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iPhone Sales Getting BETTER in Early 2020?!

iPhone Sales Getting BETTER in Early 2020?!

it looks like Apple will see some growth in 2020 but actually not because of their current iPhone lineup we have some new leaks that suggest that the pixel four is in fact getting more expensive and we have some new renders of the oneplus 70 Pro that look way too familiar I’m hey meri behna and yeah it’s October I mean should I buy shirts that are more in line with Freddy Krueger and stuff I mean that’s the thing this is fogging out daily the official news today begin with deals and actually I never thought that I’d be covering deals for the Google pixel 3a but they are now available again this is pretty much the best budget phone that we could recommend right now as it stands it currently goes for 399 but it’s currently available at B&H for $349 along with a three month mint mobile subscription in a clear case that’s valued at an $80 and in the case of the 3a Excel it’s also available for $429 in the same bundle obviously we’re just a couple of what like a week away to see what the pixel fours gonna be about which we’ll talk about soon so that’s the reason for the deal now I don’t know if any of you remember there was a company called HTC they pretty much invented will we currently know as the smartphone or at least had a lot to do with it and surely Apple popularize it and everything but it seems the company wants to come back the company’s new CEO gave an interview where he says that the company moved away from innovating in the smartphone segment and moved on to VR which was always a right move according to him but not at the right time he also comes with a new vision HTC will now focus on flagships and the premium segment instead of making mint arrangers he claims the best-in-class software in photography would make consumers come back to HTC he also talked about 5g and more in the interview you know the problem is that this is not the first time that HTC has decided to jump back into premium devices and then just cheeps out on the hardware which is I don’t understand this was the company that did the premium phone the best way ever best unboxing experiences ever and then they just they lost themselves but hey I’ll give him a chance interestingly I know it’s crazy early to be talking about the samsung galaxy s 11 but the rumors so let’s continue talking about the possibilities here apparently we have a possible launch date if the company doesn’t change things over time and we’re kind of early for that the report is a bit doubtful on the source but claims that we should expect it on February 18th now the past two generations have been launched at MWC and NWC 2020 starts at February 24th so it might be a little later until we get that Picasso code name phone line up or it could just be that we get it on the pre-show which is what usually happens it doesn’t necessarily happen at the exact time of MWC we’ll see now the biggest question that I got in our first impressions video of the oneplus 70 is where is the local 70 pro and well apparently it’s coming it’s just not what people were expecting we’ve got some new leaks that show is pretty much the same design of the seventh row but we should expect internal changes starting with the Qualcomm Snapdragon a 55 plus even if the RAM an internal storage might either not change or get smaller we also hear a 40 80 million power battery and warped charge 30 T we also have some case renders that look pretty much like everything we had on the 7 Pro so again not necessarily something to get excited about and I don’t know if we’re actually getting in the United States that let’s move the spotlight over to the Google pixel for pixel for Excel we’ve got Evan blast chiming in on more details that are I don’t know it depends on which way you see them because particularly we’ve been hearing that the pixels are getting more expensive and evan has corroborated it but the problem is where the information is coming from see the problem is the leaks come from Canada which is where phones are usually more expensive anyways if you convert to US dollars a 64 gigabyte pixel 4 will start at 789 and then while the 128 gigabyte variant will start it in 900 bucks and then in the case with the XL it all started 900 bucks for the 64 gig and then a thousand $22 for 128 gigs now in u.s. dollars they may seem the same but these are $50 and $100 increases in Canada which may also seem to get I don’t know let it into the United States whatever the case may be let us know what you think in the comments about the possibility of pixels getting more expensive at this time and finally the hottest news that I have to do with iPhones yet again particularly because of mini quo predictions I trust whatever he comes up with because he usually gets it right and this time it’s all about the fact that it seems that Apple finally figured out the formula to raise their sales one more time up to 10% according to quote Apple will see a ten percent year-over-year growth in q1 2020 he claims that this will happen because of the growing replacement demand for the iPhone 11 along with the fact that he expects that the SE 2 will be a major hit with a launch in q1 he also claims that q4 20:19 they are expected to ship 70 to 75 million iPhones now obviously for me it’s rather shocking to see that the best-selling iPhones are not necessarily the most expensive ones but it makes sense let us know in the comments down below what do you think I mean do you think that an se2 with a design of the iPhone 6 is a smart idea that that would be a sleeper hit in sales because for me that design no I mean probably the eight but that would be good enough for me but people want the iPhone se design the iPhone 5 let us know in the comments down below what you recommend friends again if you want to get the news earlier follow us on packing out our comment subscribe to our Channel English and Spanish for more videos like this one also follow us on social medias our extended coverage happens on Instagram and follow me on my personal handles to see what I do with these phones please give this video a thumbs up if you like what you saw I’m Jaime metric that I thanks so much for watching we’ll see you tomorrow

100 thoughts on “iPhone Sales Getting BETTER in Early 2020?!”

  1. Don't worry about buying new shirts. Instead spend money on a comedic writer because your opening monologue is extra " cringy." Its like your trying to be cute and it makes me feel uncomfortably. This isn't coming from hate… Just constructive criticism.

  2. Pixels are far too overated. Living off their cameras and Android software. Others have caught up in both of those areas. That leaves hardware and they leave a lot to be desired in that area.

  3. Htc defined how mobile phones look today? Thats really a silly statement to say. Windows phones did not define anything regarding todays phones

  4. samsung: we combined the s and the note lineup, as they're already close enough, so prepare for s11, s11+, s11note s11note+ in feb…
    also samsung: oh and we are launching the fold yearly in august from now on, as we did with the note until now

  5. The best move for Apple is to sell cheaper iPhones and get revenue from services. Specially if they are able to hit SE2 near $350 range lot of customers in Asia will move towards Apple and they can earn a lot in services.

  6. Apple is turning into Samsung, to many variants with names that change every years. If they just stuck to two devices a year and kept a name scheme that would be great. US consumers are over marketed by carriers already, wish manufacturers would slow down.

  7. Iphone pricing should be
    Iphone 11 45000
    Iphone pro 65k
    Iphone pro max 75k
    Then it will be a boost in sale in india.

  8. I love my pixel 3a xl so much. I would go as far saying it's the best phone I've ever used. Wish it was water proof. But no biggie. The accompanied charger is great.

  9. There are a lot of people who want smaller phones. I am surprised by this, but all comes out of conversation. Apple doesn’t have conversions, it dictates. Good luck in getting the SE 2, and at a reasonable price.

  10. Not interested in any of the iphones but if the iPhone SE2 with those big bezels helps to tone down that nonsense trend of bezeless phones with compromises then YES I'm wishing it all the success it can get. From a long time Note fan 😁

  11. iphone se 2 release with a price greater than iphone 11.. so this will result in a huge increase in iphone 11 sales instead of se 2 … may be..

  12. HTC was always better than Samsung but cannot keep up with Samsung’s marketing budget. Apple and Huawei are just more innovative so there is that.

  13. Apple willl likely to own the business segment again since they started listeninng. Especially if their 2020 iPhone will be able wow us.

  14. I think it will sell very well largely due to the price. I don’t think this is the best design but is a move Apple wants to make since they are still selling iPhone 8.

  15. I want iphone 4 design back again,still got one but i use iphone x now,iphone 4 and 5 has the best design iphone ever,amazing corners👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  16. Pixel is never going to reach the sales of the iPhone so it should just stop trying to be one and cut the price in half. Why is $1000+ the new norm?

  17. Google again starting with 64gb and capping at 128gb with no expandable storage for the pixel? No.
    Also the phone design is ugly.
    You can't be making ugly phones with 64gb of storage and charge $1,000 when you have one plus 7 pros and galaxy s10.

    Google, pay attention,you have to keep up with the competition.

  18. If you have 400$, I think Mi9T Pro is better than Pixel3a cuz you get Snapdragon 855, a telephoto lense, and a ultra wide angle lense. Good SoC with an ultrawide lense but still same price sounds much better imo.

  19. I’m probably going to wait until the end of the year to upgrade from my Pixel 2 XL so that I can catch some deals, but I honestly hope the Pixel 4 lineup is not as expensive as these leaks are projecting. Yes, Google has had a lock on still photography over the last few years but they’ve made little to no improvement on video quality and they’re opting for a telephoto lens over a wide angle. With phones like the iPhone 11 coming out starting at $699 it’s hard to believe that they’ll sell loads of phones pricing their phones above $850 with a starting storage of 64 GB… The more I complain the more likely I’m compelled to move towards OnePlus.

  20. I want the iPhone SE size without the home button(more screen ratio) and small forehead(not a stupid notch) and A12 for the SE2 That's my dream iPhone SE2.

  21. I think the 0.00001% of Android users who buy a Pixel will be annoyed about the price increase. The rest of the world won't care.

  22. Happy Apple is doing well. They may act arrogantly at times and are ridiculously expensive, but they produce by far the most elegant and integrated devices on the market. If only they could make Siri better !

  23. It’s a good idea because , today also many people like small phones and apple is king in keeping those small piece of tech updated , therefore if it comes cheap I think it will be a hit phone . Specially in INDIAN 🇮🇳 Market .

  24. iPhone SE 2 in iPhone 5 size again, please! In honour of the late Mr Steve Jobs, Tim! Most of us started using Apple with iPhone 5.

  25. The pixel does not offer enough to warrant its premium, that is the real reason Google is not selling more phones. The 3a is another story.

  26. Htc should do great in photography, its software, and put a less expensive pricetag! It shouldn’t be at the level of galaxy S and iphone price.
    For SE design I prefer the 5s body with slimmer bezels

  27. Poor people in India will grab cheap (around 280 dollars)iPhone se2 to show off their status, even with 32 GB storage

  28. Iphone SE 2 needs adapt the basic notch and a tad bigger 5s form factor. Most of all price it right… Everyone will go nuts for it!

  29. $900 for a 128gb Pixel 4… When 128GB should have been there base storage?! Bad move Google. You're just feeding the iPhone 11 sales if you do this.

  30. I completely forgot about HTC and their "flagship" ultra-pixel cameras. The M7 was a beautiful device, but it's going to be hard for HTC to break back into the flagship market with all of the competition.

  31. Only way I would upgrade from my Pixel 2, if Google Price's the next pixel around $600. With a smaller 🔋 more demanding screen the OnePlus is looking better and better everyday.

  32. Definitely a major hit! With the SE’s iconic small form factor with updated internals with the possibility of apple putting out two models. The SE II and the slightly larger SE II pro “Steve Jobs Edition”, With a hologram of Steve Jobs’ face embedded into the apple logo on the back!! It’ll blow apple sales to the moon and back!!

  33. The iPhone SE is the one I use when running. (Note 10+ otherwise) I don't want anything bigger on my arm or pocket. No home button or bezels is fine. Keep it small.

  34. Yes as there are customer base who are looking for a good alternative in a compact and a smaller form factor rather than unnecessary huge 6 or 6.5 inch displays

  35. Weird thing about iphone is. The phone just easy to use imo. I have android i use ios. I think ios is easier to use but no customize option like nova launcher which i use with prime version. Sometimes i am tired of customizing and go back to iphone so….. The only device that have ios is iphone so… Yeah end up upgrading to new iphone.

  36. American reviewers are so obsessed with their I phones that they cannot imagine any other phone beyond that. Great, but we love our iPhone killers. I Phones market share in India is a meagerly 1%.

  37. SE 2 would be surely a major hit if it launches with the design of an original SE but with a bigger screen size..

  38. People say they want the SE design, but the iPhone 6 design will sell better. Nobody wants a 4" screen. The different between 4 and 4.7 inches is significant in a phone.

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