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iPhone Hacks You Have To Try!

iPhone Hacks You Have To Try!

Things you didn’t know your iPhone can do I actually have a huge case for this iPhone look at this its actually a battery case but anyways today we’re gonna be looking at some unusual things we didn’t know our iPhones can do I mean a lot of us have iPhones I’ve actually had Androids and iPhones before. I know some of you guys are die-hard Android fans, and I know some of you are die-hard iPhone fans.
– I mean – I think they’re both great devices. So don’t roast me if you like – You guys are gonna say no ‘Android is better’ iPhone is better –
iOS is better – OK – That’s fine, but since so many of us have iPhones, I thought – It would actually be really cool to see some like hacks we could do with our phones. Maybe some of these are things we already know, But, I mean, this article is going to tell us – Yeah, you’re watching reaction time Without further ado, let’s just jump right into this. Are you guys ready?
Let’s do this. Ok so, the first hack is actually putting your iPhone on Airplane mode. It says, when you are not using your phone. Putting on Airplane Mode can actually save battery. And make it charge faster if you are charging it and you are short on time. Put it in Airplane Mode and it can charge faster. Does it charge faster if the phone is off, or its on Airplane Mode? That’s interesting, I gotta look that up. If any of you guys know, just let me know in the comments. Because sometimes I feel like. When I am charging it and the phone is off. It is actually really, really slow. Do you guys feel that too? When its on Airplane Mode I actually feel like it is going pretty fast. ok its says if you make a mistake while writing an email,editing a photo,or texting simply sake ur hpone and this will show up so appearently of your skae your phone it can undo typing.. lets see if this works *shake his phone* OHHHHHHHH it works!!! what?! nooooooo!!!! noo thats so cool– like if you have a long message or something you can just undo the whole thing? so just shake it instead of deleting the entire thing thats so cool when you need to start a new sentence, just double tap the space bar and it will add a period and a space for you. i actually know about this hack. i found this hack out by accident actually, i just lciked the space bar twise and i just saw that it just added a period and i was like that’s so cool so i use it almost everytime now. it just makes things so much easier find out what airplanes are flying above you. just say what flights are overhead.– ok let see, HEY SIRI!!! what flies are overhead YOOOOOO that so– it works it works do you guys see that? ok so ok it says the flights that are overhead rightnow is fedex express flight 1569 It is at 14,500 ft above the air alaska flight 552 ok this one says take a screen shot. everyone knows how to take a screenshot its power button and homebutton at the sametime but if you dont know that ur probaly not an iphone user like im pretty srure everyone knows that!! this one you can teacher siri how ti pronouce words apparently whenver she mispronounces a word you can just say that not how you pronounce blank so you just have to fill in the blank its actually pretty cool but i already knew about it just like i said before so you basically open up the camera app so you can actually use the volume up button to take a photo so lets say your hands are dirty and you don’t want to click you can just use the volume up button Another camera hack on the iphone is if you actually press and hold the shutter button on the camera if you press and hold it,it actually takes photos rapidly ill take a bunch of photos really quickly you guys can try that if you didn’t know that one I mean i knew that one its called burst mode Ok this one says you can use your iphone as a level i did not know this one alright so i’m on the compass app right now and its says if you swipe left you can use your iphone as a level okay it worked Check this out look at this Yooooo i did not know about this one at all alright guys i think thats going to bring that to an end that was some amazing life hacks you can do on your iphone right now if you guys want me to make a part 2 cause it think there is a lot more of these that we actully dont know about then just comment down below and with that being said Make sure to click on another video guys please watch more or click that circle to Subscribe to “Lenny Confetti” All you have to do is click it and it works with your finger and works on moblie too and yeah thank you so much for watching guys I’ll see you next time on another episode of Reaction Time. I hope you guys learned some cool iPhone hacks and with that being said have a great one and peace out.

100 thoughts on “iPhone Hacks You Have To Try!”

  1. 1:44.
    I use Android.
    The same thing.
    Double tap the space button and get one perioud.
    There is an option for that.

  2. you know when the double space is irritating
    w h e n. y o u ‘ r e. t a l k i n g. l i k e. t h i s
    so if you wait longer after putting down the first space it won’t work like that

  3. You know if you turn off your iPad and iPhone and then turn it back on a lot of times it will actually call 911

  4. 1:13 I figured that out when I was trying to send my bestie a text message and accidentally dropped the phone on my face while lying down, pretty neat tool xP

  5. Fun fact I can’t screen shot bc my power button is broken . How do I turn of my phone u may ask. I leave it Alone and it will turn off

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