Pro

hey guys today I’m going to show you
eight steps that you can use to achieve cinematic video using your iPhone and
the filmic Pro app so let’s get started hey guys Ryan came here with piedmont
motion picture thank you so much for joining me today if this is your first
time finding the channel this channel focuses on short films behind the scenes
footage for those films reviews and tutorials for filmmakers so if you’re
interested in any of that stuff entertainment or learning please
consider subscribing earlier this week I released a video
showing you how you could achieve a cinematic look for your film and video
projects using just your iPhone and the filmic Pro app well today I just wanted
to go into a little bit more detail and show you exactly the steps I took to get
the look that I showed you guys in that last video so here they are step 1
always remember that when going for a cinematic look be sure to film with your
phone horizontally next we’ll open up the film in pro app
and take a look at the clean and easy-to-use interface
step 2 is color or picture profiles select the color options located in the
bottom left corner indicated by the color wheels icon don’t forget to set
your white balance depending on your location and lighting or you can balance
manually to get an appropriate color cast select one of the newly added
picture profiles located within the middle menu option I recommend flat or
log to give you the most color control and color correcting later I personally
use log for the footage you saw in the last video these two icons indicate
control points for image focus and exposure once you have your scene set up
you can double click them turning the icon red to lock them in place be sure
not over or under exposure footage too light or too dark or you may run into
data loss within your image later step 3 and 4 is aspect ratio and resolution
will select resolution from the settings menu
I use the 16.9 format 4k and filming extreme settings for my test step 5
next we’ll select the frame rate for a cinematic look set to 24 frames per
second with playback of 24 frames per second this is also where you can set up
to do time lapses and slow-motion will focus on standard playback for now and
that’s it for camera settings don’t forget them when you’re finished setting
up your settings to save a preset and name it that way you can easily pull up
later without having to go through these steps again now we’re ready to film
don’t forget that framing motion atmosphere and lighting also play a very
important role in making your footage look professional and cinematic once you
have your footage shot and ready to edit bring it in to your editing program of
choice I personally use Adobe Premiere CC so that’s what I’ll be showing here
create a new sequence making sure it matches your footage for this case we’ll
want FPS settings for the sequence to be 23.976 to accommodate our 24 frames per
second footage and the aspect ratio should be set to 16 point 9
I usually work in a 1080p timeline and use 4k footage down sized to fit using
the 4k footage on the 1080p timeline gives you a bit more
flexibility and how you frame your footage since it’s larger and it looks
great in smaller resolutions now you can bring your footage into the timeline
I’ll use these two shots right here step six and seven are color correction and
color grading will need to apply the Lummi tree effect to our footage from
the video effects menu if you want to have the same color correction and
grading applied to a large portion of your scene so that they all match it’s
best to use an adjustment layer so you can apply the effect to that layer
affecting all of your footage at once but here I want to add a separate grade
to each individual scene so I’ll be dragging the levitra effect to each
scene on its own if your footage appears too dark or light or if you want to fade
it out a bit or adjust your contrast it can all be done right here if you want
to get really professional you can use luma tree scopes and histograms to
adjust your footage using some more scientific methods I however am no
colorist and I usually kick things off by using a LUT or lookup table these are
basically presets for color that automatically adjust the levels of your
footage there are lots of lux built into Lumet reading and our plenty of places
online where you can buy some really great specific looks these shots here
are kind of dark and dreary since it was raining so I went with some horror movie
lux that I bought online a while back go to the creative option listed in the
luma tree effects panel and select the Browse pulldown menu across from look
here you can find the lugs that are installed on your system or you can
manually pull one up is located on your computer
below the pulldown menu you can adjust the intensity of the light if it appears
too outrageous and you want to tone it down a bit just play around with these
options there is no right or wrong way to do this just go with what feels and
looks right to you one thing that I do a lot is pull up a screen grab from a
movie that matches the tone of what I’m going for
and I try to match it that way step eight is just to add a couple of little
touches since I shot these scenes by myself
I also added a little faux camera movement in posts so they weren’t so
static this can also be done in the effects
window for each scene by playing around with the keyframes for position and
scale will cover details on those in another video you can also add a black
bar over layer letterboxing to really convey that cinematic feel I use a 2.35
letterbox on most of my films you can create these yourself right in Premiere
using solids in Photoshop or you can probably find a PNG file in Google
search and there are plenty of places on the Internet where you can by aspect
ratio or letterbox packs that can pull this off as well the choice is yours
okay so let’s recap number one shoot horizontally with your phone to select a
flat picture profile three select the 16.9 aspect ratio four save your
resolution to 4k with a filmic extreme codec five say your frame rate at 24 FPS
with a playback of 24 fps six color correct your footage seven color grade
your footage using a LUT eight add those extra little touches by utilizing
post-production framing and motion if necessary and add letterboxes over top
of your footage and there you have it cinematic footage using your iPhone and
the filmic Pro app now get out there and create something special
okay guys that about does it I hope that inspires you and helps you out in some
way if you have any more questions please be sure to leave me a comment
below and if you’ve actually worked on a video project just using your iPhone or
the filmic Pro app or just to your mobile device in general please leave a
link down below to your video project so the rest of us can see what you are able
to achieve using your mobile device and again please be sure to subscribe if you
haven’t already give this video a like and I will see you guys next time
on the Piedmont motion picture show you

94 thoughts on “iPhone Filmmaking – Get Cinematic iPhone Footage with FilMiC Pro”

  1. Hi – do you do anything to your footage before going to Premiere? I sometimes find it freaks out with the variable frame rate.(even when set in Filmic Pro) Do your clips save to the filmic pro or through camera roll? This is a great tutorial regardless though. Thanks for taking the time.

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  3. You were about to touch on the slow motion and varying frame rates. Can you do an in depth video on this and if you already have one, can you link it please? Looking to film slow cinematic shots in the app for future videos. Cheers!

  4. Great video, finally someone who takes the right path for shooting video on the new iphones…was getting tired of all these pseudo
    tutorial guys complaining about the crappy stock camera app video results. There was this one guy when i confronted him about Filmic Pro being so much better…
    his response was : why should i pay 10 $ for a video app…..oh lord….hopeless. You buy a 1000$ phone but cant pay 10 buck for an app ? loll…i rest my case. Great job man!

  5. hello sorry for my bad english, nice video, i wanted to tel you if you want to have more a cinematic look, you can bay an anamorfic lens for iphone, it will give a staning cinematic image without adding the two black barres, because you shoot in anamorfic, personnaly i will bay one one day, i did a short movie with my samsun 3 neo, and i used some DIY ligting to trie to get a filmic look i let you the link of my short in my second youtube channel dédicated to film making and i will like you can tel me what do you think about the reslut thank you 🙂

  6. Nice video! I wanna know.. is there a reason to add the letterboxing at the 8th step? why dont you just film it with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 or 2.59?

  7. I don't have 25 fps on my Google Pixel2 very frustrating as I'm in the UK and shoot 25 fps which helps to avoid lights flickering. FIlmic Pro say if it's not native to the phone then their app can't deliver it.

  8. Why should we use 24 frame rate?
    If we use 50/60 frame rate, we will be able to make video more cinematic, slow and smooth.. i'm a newbie at filmmaking

  9. Hi hello I have been watching your videos and they are great. I am doing a project, short film, horror movie, using iPhone se with filmic pro. I am having trouble, shooting at night time to get night effect, I'm observing small dots blinking in the video, like in this video on the display of your laptop. Please help me shooting night scenes. And how to use flat and log from filmic pro.
    I need your response as soon as possible. Thank you.

  10. Great tutorial -thanks! Here’s the first music video I ever shot. I was experiencing some hiccups with the Canon DSLR due to our only available time and place to shoot was 11AM on a clear and very bright Saturday morning on a mall rooftop and I was totally unprepared having previously only filmed indoors. I was forced to improvise and shot with 2stationary Go-Pro’s and my iPhone mounted on a custom rig. Ever since I have started shifting my attention to shooting mostly on iPhone.

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  12. Hey guys! What are some other video topics that you would like to see covered as far as mobile filmmaking is concerned? Also, be sure to share your mobile projects and a brief description of your experience with the community below! Just don't spam please!

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  14. Loved your video and I am now one of your subs. I made a Thanksgiving Filmic Pro video just playing around with my iPhone 8plus. It's fun and Will Make You HUNGRY.. Thanks for the new tips!

  15. Great video! I’m wanting to use my iPad Air and FilmicPro but it doesn’t have the Flat or Log profile capabilities. I’m guessing it will only shoot in natural mode. Will I be limited when color grading?

  16. i love that you said "please consider subscribing" .. a lot of channels these days seem to be ordering you to subscribe… so rude!

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  18. Hello, thanks for the great tips! Been loving shooting with Filmic Pro this past year. Here's the link to a short music video I shot a few months ago using an iPhone 6s Plus and Filmic Pro: Most of the effects work was done in camera, with color work and editing done in Adobe Premiere CC. Rob/Running Lady Studios

  19. Short "CarPorn" film shot on my iPhone 7 Plus on the FiLMiC Pro app (with DJI Osmo Mobile) 1080P –

  20. You guys it’s hard to do bokeh on iPhone X for real cinematic – iPhone is handy but my preference is my G85 with ND filter

  21. Hi, I made a medium length movie with an iphone SE and filmic pro, maybe you will appreciate some of the shots I made… I'd like to receive some feedback.

  22. u just got a sub. loved ur intro and the way u explained ur channel and ur target market too. good stuff sir

  23. Interesting video! I have a question: why add manual letterboxing instead of changing the aspect ratio of the video to 2.35:1 instead of 16:9? I believe that would increase compatibility with ultra wide monitors as well

  24. I have an iPhone 7 Plus with 128gb of storage. Do you know how fast I'll run out of space if I shoot in 4k? I'm gonna shoot some stuff at Disneyland soon and I'll be there all day. Any recommendations?

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  26. Thanks for the tutorial! Yesterday filmed my first video and tried to hold your instructions in mind. Also tried to use some LUTs and color grading, which was difficult enough as the nature in this season is kind of grey everywhere. Used my Iphone 7 and everything is filmed, while using only hands.

  27. Adobe capture on your phone will create LUTs for you. I have taken snaps of movies and gotten perfect grades. Just take a pic of any setting and you will have it saved as a LUT.

  28. hello, I wonder if I can make a video and edit with my iphone, no computer to edit would get a low quality?
    thank you so much😊😅

  29. Thanks for this, Ryan! Been trying to use Filmic Pro for a bit so I’ve bee experimenting. Here’s one of my videos which have been done only with an iPhone:

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  30. Great video! Do I have to fix the shutter speed at 1/48 for the 24fps? I have long been searching for information when I ran to your video.

  31. Good evening. I'm trying to use this app that by the way is very good and I can not. It's for android.v 5. I usually shoot and play on my cell phone but when I send it to the pc it only plays a small part of the video.Mostly if the video for more than 1 minute. Sporadically it plays a few videos seconds. I already installed different codecs, already reduce bit rates and did not adinantou anything, however, also happens with the CINEMA fv5 app. However, other movie apps play normally. I would like to point out that when I pass the videos to the pc, they are sent but the duration of the video does not appear, ie it shows: "00.000" zeroed, in this case I do not even need to insist on reproducing because what happens. Can you help me? I appreciate it. Thankful.

  32. This was a first major attempt using Filmic Pro and Adobe Premiere for me

  33. I am so excited to share my very first cinematic video of the Monte Carlo Harbour using my iPhone 7plus. I applied almost all the steps that you mentioned. Please let me know what do you think of my video and how can i improve it even more. Here’s the link …

  34. You should create the sequence in the aspect ratio that you want, for example 2.39:1, instead of using PNG file. Or better yet, shoot in FilmicPro with black bars so that while your composition and framing is better

  35. Hi thank you so much for this very useful tutorial. My favorite setting is to play with depth of field when using FilmicPro. And it becomes possible with an iPhone. It’s so amazing and it changes the way to shoot. Like that in Nice, french Riviera :

  36. GREAT VIDEO PIEDMONT! Here is one of Virginia's Rising Music Artists Aeon , Performing his song Dear. Younger. Me SHOT WITH AN iPHONE7 Plus by me Dir. Keenan Rainer! Let me Know what you think guys! Blessings !

  37. Great video, I have one question to ask.

    I am planning to shoot some travel video near future.

    And I am currently using iPhone X + Moment wide lens + Filmic pro + gimbal to shoot videos.

    For 4k 24fps recording, I found that it's hard to keep 1/50 shutter speed during the sunny day (it's way too over-exposed).

    I am thinking about buying a variable ND filter with a filter mount but this set starts to get bulky and it's getting harder to balance on the gimbal.

    Is it worth to invest ND filter for the smoother look? (not many YouTubers talks about it, and even a good-looking iPhone cinematic video claims that they don't use any other attachments)

    or should I add motion blurs at post-production stage? (does it works well?)

    This problem makes me think that I should get the Sony a6500 with a wide lens, which would be a hassle-free (except the weight).

    Any good advice?


  38. Nice tutorials. Which phone editor can you recommend for me to use. I’m using Filmicpro as well with my iphone. Thank you.

  39. By far, the best tutorial I've seen regarding 24 fps and 4K recording. I'm an absolute beginner and I just ordered the Shiyun Smooth 4 gimbal for my iphone XS. I also purchased the Filmic Pro app and have been messing with it until I get the gimbal this Friday. I will at some point play around with the settings to see what I like but for now, I was just looking for someone to tell me what to set it to so I can at least get going on it. That's just how I learn. Looking forward to move videos! Keep it simple for beginners like us or those of us who don't have all day watching some just talk. You were actually showing your viewers exactly what you were doing. Ty!

  40. There is an indian old silent movie called Pushpak, its on YouTube. Could you please check it and let me know what colour scheme did they use?

  41. Mavis Pro app is better than Filmic Pro. M is more stable and what's more, M do better black in low light than F. 😉

  42. Hey guys, here's something I shot on the iPhone 6Plus. I wasn't aware of the FilmicPro app then.

    Please let me know what you think.

  43. And shot this on the One Plus 3T. (Without the FilmicPro app again)

    Would love to hear back.

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